National Police Rememberance day 2012

Uploaded by TheNSWPolice on 01.10.2012


Welcome to this service to commemorate National Police Remembrance
Day, a day of special significance for policing,
each September fellow officers, partners parents and children gather at sites
across the state,
the nation,
and the south-west Pacific
to remember those police officers who've lost their lives
We're here to
honour fallen heroes,
we're here again to honour the heroism
that goes with policing
I know that to their families,
words are of cold comfort,
no ceremony, no flags, no speeches
can bring back those
who were dearest to them,
those who made their families,
their hearts
and their lives complete

Police officers share a very special bond,
the joys and triumphs of fighting crime is celebrated by all officers, equally though,
when one police officer is hurt,
all officers feel that hurt and
when an officer is killed,
something dies within all of us