Steak Tortilla with Aaron Craze

Uploaded by JamieOliver on 24.01.2013

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quick and tasty Mexican steak tortilla
my inspiration for this comes from
seeing this on the street in south America walking past and smelling
it going over whats happenign here having a little look and then
putting my own interpretation on it as well and that is what its all about
especially on this channel
all you need is a nice onion right to make this sauce im going to start off
dice out nicely
a little bit of oil
you only want to sweat it enough frying and sweating are too different things when you fry it it goes really
brown and nutty and when your sweating it it will go translucent and sweat yeah so that's what we are going for
why not put a little bit of chorizo in there. the oils that come out of this are fantastic
there really really powerful
and they really give a nice dynamic to teh sauce as well yeah
you can see all that lovely oil coming off that is
now i'm going to put a bit of garlic in add a bit of background flavour just two
we need one these boys now a chilli
smelling nice now we have got a bit of coriander here look at this nice and fresh
pungent and it really lifts the dish with these leaves but if you use these little boys here
everyone leaves them out look at them
just think when its growing
all the nutrients are coming
there look at that all the water that's coming out of it it tastes fantastic lets get in into the pan
its raining coriander and that is the colour of mexico right there look at it
so a lovely tin of chopped tomatoes
throw them in
fifteen twenty minutes and you've got yourself a nice spicey sauce
this sauce is the Jacobs you could use it with almost anything a bit of
pasta a nice bit of chicken you can even put it on a nice bit of cheese
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im going now to bash my meat
now if you haven't got one of these rolling pins
you can use a baseball bat or a cricket bat or a nuckle duster
this cut of meat is called the skirt steak its easy to find it cooks really quickly and its delicious
i need to tenderize it i want it to be really thin so that it cooks really quickly
do you understand comprendea vouz here we go
and its a good way
to get rid of any built up anger that's inside ya because we all have it pretend its
your boss
or something like that you know
thats nice im liking that
there you go right
pretty much doubled in size really hasnt it
what i want to do is a bit of seasoning on there oh hold up a minute thats the
salsa thats done
let it call down a little bit we want to use that
a little bit later on
now a bit of salt and pepper
and then a nice bit of oil not too much rub it all on
that is the sound you want to hear
this is going to take literally 5 minutes yeah
what i can do now i can put my chorizo on there
i love it i think it's a great flavour
now don't be afrad if your not on top of a roof top
with one of these
skewer pans you can use a
rying pan or
a bbq it doesnt matter just make sure
you turn off the old smoke alarm because it does
go chicken oriental
dont forget to put it back on though
well have all the foxes out in a minute
this is crackling yeah if you cant be bothered to make your own crackling and all that
to your local boozer
yeah they've got the old scratching dont they get a couple of packets of them abd ive just blitz them
now in mexico they call this
yeah and its everywhere you see people walking down the street with it like that
big massive slabs of
crackling its fantastic
so we've got some tomatoes just chop them up a
little bit like that
we got our chicharron
or our crackling yeah
we've got our lovely chorizo thats ready to go now yeah look at that
we just roll it ahh you should have had some of that goaly
just mash it all up
what i need now is a bit of onion
get some of your salsa in there
yeah come on look at this
and its all about mixing it up
now a bit of coriander you can have fun with it
look at this how good is that looking already a bit of lemon yeah
ohh yeah
thats fresh
grab a tortilla throw it on
fifteen seconds on each side twenty second on each side that's it
where going to wrap it up now okay
get a bit of crackling on there
get a bit of the old coriander in there a bit of
yogurt in there
this is where the dreams are made now that
is definatley gonna get you a date
oh yes
i want to be this tortilla
i want to be inside of it right now
thats how good it is its smokey its
beefy its got that onion
going hey what about me im down here its fantastic i love it if you want more
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