Tecnologia Rafoul Touch Screen Parte 1

Uploaded by Rafoul on 09.09.2009

Now, I'm bringing my new launch.
Tecnologia Rafoul Touch Screen
With versions:
14' Inches
and in the Screen Theater version.
This technology is gonna change your life.
Now, Let's cut to the point.
I'm sorry!
See, how easy is to use.
Open the Main Screen.
and choose the option you want.
Travel option.
and much more.
Tecnologia Rafoul Touch Screen...
already comes with 5 Billions Giga of memory.
Then, you don't need to worry about with the irritating Memory Sticks anymore.
You can also buy and watch your movies, shows...
Suddenly, I got hungry.
I'm going to the bathroom and I'll be back soon. I mean in the kitchen.
Choosing the Movie Option
You find your movies and favorites series
Let's take a look.
Enter the internet and see the releases of movies.
Halloween 50 thousand
He's as Jason. He never dies.
Final Destination 4
Watch also those Youtube's videos.
After choosing the Musics Option.
Another screen will open.
Chose your sound and enjoy aaalllll of this.
Aaalll.. of this.
Or just put in random way.
To be continued.