BlackBerry Bold :: How to enjoy mobile web browsing using your Telstra Next G™ mobile

Uploaded by TelstraKnowHow on 15.04.2010

Business applications are complemented by a range of other great features on the BlackBerry® Bold™
including the ability to browse all types of content on the mobile internet.
There are lots of mobile internet sites on the ‘Home Tab’ which are unmetered
so you can browse BigPond news, weather, maps and sports
plus a host of entertainment based content all free of usage charges when you browse within Australia.
There’s also access to other sites where you’ll incur data usage charges for useful information and services, such as banking and emails.
Step 1. Click on the browser icon on your mobile’s main navigation screen.
Step 2. You will see three BigPond tabs –‘Home’, ‘Web’ and the ‘My’ tab.
Use your navigation key to scroll down within the Home tab and you can select and browse content free of usage charges.
All Unmetered content pages will say ‘Unmetered’ at the top of the page.
Step 1. To see additional content which is not available on the Home Tab, click on the ‘Web’ tab.
Step 2. To give you an idea of what browsing off portal costs,
if you have a $10 data pack you can use up to 150MB in your billing month.
A typical web page will use .05MB which means that you can browse for quite a long time before you reach this limit.
You can also check your usage via the ‘My’ tab under ‘My Data Usage’.
And there you have it.
With Unmetered sites on the Home tab plus all the great information you can find across the mobile internet
your Blackberry® Bold™ provides easy access to the information and entertainment you want in more places.