The Google Prediction API

Uploaded by GoogleDevelopers on 05.10.2011


To provide a useful service, businesses need to react
quickly to changing patterns in user behavior.
Identifying these patterns involves
processing customer data.
Lots of it.
But as you collect data, more and more time is spent on
repetitive tasks to make predictions.
Machine learning may be used to sort through huge data
sets, but can be very difficult to set up.
Google's Predictive API employs our classifiers to do
the heavy lifting for you, letting you focus on your
project, not algorithmic nuts and bolts.
Its predictions help you understand how your market is
trending over time, allowing you to
tailor your future strategy.
Here's how it works.
Structure your training data and upload
it to Google Storage.
Train one of our models on your data set,
using one of our APIs.
Apply the trained model to make predictions and profit
from the newly-built model to interpret data as it comes in,
improving results over time, using our
continually-improving algorithms to predict your
customers' future wants and needs.
Or, use one of our hosted models, built by experts with
data already gathered and labeled.
If you crave insight into what your customers may look to
buy, want to interpret feedback, or wish to
categorize online data, Google's Predictive API helps
you quickly see data patterns, and can help you profit from
knowing what customers want before they even think to ask.