(English subtitled) A New Year's greeting from " ℃-ute" 2013

Uploaded by Evisudai on 20.01.2013

Happy New Year!
We are ℃-ute!
Now, 2013 has just come and
each of you should have an own aim in this new year,
but as ℃-ute itself,
we hope to give a concert tour at big stages such as Nippon-Budokan and some arenas.
Personally, I want to give up the habit of breaking things so often.
No way!
Hello Project Concert has just started and
in spite of the first day, I ended up breaking a kind of Uchiwa made of a quill, which we use at the opening.
It might take long for my aim to be achieved,
but I'll do my best to get rid of the habit within 2013.
Ok, let's watch her over.
Yes, please. With your power...
Here, I'd like to enhance my girl's power.
I'm almost twenty.
So, as an grown woman,,,
Huh? 19,right?
Yeah, but I'm in the same year as those who become 20 this year, in terms of the school year.
So, next January (2014) is when I see the coming-of-age ceremony.
That's why I have to be an adult and
I should do what is appropriate for an grown woman.
How about you, Airi?
Here, I've set a little difficult ideal to realize,,,
which is, to spend every day with positive attitude so that I can think like "Who I am today is the best in my life time."
You're positive enough already...
Not so much.
What do you mean??
That is, I'll have feelings of regret many times, but I try to think them to be a lesson for tomorrow and have a good time.
Thanks for giving me a profund idea.
Then, how about you, Okai-chan?
I'm going at my own pace.
At my own pace.
I’ll try my best to carry out what I've decided to do, because I'm prone to be affected by others. So, I want to step forward with a steady faith.
Lastly, what's your opinion, Hagi?
I'm going to be 17 this year.
It's Seventeen!!
I've heard many people say the age of seventeen must be enjoyable,
so I want to be so active, which means I want to enjoy the days of seventeen to the full as Airi said just before.
To realize it, I'll try various things such as, not only to refine my sense of beauty, but also, you know, to develop myself from inside.
Anyway, ℃-ute itself will also develop more and more!
Now, thank you so much for your viewing! We're hoping that you'll give your love as ever!