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QUDDUS: By the way, you guys can get away with saying
anything on this show.
JAY: Oh, really?
QUDDUS: So, yeah.
Feel free.
I just caught you banging on him for his jeans.
Is that all you guys do all day is just bang on each other
for what you're wearing?
JAY: Keeps the day going.
MAX: On each other.
TOM: Yeah, not each other.
QUDDUS: Yeah, yeah.
Not bang each other.
MAX: That doesn't happen.
Not in this band.

QUDDUS: What's the most awkward
question you've been asked?
JAY: Oh, in Germany-- because they're way less strict about
what they're going to ask you.
They say whatever they want.
And on a kids TV show-- there's
four-year-olds sat behind us.
So we're all sat there, quite hungover, and thinking, oh,
They ask Nathan, who would be the most likely to
get raped in prison?
We're like--
NATHAN: It was like, what?
Tom's like this.
Probably Nathan.
QUDDUS: You're the youngest, man.
MAX: Nath, you would get raped before us.
NATHAN: Says you with the bald head and the gay icon here.

QUDDUS: Do you still feel like a fan when you're around
people like Beyonce at an awards show?
TOM: Yeah.
We met Stevie Wonder at the Billboard Awards.
And that was pretty-- like that's Stevie Wonder.
You still do you feel really fangirly.
I think I pissed a bit.
QUDDUS: As long as Stevie didn't notice.
And he wouldn't.
JAY: Bet he's got an acute sense of smell, though.
TOM: Nathan, you did cry a bit, didn't you?
SIVA: Yeah, didn't you?
JAY: No, he teared up.
He didn't sob.
He teared up.
TOM: Oh, are we going back to the rape?
JAY: Nathan wouldn't get raped.
NATHAN: We're back on the subject of rape.
QUDDUS: We'll get off the subject because you're clearly
getting uncomfortable.
JAY: Can we have a little counter that says how many
times we've used the word rape in here.
JAY: Raped.
NATHAN: Raped.
MAX: Rape.
JAY: Get yourself raped.
SIVA: Rape.
TOM: Nathan would--
JAY: Rape.
NATHAN: Are we back on the subject of rape?
QUDDUS: I really do want to address the t-shirts going on
here because they're very deliberate.
Let's just see here.
Everything I do is big.
Is everything he does big, in fact?
MAX: Are we back to rape again?

QUDDUS: And then this.
The beer pong champ.
JAY: Yeah. we're good.
QUDDUS: Is he, in fact, the beer pong champ here?
JAY: I only lose when I'm thirsty.

If you know the rules of beer pong that was hilarious.
QUDDUS: The feet are out.
Is that an issue frequently with his feet being so out?
Does he wash enough for you boys?
SIVA: He does.
He just take his feet out like that, that's all.
NATHAN: To be fair, I'm glad he's actually taking them out,
because they would have stank on the tour bus later.
QUDDUS: Isn't that one of those things, like, having to
travel with you guys all the time--
SIVA: You missed my t-shirt.
JAY: Don't worry.
QUDDUS: I'm lucky?
I mean, you know, not that creative.
TOM: It's not interesting.

JAY: He was like that for ages.
TOM: Look at mine.
NATHAN: Look, look, miss.
Look what I did.
QUDDUS: Who never--
I feel like you never get teased.
You're the guy that looks like you would punch somebody in
the face if they actually tease you too much.
MAX: No, that's not true.
That's not true.
TOM: He looks like an egg.
JAY: That's been rolled in pubic hair.

MAX: Your mommy's.
QUDDUS: Oh, man, wow.
Gentlemen, what a pleasure.
If you ever need a comedy act set up, I will represent you
all over the place.
Who knew boy bands could be so funny?
By the way, if you guys want to chime in on the comments,
let me know who you think was the funniest
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I would love to hear what you think of that.
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