Canoes and Kayaks

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Hi guys, Jeff Taylor here from
In today's video we are going to talk about something real simple and that is should you
choose a canoe or kayak? I'm just going to go over some basic things
I'm not going to be able to clear up every question you have but I'm going to do my best
to at least get a couple of answers for you.
Should You Choose A Canoe Or Kayak?
Regarding the first-time paddler the most difficult choice they have to make will likely
be if they might like to get into the activity with the use of a canoe or kayak.
Quite a few of these newcomers make a determination on the subject of canoes and kayaks according
to false information and sentiments from individuals who've not always previously used both of
With this video I'm hoping to clear up some basic questions it's likely you have regarding
canoes and kayaks in order that you could make an informed final decision.
With some luck , I may remain unbiased enough that you will not even be capable to know
which I prefer.
The fundamental question that a number of folks want answered is ordinarily which one
is actually less difficult to paddle. This by itself can be a loaded question because
there are other things to look at, first of which is the places you will put it to use.
If you're simply playing around on a calm lake and will not plan on being on the water
too long, a kayak is simpler for getting going with. But if you want to remain on that same
lake for an increased length of time, the extended stroke of a canoe paddle means that
you'll not get tired as quickly.
If, on the other hand, you actually are touring down a quick moving waterway, a canoe can
be a bear to handle, although the kayak having its deck and doubled bladed paddle would be
steered much easier.
Conversely, if you are considering being upon that water for any length of time you simply
won't have a great deal of space for supplies.
In such a case a canoe should be able to offer you adequate storage area that a couple of
buddies could literally enjoy a few weeks on a river in a canoe that a kayaker could
just be equipped to spend a day or two on.
The question of which one of the two are faster can be answered relying as before on a number
of factors. Whenever you have one practiced paddler in each one and the boats are the
very same length then that kayak would be much quicker.
However include that additional paddler in the canoe and you've got an entirely different
story. The overall advantage of the ability to contact the water with the paddle more
quickly in a kayak goes away once the canoeist no longer must move from side to side.
In that case the longer stroke on the canoe paddle means less effort is spent and the
two canoeists will most likely leave the kayak in their wake.
So you should notice that choosing among canoes and kayaks is in fact more about where and
how you want to make use of it rather than what one is superior.
A lot of folks avoid canoes being that they are fearful that if they get caught in a tight
spot it is harder to safely move away from. What they do not realize is the fact that
because the canoe sits lower in the water it is easy to make it go in a straight line
and therefore helps make reverse paddling less difficult compared to a kayak.
As you see there is a lot to think about. I have covered the more fundamental differences
relating to canoes and kayaks however, if you desire to pursue this particular topic
a little bit deeper I recommend that you do a couple of things:
First look for a lake near your house which rents both and take each out for a test ride.
I also recommed that if you do this you also pick a canoe and a kayak that are of similar
lengths.The length of your watercraft makes a tremendous difference on how it handles
and if you're comparing a short kayak with alonger canoes you're really not getting a
fair comparison.
Secondly you ought to pay a visit to this awesome website which I happen to own and
that would be
Again folks this is Jeff Taylor from I hope that you've learned a little bit from
watching this video and I urge you to come over to the website where I have pages and
pages of information.