Dong Yi, 55회, EP55, #02

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Father... Father..!
I want to see my father.
- I have to. - Prince.
Please, please let me see him.
- Prince. - Your Grace.
Please, save my mother.
Talk to my father, please, he'll listen to you.
No, I'll do it.
I'll beg if I have to. Get me into see him.
Please... please...
Don't do this, please, don't.
Please forgive her... please... she did it all for me.
- Prince... - Because of me.
Is this the end?
Is this how it all ends?
Prince, you'll make yourself worse.
- Please, stand up. - Your Grace.
They're... they're ready to carry out the sentence.
No... no... no..!
- Prince! - Mother!
The sentence will be carried out at 2pm.
- Move out. - Sir.
There's someone I have to see. Let me pass.
Please, it's not allowed.
Stand aside. You deaf? I have to go.
Move, stand aside!
- Mother. - Yun.
- Mother. - Yun.
Yun... Yun...
Move, let me pass or I'll have all your lives!
Mother... Mother!
Yun... Yun...
- Mother! - Yun!
Stand down. Let him see his mother one last time.
Let him see his mother.
Your pardon, but it's forbidden.
Well? Escort the Crown Prince to his pavilion.
Unhand me! I want to see her!
- Mother! - Yun!
- Unhand me! Mother! - Yun!
- No, no... Mother! - Yun... Yun..!
My boy...
Dong Yi!
Dong Yi...
You said... you said you'd never hurt my boy.
Did you mean it?
I was on my way to see you. To talk one last time.
You said it wasn't fate, it was my choices.
Fine, my choices, and I'll pay for them.
But Yun, my boy...
he shouldn't suffer for what I've done.
Tell me, does he have a chance?
Is there anything I can do to change his fate?
I know I tried to kill you.
More than once.
But now you're the only one I can ask to help him.
Only you, the one I hated most.
My death pays for all.
So please, please, take care of my son.
I'm begging you, look after him.
Please, it's my dying wish.
Please, protect him...
Protect my boy.
Please, Dong Yi...
It's my dying wish, please...
Dong Yi... please...