Wargaming.net. GamesCom 2012 Trailer

Uploaded by WorldOfTanksCom on 22.08.2012

Cologne, Germany, gamescom 2012
Hi everyone, I'm Ola and we are here on the biggest gaming show, gamescom 2012.
We've prepared a lot of exciting stuff for our guests and that's what you'll see in next five minutes.
The Brits, gamescom 2012
Despite being in closed beta, World of Warplanes is showing all its beauty to the gamescom visitors.
Let's take closer look at it together.
WCG have combined the worlds biggest game event with regional finals and as we speak the German teams,
are deciding who is going to pay a visit to China.
Tanks going browser, gamescom 2012
Let's do it again, WCG final. Blah... Superfinal.
I'm very happy. I like my tanks, I like my arty. I'm the oldest German tanker!
That's it for now, see you next time! Bye, bye!