Story Of First King's Four Gods Ep22 (4/5)

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I, Juk Hwan, have been disloyal to you. But may I dare to make a request?
You have never been disloyal to me.
I sent you out here, and I ordered you to serve the commander.
You may speak.
Please tell a lie, Your Majesty.
The Khitans will pursue the commander.
I am already severely injured and will not survive for long.
Will you take my head and tell them it is the commander's?
Please forgive me for asking you to lie.
I bow before you, Your Majesty.
Please give my head to Khitan.
His Majesty's encampment
- He's awake! - Are you all right?
Are you awake?
Are you all right?
Does it hurt?
Are you all right?
It itches.
Sacred symbol of the White Tiger
For the Turtle Snake, dark wrath. For the Blue Dragon, cold purpose.
The White Tiger represents innocent courage.
So Jumuchi...
The chosen guardian of the White Tiger is you, Jumuchi.
What am I supposed to do?
What do you think of this piece of metal, blacksmith Ba Son?
This metal cannot be forged by humans.
It can't be melted or pounded by humans.
Did you hear that?
This sacred symbol must be kept this way by the guardian.
What's our king doing, by the way?
He was feeling unwell before, wasn't he?
Our king seems well enough physically...
but I don't know about his heart.
So you found her?
She asked me to pretend I couldn't find her.
So you left her there by herself?
That's what she wanted. She wanted me to be beside you.
If we go back to the place you found her...
would we be able to find her?
I won't be able to find her again.
Lady Kiha...
Lady Kiha!
We found him.
He was almost killed by the Khitans, but he escaped and is hiding at the Lao residence.
He is said to be severely wounded.
Should we bring him here?
I will go to him.
I will make preparations.
We should...
have a funeral for Sa Ryang.
Everything has already been prepared. All you have to do is send him off.
Tell them to dig a deeper grave.
He must not be cold.
I will do as you ordered.
Live. Please live on...
The child is...
Abullansa is only a day's journey away.
Everyone is waiting for us.
The fire priestess and the one she serves.
I can't do anything for you.
I've become a useless fellow.
I'm with the woman who gave poison to my father,
but I can't even show my anger.
I too have nothing left.
I have lost everything that is precious to me.
I finally understand everything now that I have lost all.
Don't you get it?
Heaven cares nothing for people like us.
Heaven has its eyes only on one person.
The only thing that is important to Heaven is how that one person passes the trials.
You and I...
We are merely pawns in Heaven's trials.
You mean we were instruments in Heaven's games?
We were merely pawns?
I plan to fight against Heaven.
I will make it so that Heaven can no longer interfere in the lives of men.
If we do that, what will we gain?
If Heaven departs from us, the world we live in may become hell.
I don't trust men. I see myself and how I've changed.
How despicable and cruel we can be.
I don't care if it becomes hell.
At the very least, I will make my own destiny.
On the return journey, the king was joined by 10,000 refugees of Goguryeo...
and countless nomadic horsemen.
Instead of taking the direct route back to Gooknae Castle,
he took the eastern route by passing the border of Later Yan.
This was to show them his military strength and dissuade them from attacking in the future.
{\a6}Goguryeo's Gooknae Castle
Now that His Majesty has rounded up the armies of the four provinces,
all the armies in Goguryeo now belong to the king.
He gathered the five provinces under one rule,
and made all laws uniform across all provinces.
And he built upon the late King Sosurim's words to become a powerful ruler.
Yon residence
His Majesty grieved over the death of Yon Ga Ryuh for a long time.
He said repeatedly that he had lost the only man who could look after Gooknae Castle.