Delicious Veggie Detox Soup | Tara Stiles Eats

Uploaded by LivestrongWoman on 10.01.2013

Hey everyone, I'm Tara Stiles, and welcome to the Livestrong Woman channel. So today,
I'm going to show you how to make a really great veggie detox soup, and you can make
this with whatever vegetables you have in your house that you like. So it's a great
way to clean out your kitchen as well. So for this, I'll use some onions, some garlic,
ginger, bell peppers -- I've got orange, green and red. I like lots of color. Spinach. I
roasted a pumpkin. And a squash, which is great. And what else do we have? We have some
veggie stock. A little bit of water. And we're gonna add this toward the end, some coconut
milk, and it'll make it creamy but also healthy too. So first, we're gonna simmer up our onions
in the pot. So, there we go, very exciting. And we'll let that go for a little bit. And
add a little bit of garlic too. Alright, so we're just gonna add everything else here.
We'll add our tomatoes. Get them in a bowl first. Nice and juicy roasted tomatoes. And
there we go. Alrighty, and we will add some veggie stock -- about half a box of this. Alrighty. And we'll
have some celery into the pot. Literally, any vegetable that you like can go in the
soup. We will add our roasted pumpkin and our potatoes. Our everything is going in.
Awesome. Okay. Give it a good stir. Pot's filling up. We're gonna have our peppers.
Alrighty. And some spinach. This will all cook down, hopefully. Otherwise, we need a
bigger pot. And last but not least, our ginger. Yay. Okay, alright, so we're gonna get this
all going. Add some water so it can have something to work with. Voilà. Alrighty, now we're
starting to look like soup. Okay, so we'll stir this all up. Literally, this is going
to be amazing. Just gonna have this kinda on a medium-high. So we'll cover this up,
leave this simmering for about 15 minutes, and then we'll see how it looks. This is an
amazing soup to make. So I made, actually, a whole big pot of it. This is just about
a part of it. So it's got everything in here. And I'm going to put this into the Vitamix
very carefully. There we go, all the veggies in the Vitamix. Alright, so again, because
you can put everything you have in your house, basically, that's a vegetable in this soup
-- and some coconut milk I added and the veggie stock or water or both. And it's amazing.
You can just make a ton of it and then keep it all week. So here we go. Okay, this is
going to be the soup of the day. And if you make a lot like I did, the soup of the entire
week and maybe the month too. It's so, so good. And you'll won't even realize that this
is probably one of the healthiest things that, you know, you might be consuming for the week,
especially if you're making this around the holidays. So, so good. Okay, so I'm gonna
give this a try. It's hot, so make sure you blow on it. It's so good. Every vegetable.
Hot chili pepper flakes. Coconut milk. This is amazing. You will love it, I promise. Make
it now and tell me what you think.