SSAC TDR Series Timing Relay Overview

Uploaded by GalcoTV on 09.01.2013

Welcome To G-TV! Today I will be showing you SSAC’s TDR Series Timing Relays. The TDR
Series are switch settable time delay relays comprised of digital circuitry and isolated
10 amp double pole double throw relay outputs, with an octal plug-in base connection. SSAC’s
TDR Series has a voltage rating of 12, 24, or 110 volts DC, and 120 or 230 volts AC.
This series of Timing relays by SSAC has a plus or minus 0.1 percent repeat accuracy
and a plus or minus 2 percent setting accuracy. The timing range for the TDR relays range
from 0.1 to 10,230 seconds in 3 ranges. The on and off delays are selected by means of
two ten position binary switches, which allow the setting of the desired delay to be precise
every time. The mode of operation for the TDR series is Recycling with ON Time First
or Recycling with OFF Time First. When the operation of the ON Time First begins, the
green LED will illuminate upon application of the input voltage and the output relay
will be energized. The red LED will also illuminate, and the ON time begins. At the end of the
ON time, the output de energizes, and the red LED turns OFF which begins the OFF time.
At the end of the OFF time, the output relay energizes and the cycle repeats as long as
the input voltage is applied. To reset, remove the input voltage. The output and time delays
will reset and will return the sequence to the first delay. With the operation of the
OFF Time First, the green LED will light up and the OFF time will begin upon application
of input voltage and the load is OFF. At the end of the OFF time the ON time begins, and
the load energizes with the red LED illuminated. At the end of the ON time, the load de energizes
and the red LED turns OFF. The cycle repeats until input voltage is removed. SSAC Timing
Relays TDR Series along with thousands of other products and services are available