Spring 2013 BOT 100 Syllabus Review Video

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>> Hi, this is Kathy. In this video I'd like to go over the BOT 100 syllabus with you.
The top of the syllabus has the course name, section number, semester and the length of
the course. On the right side you'll see my name, my email address at MiraCosta College,
my MiraCosta website, my personal website where I offer keyboarding tips and computer
tips, and my Twitter account. Below that you'll see Kathy Striebel's name. She's the lead
instructor for the Business Office Technology. And then below that you'll see the Business
Office Technology course website. BOT 100 is an online course with weekly deadlines.
You can work at home or in the Hub at the Oceanside Campus or the computer lab at the
San Elijo Campus. The course checklist explains what you need to do to be successful in the
class. To pass our class you need to do the orientation, the orientation quiz, keyboard
mastery lessons 1 through 4, keyboard mastery optional timings 1 and 2, the typing techniques
quiz in Blackboard and the final exam in Blackboard. All this needs to be finished by March 9,
2013. The next part of the syllabus explains the course description. This is a pass, no
pass class. You finish all the requirements, you will pass the class. The bottom of page
one you'll see the course objectives, make sure you read those. On the top of page two
you'll see a copy of a textbook cover. Here you will find all the information you need
about your textbook and your access code. You need to purchase an access code or a textbook
with an access code. Again, you don't have to purchase a textbook, you can purchase just
the access code if you like. You would purchase it either from the MiraCosta book store or
from the software publisher, that's Ellsworth Publishing. Also on page two you'll find the
student learning outcomes. Make sure that you read those. Next you have the important
[ Silence ]
On page three, here's my contact information. My name's Kathy Van Pelt. You'll see my email
address again, my MiraCosta homepage. There's a MiraCosta number that you can reach me on
and my voicemail box. And my office hours are online or by appointment. When you do
send me an email make sure that you mention the class that you're in. You can put that
in the subject line, BOT 100, and then you can ask your question so if you just sign
your name, I won't know which class that you're in. I use Blackboard to manage the class.
I've created a video that explains how to get into Blackboard so make sure that you
watch that video first in Blackboard. It explains how to access the course materials in Blackboard.
You do sign into Blackboard with your SURF ID, starting with a W, and your SURF password.
Each instructor sets up their own Blackboard account and so if you have several online
classes you'll notice that the classes are set up differently. If you don't have internet
access at home, you'll need to come on campus so that you can log into the Blackboard website
and also your keyboard mastery program. You'll do your keyboard mastery assignments online
and I will check them online. And you'll do the orientation quiz, keyboarding techniques
quiz and final exam in Blackboard. This class is a pass, no pass class. If you complete
all the course requirements, you'll pass the class. If you leave anything out, you will
not pass the class. If you can type at least 40 words a minute you can test out of the
class after completing the first 11 lessons. If you choose to do that, check with me first
so I can check your progress. The getting started portion of the syllabus is next. To
get started with your keyboard mastery program you're going to start a browser and in the
address bar type login.keyboardingonline.com. There's also a link that you can click in
Blackboard to go to the website. Log in with the school login, which is Mira, M-i-r-a,
and that's the school password. When you click the sign in button you're going to see the
keyboarding online login window which looks similar to the example below. Keyboard mastery
is the BOT 100 class. There's an icon for the screen based version, that's if you bought
the access code, and there's an icon for the book version, that's if you bought the access
code along with your textbook. You click yes to the warning. If Java is not installed correctly
you're going to have to install it. When you see a window similar to this one you're going
to click open. Click the Spring 2013 option for your class and type your ID and password,
which is your MiraCosta SURF ID starting with a W and then click okay. Then you're going
to see a screen like the one shown below, it may look slightly different. And each one
of these icons you can click. You can fill out the information on the user info. The
program is setup for you. You can do the introduction. The rest of the syllabus explains each one
of the icons. The setup icon, in there you're going to see that you have a variety of timings,
15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes and 3 minutes. And it shows the number of
errors allowed for each of those timings. For instance there are no errors allowed in
the 15 second timing so if you make a typo, you're going to have to do that timing over
again. The key is to type until the timer stops. You will be asked to insert an access
code once. You can use an access code one time only so if you've taken a previous course
with an access code, you would need to buy a new access code for this course. Once you
enter the access code you do not have to enter it again. On page seven you'll see an example
of what the weather looks like when you're logged into line one, lesson one. Each lesson
has several lines. Most lessons have 18 lines. Lesson one has 15 lines. When you complete
a line successfully you move on to the next line. This is explained in the keyboard mastery
video that I'd like you to watch. While this is an example of the screen based version,
you'll see the line that you need to type at the top and then you type that in the bottom
window. If you're using a textbook, you open your textbook, you'll see those same string
of characters in your textbook and you will type those in that bottom box. The timer begins
when you start typing. If you finish the line within the allotted time, press enter and
start typing a line again. If you can't finish the line within the allotted time, that's
okay. Again, the key is to type until the timer stops. The textbook says you need to
do each line three times but as long as you have a line completed successfully, you can
move on to the next line. The bottom of page seven explains how to do optional timings
one and two. You'll do those after you finish lessons one through 24. Make sure that you
indent your paragraph by pressing tab. That starts the timer. Space two times after a
period and press enter twice after each paragraph. The next part of your syllabus explains about
your progress report. I suggest that you check your progress report periodically and that's
what I check to check your progress. There is a message center built into the program
and you can use that to send me an email within the program. When you're done with each session
you're going to save and close the file in keyboard mastery. At the very bottom of your
syllabus, this explains how to install the software on your computer. You do this when
you're finished with the class, not before. You need to do this after the class, otherwise
I won't be able to check your progress. You won't be able to sell your textbook back because
there's no access code. Please let me know if you have any questions that weren't covered
in the syllabus. Good luck on the class.