Gator Band makes mark on Olympic celebration - University of Florida

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\f0\fs20 \cf0 DR. LISTON BOCHETTE: Marching band, American marching bands are popular
everywhere. They represent tradition, they represent authority, a sense of confidence
and pride. \'a0And where else in the world who instills those more than the British did
to the\'a0 \fs26 colonials
\fs20 \'a0and who gives back more than the United States to the World.
\fs26 \
\fs20 \ DR. LISTON BOCHETTE:\'a0The olympic movement
is based on two things, which is culture and sport.
\fs26 \
\fs20 \ DR. BARBARA STEPHENSON: Music brings everybody
together and the Olympics bring everybody together. And to have a convergence with those
two happen with the Gator band is special \fs26 \
\fs20 DR. BARBARA STEPHENSON:\'a0 \fs26 They thoughtfully picked out the music
that they will play. They are the first American band to go up the Mall. And they are going
to play a medally of British music in a tribute to our host. \'a0And I think, what a better
way to talk about how you bring people together and really to kind of make concreate the special
relationship between the US and the UK.\ \
\fs20 NICK ARNOLD: To be playing in a setting like the Mall right on the Queen's doorstep
is absolutely incredible. It shows a group of people from\'a0dozens\'a0of countries can
get\'a0 \fs26 together
\fs20 \'a0and cheer for a\'a0Beatles\'a0toon. When we were visiting with the Grenedeer guard
a couple of days ago, um, we actually, I had a chance to pull aside one of their trombone
players and ask him, what is it like to play in this group. And we immediately had things
to\'a0discuss\'a0as far as music is concerned as far as marching and playing for your country
is concerned, so, it is immediate and it is a very powerful and deep connection that players
from around the world have. The\'a0British\'a0crowds clearly, this is something\'a0relatively\'a0new
to them. A military marching band is something that they have been around and seen often,
I'm sure. \'a0But marching band of our size and kind of our sound and style is something
new. \fs26 \
\fs20 \ DR. LISTON BOCHETTE:\'a0This is the tip of
the iceberg. I think the Gators have a wonderful opportunity here, and Sochi, Russia in two
years and Brazil in four years to keep this Olympic connection alive. So I think these
are Gator Games.}