Os Barbixas - Improvável - Musical Improvável (Bruno Motta, Fábio Porchat e Daniel Tauszig)

Uploaded by videosimprovaveis on 13.12.2012

Everybody will stand up to play "Musical".
Daniel and Elidio will go to the audience to bring me some business cards.
They will have to sing and convince me they could be on a Broadway musical!
All right! Wow, that's a lot!
We have some funny ones here...
'A piece of Spain in your home', it's Improbable Musical, starting now!
- Honey... - Yes.
Don't you think we should talk to our daughter...
This matador friend of hers...
I like it.
- But does he kill bulls? - I don't know, I think he's kinda odd, because...
I don't know if Amanda should be hanging out with this kind of people...
Call them here! I'd like to have a talk with this 'boyfriend' of yours!
- Dear, let's go... - But we're just studying!
Come, I have to turn some bookpages with you.
- But I can turn them by myself! - No, but...
Hello, how are you doing?
- Fine. - What's your name?
- What is your last name? - Ramirez!
- Yeah, Jorge Ramirez... - Jorge Ramirez!
- Ramirez! - Yeah... Fine!
My name is... It's Cláudio.
I'd like to have a serious conversation with you.
Do you know that what you do is a crime?
Not in Spain!
So I'll fight for this cause!
Bulls shouldn't be killed Bulls are our little buddies
Bulls always have horns And bulls are always so cute
Don't talk like that!
This is a life lesson for you. If you want to date...
How come he can't come here anymore?
- If he wants to date my daughter... - We decided that.
Why did you decide that...
- No problem, I'll go. - Oh, you're still on scene!
Yes, I didn't have time to leave.
I'll go.
- But if you leave... - Family is important.
If you go... Dad, if he goes, a piece of Spain goes with him...
- Let go of my daughter! - Let go of our daughter!
You shall never set foot in this house again, are you listening?
I shall never set foot in Brazil again! All this prejudice!
Just because I'm spanish and I kill one, two or a dozen bulls!
Be well. I will miss you.
- I don't want you with my daughter... - I'm leaving!
- I don't want this romance... - I told you I'm leaving...
- In here... - I'm leaving, I'm serious.
- If you ever see her again... - I'm leaving, don't touch me like this...
- Dad, I want him to stay... - I'm really leaving. I'm outraged.
- Get out of our lives like a bull! - Yeah, on all fours!
- Don't go away... - Go away!
- Go away for good... - Don't go away...
Go away!
- Don't go away, go away! - Go, go, go away!
Go, go, gooo!
Cheer up! No eating with that long face!
This organic chicken is really tasty!
I'll go to my room, I'm not hungry.
'El Torero Grande'. Oh, that's him!
- 'Amanda' - Hi, are you...
I... Spain...
The connection with Brazil is terrible.
- I'm coming over! - Venga!
- Say it again... - 'Benga'!
Hey, kiddo... Look who came to Spain...
Dad, what are you doing there?
How did you get here, you were eating with your daughter seconds ago!
The plane connection is faster!
Listen... Venga! So I can bang ya!
- Honey, what are you doing there? - He's right next to...
- Honey, I came here to kill him! - No!
- For what? - I'm telling her... To kill him!
We'll go there... How could you leave without telling me?
- Don't hang up on... - Listen!
- I don't know how you got into my house... - With the key!
- You didn't make a copy, did you? - Here!
But listen, I didn't force your daughter to do anything!
She came here by her own choice!
- I had the key! - Oh, I thought you needed one, I was getting mine in the car!
My daughter, what are you doing in España?
Honey what are you doing 'España'?
What are you three doing... In Spain?
I'm here for love!
And I'm looking for some medicine for my pain!
Listen, dad, I can't live without him. Look at him!
- Honey, she has a point... - What happened when you saw mom years ago...
I threw up.
- And later? - Oh, yes, then we got married.
But what did you feel when you first saw her?
So many emotions I remember her face
- In that place... - Such grace!
- We race... - To watch Cold Case...
That's what we watched together
- You're right - I'm always right
- You're always right - So stop that prohibition tonight!
I'm sorry, I deserve to be punished
I was so intolerating with you!
Don't put yourself to blame!
Because now I have my own little piece of Spain!
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.