Minecraft: Twilight Forest Part 3 - Murder Party

Uploaded by DarkChaos451 on 20.08.2012

hello people of the world
welcome back
alright, last time we left off of
we... we were murdered
isn't that fun to be murder
it's not it's frustrating
i was ill prepared
if you guys don't know what that means
it means that I'm not prepared
for you young uns out there who don't understand the world yet it means
i wasn't prepared
but now i am
maybe not fully prepare or as prepared
as i could be
but I don't remember last episode
we have a bed I know we didn't have that last episode but now we do
we could sleep
and I figured out something, because it's twilight
meaning inbetween
I can sleep
whenever i want which is awesome
so i don't you wait for day
and in
it doesn't
become a daylight which is bad
because mobs but anyways
so i'm slightly more prepared i have more food
and to make it a bit more challenging i should put it on normal... easy
cause i'm a wimp
i hate death i hate pain
so i'm going to put a few things, i got more fireflies to light up the place
yeah we don't need our
awesome bow that
nice skeleton
gave us
i don't think i need my iron pick ax (but i actually do)
cause' what i'm gonna do
here's my plan
my plan
you guys should know my plans to go in there
i don't need my ax either
is to go in there and
all living entities
that isn't me
i have my i have a
iron sword, i don't remember if i made that last episode
it's been like fifty years
if i have then cool but i know i didn't have as many fireflies last time
you're a zombie
you're trying but you fail
oh boy
this is going to be fun
hello mister skeleton
you back you can you give me another awesome enchanted bow
are you
no, you're just going to give me you're bones
that's okay
I can use your bones as bonemeal
I cannot wait to take over this tower, it's going to be
going to be amazing
I should have organized
my inventory, before I came in here, that's okay. Another skeleton
all right
time for a real party
anymore? Zombie?
you wana join this party to? The murder party?
I also need to fill in these blocks so I don't fall to my death
also sorry to seems like i have
low frame rate
for some reason i'm recording at twenty f p s
and i've tried messing around
settings on both minecraft and fraps and I just can't get... skeleton, you're not
helping with my frame rates
don't join the party if you're not going to help with my frame rates, you to, zombie
are you gana help with my frame rates?
that's right, just stay there and don't help
I should actually eat
I got more mushrooms... skeleton
skeleton come on
don't be don't be like that we could be bros
we could be bros, or you could just be dead, I don't care
I couldn't care less
I probably could care less actually
cause' he did give me
an awesome bow
and I would like more awesome bows
another tower
does this lead somewhere
just false hope
that's all it gives us
uh... place one right there
more false hope
we could always use some false hope in our lives
damn my iron sword breaks fast
some more light, some more zombie
hey zombie
you didn't give me anything, you're mean, I don't like you anymore
I used to, because you gave me experience and...
don't mind me
I'm just making it where you guys can ever spawn here ever again
there's a lot of you
sorry did that offend you
do you want there to be less of you? Because I can make that happen
I'm going to make that happen then
I'm gana die
need food
is he chasing me
yes, he's chasing me
apparently they're offended by uh...
the number of their
i'm sorry did not realize that was a touchy subject
will not
talk about that ever again
I mean I'll talk about it again when you guys are around
I would be like "man there's a lot of skeletons" and then I'd be like "I know, right, I fought them" can tell right at all times
I'm talking to myself
there's no one else but me, so
double team
that's unfair
ah I juked to you
I juked you so hard
juked in the face
all over the face, that sounds disgusting
oh they're still following me
well I'll give them credit for determination
but that, ah
haha you thought you could fool me
little did you know that I have a sword
little did I know that you're still after me
zombie, help me, help me, you like...
oh ok, that helps to
help help, come on, come on, just.. go down the hole
AHH! creeper
i'd rather take my chances with the skeletons
wasn't there another one of you
or am I just crazy, I'm just crazy
just in case
I heard a skeleton
post in the comments if anyone else is scared
cause' I
I am not scared
come to me experience
woah, what's going on, what's he doing
oh there's the creeper
hey creeper
you destroyed my light
do I get my...
ignore that, you're not seeing it, do I have any blocks on me
uh I have a stone brick
hey skeleton
dude, you just parkoured, I didn't know skeletons could... well, you just parkoured to
your death
sucks to be you
alright, I gotta strategically place this block or else it could be the end of me
awh, that was the wrong place wasn't it
awh man
don't scare me, knock first
or just died
okay, I see I'm not invited, I'll take my leave now
and there's another creeper
don't blow up... don't blow up
don't... okay you can die, that's better
is there any
murderous things in here
there's not
awh, you guys wana join the party
pool party
of death
hahaha ow
I wasn't serious! I was talking about your death, not mine
ok, there is some murderous death demons in here
thank you for answering my question
is he dead? I'm gana die, damn it
I'm gana die
too young to die
how old is Steve
always wondered... hi. Nope, nope, nope
uh... I guess we'll never find out how old Steve is
he's just age, he's just
time, that's all he is
uh... my sword's about to break
jeez my hunger's lasting forever
and I'm gonna run out of
there's another area
this one's
oh come on, is there anything up here
it's just a bunch of towers
am I at the top? I'm at the top
am at the top of the world
uh... but i shouldn't be laughing yet, it's not a moment to laugh
cause' there's still murder demons in here
so I kind of don't want to go up there yet
uh... I have a fence
I can fence it off
alright, I'll come back to woah... I'll come back to that place
uh... at a later time when I'm more well-equipped
right zombie
he's so cute
man there's just
this is like a maze dungeon
uh... castle, I've already been here
okay time to go back now
i don't want to take my chances
by jumping in the pool cause' knowing me I'd just fail
where'd the zombie go, there he is
zombies* sorry
they're twins that are going to die
my sword broke
obviously my sword broke
skeleton we meet again
yes, ah... come here
not you
well yeah you, eventually, but I want the skeleton to come here
yes, good, skeletons
plural, multiple
yes, good. Okay, got six more... jeez
I'm two feet in front of you and you missed, you should... you deserve to die
at least don't be a skeleton
ahhh... I can't afford for you to blow up... don't BLOW UP
you killed the zombie though
so that's kind of good but now there's a
jeez there's so many skeletons
ah okay
is that a grass block? that's a grass block, I'm gonna grab the grass... block
okay, sorry, I won't grab the grass block
jump over here
skeletons can't jump, right
but one skeleton did parkour
oh, he gave up
that works
oh hey zom, er skeleton, I'm sorry! I meant to say skeleton. No no no no
I need food. I need food. Sh Sh
I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die
I'm in sneak mode
you can't find me
sneak mode, activate
how long has it been
five minutes, ten minutes, an hour... forever
I know I saw a zombie come up here
that's gonna be my master bedroom
oh hey zombie
you wanna take these fireflies and place them around the place? The tower, I mean
you don't like to die, do you
oh boy
do I just have enough
i think i do
i'm sorry
that's a mob spawner, that explains a lot
that explains the skeletons
going to go back down
going to
grab some pick axes
craft myself a new sword
and uh... oh yeah and about the cutting things out
I got
uh... couple requests saying leave everything in and requests saying cut
everything out, or
unimportant things out
i want to leave everything in 'cause there's a lot of important things but
also there are some things that i could cut out
i wasn't even gonna go to you, I was gonna let you live your happy, undead life
but uh... now it's all gonna change 'cause of your mistake
ow, there's something... there's two zombies
oh i see your plan
but it didn't work
are you gonna die? I see you're not going to die
oh, you died. alright
i'm going to eat your brother's flesh and eventually yours hahahahaha
man, if zombies understood me, the would
freak out so much
thought I heard a creeper
how do i get out of here
this way?
lapis block
I'm lost
wait... it was across the library, so I think
believe so
but definitely not downstairs
but anyways, back to cutting things out and leaving things in
I'm gonna need to light up this room as well
what I'll do is
what I'm thinking about
cutting things out
if they're very
simple things like just walking
back-and-forth or crafting, maybe
uh... but unless if you guys don't know what I'm crafting
I'll leave most things in, and if anything, I'll just do small things inbetween
episodes, like getting on the fireflies
and uh...
getting prepared inbetween episodes so
I might need more mushroom stew
I won't cut out too much but I'll cut out some things
every once in while, I might
might not even do it
like every episode
but anyways
I need a stick
where's a stick
I need to craft some
I thought I had more
unless if I'm just not seeing them
I'm blind
if you guys didn't know, I am blind
a watchdog
is actually telling me everything right now
his name is Poodles
and he's a yellow labrador
and yeah, he's telling me where everything is instantly
that's how I can react so fast to these monsters
and he's a very good dog
and uh... funny thing is, oh spider
he's blind to
he is a blind dog
I'm a blind person, and he's my
he's my site. Did you just come out of that room, zombie? Where you born in this room
is this the birth of
undead life
that's a contradiction
oh how contradictions are funny. Oh man, this is awesome
once I completely eradicate
mobs in this place
what I'll probably do
is what i did to that one tower
I'll probably just block it off from
this main shaft (that's what she said)
of the tower
and uh...
there's a skeleton up there
of course there is
and I'll eventually the more i
build stuff...
he doesn't wanna hear my plan. He's getting mad. He's like "you're not moving in.
this is my
cousin's brother's uncle's house
you can't live here." I'm like
"I totally can, dude
'cause you just died"
oh snap I completely missed this... awh man
completely missed this section
I thought I had it all lit up. Dang it. Hey
who did that
did you just
you're trying to snipe me, aren't you
not working
I just saw some magical witchcraft happen
and I think I'm definitely not prepared for this
what the hell are you
what the hell
explain yourself
your that dude's brother's uncle's cousin's father
holy hell (another contradiction)
I am so sorry for trespassing
I'll take my leave. Don't worry, I'm leaving
tell your boys to back off
i didn't know
this place was already renovated
I said I didn't know. Oh well. Oh well
that'zombie just couldn't
oh, he's still alive
no! no no no no
I need to eat, I need to... I said
I need to eat. That's cheating
is he still after me? yes he is
and he's cheating
he's not even falling down the stairs
he's walking on the rails
what a cheater
probably had his wife leave him 'cause he cheated
not on her, just he cheated like is now... cheater
no one likes a cheater
nobody like a cheater
'cause cheaters always win, and it frustrates the wannabe winners
i know. I know what it's like
well that was horrifying
if you guys thought that i was going to give up on this tower
you were right
no joking you're wrong
i'm actually not going to give up on this tower i'm actually going to conquer
it still
it's going to be mine one way or another weather that
demand skeleton thing
holy hell that guy was
next episode
probably go mining a little bit more get a little bit more iron make a few iron
armor pieces probably get a couple iron swords
and uh... definitely take
these potions
will have ourselves
a boss battle
hold your breath until next time, see you guys the later