Annual Charity Plane Pull

Uploaded by TheNSWPolice on 13.10.2012

Today is a sunny day out here at Richmond RAAF base, where we're
doing a little bit of heavy lifting
on behalf of a very worthwhile charity, I'm Detective Superintendent Scott White from the terrorism squad, I'm also the president of Law Enforcement
Torch Run New South Wales, today we're
hosting the Law Enforcement Torch Run Plane Pull, it's the third annual event and
there are twenty teams here, pitting themselves against the 45-tonne Hercules
The challenge here is to get twenty people on the rope,
pull as hard as they can, it's got to be a continual pull, it's quite different to a
standard tug of war,
the Herc doesn't pull back, it's just huge
45-tonne moveable mass
Law Enforcement Torch Run, which is a policing charity, it's been going here in New South Wales
for the last six years, is running the plane pull today
The winner out of today though,
is that the athletes of special olympics, special olympics
is an organization
very much into helping those people with an intellectual disability
They've been doing that now for the past forty years
and Law Enforcement Torch Run as a worldwide effort, has been doing it for thirty,
so we're here,
we've got twenty teams including about fourteen police teams,
Botany Bay, Blacktown,
Forensic Services, ALEC,
not to mention of course PORS, who at this stage would have to be shaping
as the favourites -Okay, let's see, this is it, we have our winner
Ladies and gentlemen
the public order riot squad
has pulled in a time 1242
congratulations to the public order riot squad
for the
third year in the row
The plane pull champions
and congratulations are going to all the other finalists today and
to all the teams
that competed