Aspettando il tour 2012 - Giovanni Allevi al Festival della Filosofia

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Good evening
Thanks for being here
Many are outside.
It will be a chat, a meeting, it will be…
we don’t know yet, we’ll improvise a lot on the stage. Giovanni, there’s a piano…
Giovanni Allevi!
You have also made me think about a lot of things, since I play the piano as well
You’re a colleague
I’ll give you this as a gift
Wow, it’s beautiful! Have you made it yourself?
Yes, before
What happens between the last note and applause?
as soon as the last note has ended
there’s a moment of silence,
of emptiness, of total emptiness…
and when a rush of applause burst, I realized where I was.
Every time is indeed like the first time.
And so
oh how beautiful it is: the emptiness, the silence
the natural refinement of the sound of the piano, and also this return to nature!
And also this return to nature’s slowness
fulfilling our dreams is a process, a very very long one
but we don’t have to be in a hurry
because a flower blooms in spring, we can’t make it bloom before.
Quantum physics, quantum mechanics clearly highlights the fact that there is no difference between me and what surrounds me because the subatomic particle is not a separate entity
but it is a wave which is involved in a more complex one, a more general one, a wider one, infinite
which is a single, huge, large electromagnetic field.
And so, why are you worrying about a choice?
What do you think you’ll choose, see?
Oh, and so, because…
If I were you…
No, hold on.
So why not sinking into such immensity,
slackening the reins for a while and letting things happen.
In your opinion, what is talent?
It’s an inclination we have within, daimon, in Plato’s words.
A daimon we are familiar with before our birth,
but as soon as we are born we forget what it was
but we have all our life to discover it.
In your opinion, what was the gap between good music and becoming someone important anyway, beyond appearances, beyond popularity, beyond being on TV every now and then I suppose…
Yes, the fact of not considering oneself, of not considering myself to be somebody,
because I’ve always put music before everything else.
Music is everything.
That is the essence.
Everything else is superfluous.
I am there, as a humble servant
I rack my soul so that it can express itself.
What a nice cap!
What’s your name?
How old are you, Francesco?
But was it clear what I said or was it a bit too complicated?
So-so eh!
Viva Francesco
If between myself and people I interposed a curriculum, a series of formal and external elements,
there would be no way to create such a feeling of magical closeness
Lah lah lah lah… This is Erika
When someone nurtures a dream he or she becomes an artist
That’s it
It may sound as a commonplace: to break the rules you have to know them.
In the same way, to commit parricide against the greats of the past you have to know them.
And then it is the very moment when you feel the enthusiasm
the enthusiasm about opening a door into the present
Thank you
Thank you very much
You opened up a world to me. Everything… your way of thinking…
Before, as you said, I thought that the academy of music, that classical music belonged just to the past.
Instead, this idea about the forms and classical music has opened up a world to me
It took her nine months to learn one of your songs
Yes it did. To learn “Come sei veramente” (How you really are) but eventually I did it!
Thank you very much
Thank you
I think that the new renaissance should start from here,
from this peaceful rebellion, peaceful and delicate.
We need to let our uniqueness, our inclination, our daimon, our talent, call it as we like,express itself softly, as long as it can fly free. Free from constraints. Free from prejudices
from this immobility…
Because it is what is all about
I’ve also taken some notes, you know…
Yes, yes you wrote something..
Here it is. Thank you
Oh gosh, this is the best moment
Thank you
Thank you
If there were a soundtrack for this book, or a piece that represented at best this being ‘Classical Rebel’, what would it be in your opinion?
Yes, yes. It is the piece that I’m going to dedicate to all the people who are here and it’s called “Abbracciami” (Hug me)
and it’s one of the most passionate pieces or at least as for me when I play it
I put at stake my soul and every single cell of mine as well. I really try to express myself with much passion