Os Benefícios da Abóbora - The Benefits of the Pumpkin

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Studies have shown that pumpkin seeds
strengthen our immune system,
cleanse the body and also help to renew our genes.
Do not be fooled by that sweet taste
Pumpkin pulp is a carbohydrate that does not release sugar quickly,
so it is recommended that you have diabetes and high cholesterol.
It controls the entry of blood sugar,
it controls the entry of fat in the blood.
Pumpkin is also rich in B vitamins,
to invigorate your metabolism and give more provision.
The rind is orange carotenoid signal too,
antioxidant substance that prevents aging.
Even the seeds can be used.
They contain many fibers, which improve the functioning of the intestine.
Recent polls have shown that pumpkin seeds
also help to renew our genes.
The extent to which we will suffer little stress throughout the day,
repetitive stress, these genes are silent,
it's like they put out the glow from them,
when you enter substances like pumpkin seed,
you can reactivate these genes,
and your body works in a better state of health (explains Patricia Alves Soares, nutritionist).
The seeds also have zinc, strengthening the immune system,
which helps to cleanse the body.
Besides the zinc in the seed, you find an oil called betasistorol
which is an oil can prevent prostate problems.
And the flesh there, which is inside the seed, is great against worms.
Hitting it in a vitamin or a juice will have a better anthelmintic action,
i do not even need to use fresh roast will only strip the same seed,
get that piece of flesh and consume what's inside.
Another tip: Wash and dry the seed and light the oven for 30 minutes.
Beat in a blender, and strain.
The flour can be used in meals or juices.
It's a great appetizer.
Torre, put salt, a little water, and leave in oven another 10 minutes.
Already a broth, a combination of protein from chicken,
which decreases the desire to eat,
Pumpkin and magnesium which calms the brain,
is a guarantee for a good night's sleep.
3 to 4 tablespoons a day of soup,
are sufficient to ensure the full benefits of pumpkin.
A piece like this one, which has about 100 grams,
has only 40 calories.
I'm a chef, Renato Lobato
that will teach for us the recipe for pumpkin gnocchi.
Good afternoon! The agent who needs to mass?
Well, here I already have a common pumpkin,
where I cooked or baked, and crumpled.
Put the bowl here.
Put an egg now.
This here is a pound of pumpkin, a pinch of salt
100 grams of Parmesan cheese.
And flour is gradually until it hands unglued.
Renato What's the point?
Mixed well, and he will stay here.
In which I get, it will not stick to hands.
In which I get, it does not stick to hands.
Here I make the roll, is to do and press.
And I cut with a knife or a spatula.
Here I've got it cut up.
The water is already boiling.
Raised boiling, I put the gnocchi, and leave around 2 minutes.
It's time for him to climb. And the sauce Renato, to accompany?
This sauce is dried meat, I'll add olive oil.
I have offered the olive, an onion,
tomatoes, and dried meat.
Mix well, here I added the dried meat,
and here I have the sauce ready.
All this comes here on the gnocchi.
And to give a charm, a little Parmesan cheese.
OK, thank Renato.
This recipe is already here, the description of this video.