100% Entertainment 2010-04-19 Singing Competition 4/5 (Eng Sub)

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That's so amazing. The flip that she just did.
How old were you when you started dancing?
2nd grade.
2nd grade, then right now you are...
This year-
4th grade.
4th grade.
2nd grade...only two years!
You're only 10 years old this year!
Then why did you start liking dancing? For what reason?
It's because I want to be on tv,
dancing for everyone to see. And our school-
Oh, you wanted to be on tv yourself!
So it wasn't your family that wanted you on tv...
No, and our school has dance classes,
so I wanted to be on tv for everyone to see.
And so I could show my dance for everyone to see.
So I went to learn dancing.
Wow! That's so amazing.
Did you see someone that gave you the motivation to do this?
So it's Jolin.
Besides Jolin, who do you like?
Xiao Zhu.
I can rest my heart!
(Taiwanese) For a cold, it's not just sticking TT on.
You have to add warm water.
Three minutes and you're out.
Hey, kids start building their realistic side from here.
She's telling the truth! What are you joking about?
You really do like Xiao Zhu, right?
Because I think he's really handsome.
And I've been to one of your autograph sessions.
Zhu: Then what? Gui: Really!
And when I saw him, I almost fainted!
I even forgot to shake hands [with you]!
Zhu: Did you see that? Gui: Really!
Isn't my charisma is strong stronger than Jolin's?
No, the say she talks makes it seem as if
you're not here.
I have a little request. Could I...
I have a little request. Could I hug Xiao Zhu for a bit?
Well, you'll have to ask Big-Little Sisters' Zhao Xian.
You'll have to ask Zhao Xian.
You have a relationship competitor!
So it's okay?
Hey, I think, she really has good manners...
Okay, okay. There's no problem.
And see I...You see. Come here, hugs.
How great.
Great. Her dance is so good. It's really strong.
Then you have to remember this day.
Turn today into your motivation.
You have to keep on trying.
Keep trying hard.
One day when you grow up and release an album,
I'll sing a duet with you.
You have to remember he said this sentence!
We'll have to see if I'm still in the business!
In the future, what if you became like Xie Xian?
Xie Xian!
Right? And still have to sing a duet with Twins?
Who can stand that?
Oh! You mean like in comparison!
So you mean, I'll be really old and still...
Like First Brother/Senior Yu Tian and Jolin doing a duet.
That's pretty special, a new combination.
I'll wait, I'll wait for her.
So, the bonus segment.
What are you going to bring us for your bonus segment?
I'm going to bring a street dance performance.
Wow, street dance.
You're so amazing.
Not bad.
Here, give me the microphone. You can do it.
Let's give a round of applause.
Wow, she's so amazing!
You know how to listen to the music!
You matched your dance and the music up really well!
Thank you.
Did you make up the dance yourself?
No, I sometimes go to take the teacher's lessons.
Oh, so you go to your teacher's lessons.
So your teacher taught you and you learned it.
So amazing.
Really strong.
Keep up the good work.
Work hard. One day you won't eat anything anymore.
Right! How come all the pop queens like doing that?
Keep trying. Eat some more.
When you grow up, you can't eat anymore.
Eat a bit of fries, then you have to spit it out.
And you have to dip it in water,
after dipping it in water, the taste is gone.
Did you know that?
I know.
So depressing.
They still have to keep their body shape.
Or you can pick, let you pick, pop queen or comedian?
Pop queen.
Okay, that's the smart way.
Keep working hard, okay?
Alright, Professor Zhang.
Actually, "Butterfly" has a lot of movements.
It's pretty complicated. Like the quick turns...
When I was teaching it to Jolin, it was like that.
Ya Qing has memorized it all pretty well,
about 80-90% is approximately the same.
Then, in the dance afterwards, I think she could
control her body really well. But I would hope,
since right now there are a lot of "Super Kids" in Japan,
those little kids all love to dance,
and they're all very good, so I hope you can keep
that love for dancing. And when you're practicing,
add a bit more feeling into your dance.
Then I think you wouldn't have any boundaries.
Okay. Thank you.
The words, no boundaries, is enough.
Really. My god. When we watch, we think you're amazing,
when you're competing against little kids the same age.
So you have to keep improving.
Alright. Professor Lang.
I think the thing that drew me to Ya Qing the most
was that everything, she decided for herself.
Now, when a lot of the younger generation make these decision,
but they're not sure what they want. They only have a goal,
but they don't know the process. But Ya Qing is a great example,
"I want to be on tv to perform for everyone,
but I know I'm still not good enough,
so I'm going to learn dancing."
Right, I think this idea of learning, a lot of people
wanting to become celebrities have to think about it a bit.
Okay, keep up the good work.
Okay, thank you.
Alright, let's look at contestant No. 4's introduction.
Contestant No. 4, Xu Shao Lin. This year, 16 years old.
His goal is to imitate Show Luo.
It's rumored that even his birthday, zodiac,
and birth location is the same as Xiao Zhu.
We can only say these two really match.
Today, the song he'll be singing is "The Leading Role."
How alike will they really be? Let's take a look!
Hello everyone. My name is Xu Shao Lin, 16 this year.
Today, I'm going to imitate my idol, Show Luo.
I'm really nervous. This is my first time
coming to this filming studio. I hope I can do very well.
Thank you everyone.
Introducing contestant No. 4, Xu Shao Lin,
bringing Show Luo's "The Leading Role."
Wow, thank you to these dancers.
Wow, thank you to those four.
Come to the center.
I've seen his news.
Yeah, he's "Little Show Luo" self proclaimed.
Right! Before he was at...You performed at
Sheng Yu Lin's wedding, right?
There was that time, right?
And last time, when I was watching the news channel,
I saw his news too.
On my website (official company owned), a lot of news
that's related to me would be posted on there.
And I saw a clip, Wow! He lives in Ji Long.
We were born on the same month, same day, same zodiac,
same blood type, and we both are from Ji Long.
How can there be such a coincidence?
This is kinda serious!
How can it be this perfect?
It was like this from birth.
That's the truth.
He said this, very realistic. "It was like this from birth."
Did you bring your ID card?
Let's look at your ID.
Let me ask my mom.
Oh, your mom came?
Your mom came?
Didn't bring it today?
Didn't bring it today.
Don't worry. Don't look at his ID. Look at this.
He shot his own photo booklet.
This booklet is Show Luo 99.9%.