Squirrel and Hedgehog episode 31 part 1 of 2

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Children's Cartoon Squirrel and Hedgehog Episode 31
Subtitles by Oh Young Won (bigorules@gmail.com)
Hello young comrades!
Our hero Geumsaegi found out the secret of the new weapon at the weasel's fortress.
Now he is going into the wolves' den to save Dr. Mole and stop their evil plans.
Please listen carefully to the story!
"Into the Wolves' Den"
So you finally got the Underground Data...
Yes, I risked my life for it!
-Hand it over to me. -Yes sir!
Here it is...
Assistant Weasel, for all of his hard work, appoint Mulmangcho to manager of the officer's restaurant.
Yes sir.
(Manager of the officer's restaurant! Oh boy!)
Sir, White Weasel's chief of staff is being sent here as their liason.
What? Why the hell is he coming?
They said he's coming to catch a Flower Hill spy that's infiltrated our base!
A spy from Flower Hill!? What the hell are they talking about!?
But maybe they have a good reason to...
Not even an ant can get on base without me knowing!
Anyway, Aide Weasel, you go out and meet him on my behalf.
Yes sir.
(So I finally got into the Wolves' den...)
(I have to kill Mulmangcho before he reveals my identity, and save Dr. Mole.)
(These Wolf bastards are so brutal!)
Huh? What the...?
How dare you swagger in here like that you cocky little rat bastard!?
What are you staring at?
Oh that hurts!
Ha! You wimp.
Hey, hey you, come here for a sec.
Do you know who he is? He's the new manager of the officer's restaurant.
Officer's restaurant?
These wolves are strong, but they certainly have bad manners.
I will forgive you because this is just the first time.
No mercy will be given next time! Wait Mulmangcho sir!
Wha? What? That bastard! Sir! It's the Special Envoy!
What??? Where!?
(What the hell is he doing here?)
(Bastard, in any case I can use this to my advantage.)
This way to the meeting room.
So you're saying Mulmangcho is a Flower Hill spy?
(What? Mulmangcho is a Flower Hill spy?)
Where is he? Where is that rat bastard?
Wait, there! There!
You bastard!
Freeze you Flower Hill spy!
(What the hell is going on?)
Huh! How dare do you slander my name!
Mulmangcho, the Envoy insists that you are the spy.
Wha what??? You think I'm a traitor!?
I'm gonna blow your brains out!
Are you trying to catch a mouse, er rat?
Whoa whoa wait a sec.
Bastard, that kind of trick doesn't work on me anymore.
I am under the special treatment of Captain Wolf for kidnapping Dr. Mole and stealing the Underground Data.
Huh! Aide, this must just be a ploy to get into the base! It's fake I tell ya!
What? Fake?
Mulmangcho! You brought me fake data!? Damn you!
Captain! Please calm down, you could hur..
Son of a bitch!
Aide, escort me to Captain Wolf right now. On the double!
-Perfect! Let's go then! -Let's go you bastard.
I will expose you to Captain Wolf directly!
(Who the hell should I listen to?)
(Which one is the spy?)
Bring them to the basement.
Come this way, Mulmangcho.
You guys wait here.
Do as you're told.
What is this!?
Liaison, they will take care of you now.
(So they will interrogate me?)
(I have to beat this!)
On your knees, spy!
We're gonna crush you if you don't tell us who you really are!
Screw you!
You are still not kneeling?
You, shut up!
Very well then, prepare to die you traitor!
Huh? Fake Underground Data? What are you talking about!?
Still lying to us you little bugger!?
Where are you going, you bastard, do you want to die?
Sir.. Le.. Le? Let's just talk this out.
-This bastard is fast!
Do you think I would bring you Dr. Mole if I was from Flower Hill?
Take me to the Captain now!
Kill me then!
But the real spy is the Liason!
You stupid morons!
Is he nuts?
Yeah, I've gone crazy. Nuts!
But you bastards are all crazy too, for not recognizing I'm on your side!
Wha? That bastard?
I'm going to ask you again. Are you going to tell the truth?
Or do you wanna get beaten to death!?
You can do whatever you want. But you have to remember,
You will get destroyed as long as you stay with Mulmangcho.
(Hm.. One of them is definitely from Flower Hill.)
(Would it be Mulmangcho, if he brought us Dr. Mole?)
(Ah No...)
(Hm.. I have to catch this bastard!)
Bring them to the execution field!
Release him.
Liaison, I now know who you are.
We will execute the spy just like you wanted. Let's go.
(Hm that was too easy. Something's not right.)
Get out.
...Where is this?
Quit stalling!
Isn't that the Special Assistant bastard?
Handle the Flower Hill bastard by yourself.
(So these bastards trust me?)
What? You're gonna shoot us!?
I will chew and eat him up!
That bastard is--!
-Let me go! -Well, go right ahead.
(I can save Dr. Mole if I can shut him up!)
Are you really going to shoot!?
-Hey, you trying to get me shot first!? -I gotta live so I can reveal his identity!
-Just go first you wimp!
Stop right there!