How to Train for Boot Camp : Stretching for Boot Camp Training

Uploaded by expertvillage on 06.02.2008

CHRISTOPHER HOWELL: Hi, I'm Chris from Expert Village, and today, I'm going to cover how
to prep yourself for going into military, training-wise. So, they'll say, "Okay, now,
spread legs." And they'll say, "Now, stretch to the right." You'll do like one, two, three,
and you'll do like a ten count or a twelve count. Most of the time, it'll usually be
a ten count. You'll put one hand over the other, you'll stretch the right foot. And
then you'll switch hands and you'll come to the left foot. Then we'll go down the middle
and basically there you go stretching down the middle. And sometimes, they'll tell you,
"Okay, now, legs together. Arms over your head, and they'll have you stretch your back,
and they'll have you lean forward and touch your toes." And then after you go through
very standard stretching, they'll say "Okay". They'll give you about five minutes to stretch
on your own in case you are some type of runner or you just don't feel like that stretching
kinda stretch what you needed to stretch. So you'll sit there and you just take your
time and do the stretching that you need to do. This is Chris with Expert Village and
we just covered pre-training for the military.