Davos 2012 - Davos and the Annual Meeting

Uploaded by WorldEconomicForum on 27.11.2011

Davos has always been a special place for me.
Davos is an ideal spot for a global meeting. It’s a village but has everything a summit needs
and it also has the hospitality of the Davosers. These are the key ingredients for a successful meeting.
The Annual Meeting is extremely important for Davos. Thanks to this event we have an incredible publicity worldwide.
For us it’s free advertising. It brings us so much.
The Annual Meeting is a very important part of the year it’s almost like Christmas.
Davos is not only business leaders. They’re only about half of the participants. There are scientists, politicians, young people, NGOs and trade unionists.
That’s what makes Davos so special. The further the Forum has advanced, the more important, daring and surprising it has become.
Davos takes people out of their comfort zone they become more open, they can talk more freely.
I believe we can discuss real issues at the Annual Meeting and try to find solutions that can have a positive impact worldwide.
For us it would be great if they could stay a bit longer and eat a bit more!
We are connected to Davos, I got married there myself. So really, we are married to Davos, and that’s how it will remain.