Tanadrine Studios IKBooster Tutorials: Fix Command Explained

Uploaded by tndStudios on 15.01.2013

one of the coolest things about IK booster is the ability to have the power
of the biking create with south the drawbacks of inflexibility
so if you want to have a character interact with and object or surface
you don't need a fancy rigged to do this
the supposedly complicated intrigue took less than a minute for me to set up here
i'll be explaining how to fix command works and give you some practical usage
examples as well just to get our feet wet but she's a very simplified setup
say we need to temporarily have i'd k function to make this riggs right arm
interact with the table as the rest of the body moods using the fix command on
the wrist
let's see what happens when we move this guy's towards self
know how the wrist is still rotating
week don't want this
so a second fixes required at the tip of the hand that prevent the hand itself
from rotating now when we move the figure the hand is firmly planted on the
we can also covet elbow or movie any other part of the character by clicking
and dragging
and it'll react like you expect it to
the majority of i_q_ brewster users get stuck at this point this looks very cool
but there's an extra step required to make the fix come and work in animation
by doing some animation we can see the rate behaving like one would expect on
the key frames
but when we scrub the timeline after the fact
the harm is floating around the stroke me crazy for the longest time
the fix command does this because i keep booster is a part time
i k system essentially meaning that the only time i k dues into a fact
is when you're manipulating something
this is also the reason why you can have been insanely complex i keep mister
you have zero overhead or top innocent your scene
anyways back to the subject uh...
so how can we get the scanned the stick in place
during the animation
the answer is baking the motion stay with me here because there's more to it
than meets the eye
multi selecting items nike booster is achieved by holding down the control key
not the shift key
this is most handy for fixing or on fixing many items at once
note that you can temporarily disable all fixing bite you there holding the
control key as you mean it deleted item
or going into the hike a booster
menu and un-checking
global f_x_ i k by the way uh... while we're here i'd like to leave the i_ cave
option unchecked
to avoid unwanted slipping wall moving around and manipulating my rigs
i'm not going to cover what actually does in this tutorial but libya and
sharks can save you a lot of headaches anyhow so using the control key we need
to morty selected the tip in the base of the hand i want to stress that
what you have selected while baking is critical to making it work properly
you have to have the fix items selected while baking
make certain that your key frame mode is set to current
otherwise you end up baking parts of your character that don't need baking
today can i keep mixture you simply hold down the right mouse button and drag
across the timeline
when you let go of the button you get a pop-up list that essentially asks
what you'd like to do with the
range of key frames
selected bake keys
hit ok and it's done
it works beautifully
note that you can actually undo baking nike brewster which is pretty damn cool
but there is yet another question that this brings up
what if you want to make changes
after baking and your past the point uh... being able to undo stuff
well there's different ways to approach this but i'll give you the solutions
that are used in production
say we want to change that warrant ation of the skies elbow
to make a change
to this hiking animation after baking
the simplest way is to set your key frame moved to child
select the highest part of that i can't chain and using the same right-click
drag method we're going to select the option delete keys
kato k
and now we can repose the character at the start framed in rebate that time
range if you don't do the two week action first
the changes that you make in the first frame will not take effect upon
now i can imagine that some people would want to save the baking process as the
final step to completing their animations so that they can make changes
without having to tweak iniki frames
my suggestion in this case is to utilize peak spots as a visual guide to help you
keep track of what parts of her animation need baking
you can set bake spots via the right click menu
or you can do it even faster by holding the old key as he dragged across the
i recommend against performing the actual baking action through bake spots
for various reasons that are not going to go into here
just know that most of the time
it is far more convenient suggest use the right click multi select method for
finally there's something
that i should mention before wrapping up this tutorial because i feel the topic
is related
if you watch my
i k brewster starter guide video
i mentioned how these keys down here stand for global axis disabling for i'd
keep mister controls
it turns out that this function is very candy
when used in conjunction with the fix command
say we want to move this character's hands around
but we want them to not lift from the table as we do so
all you have to do is click on the y
so that it's great out and look what happens
all of my movements are
involving only the x n c planes
so if you've ever needed to restrict what i keep mister is doing for control
that's not a problem
remember that you can actually hotkey this as well so you don't have to move
the mouse around us much
that's the gist of the fix command obviously can be used to help you pose a
character or chain of bones as well
and there's some other little things that the fix command can do to enhance
your control but the average user will probably stumbled okay that's a wrap dot
hopefully everyone found this tutorial helpful
if you'd like to check out other university is in the world or are
animated sci-fi series telluride just put the playlist in this video or simple
links in the u_s_ description until next time this is brian royce signing off
thanks for watching