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Son, you are going to an Arab country for a job.
It's a new country. Look after yourself and daughter-in-law.
Mother, do not worry.
I will look after her and myself..
..and also send you bundles of money every month.
I am worried about you..
..and you are just talking about money.
Son, work hard make a honest living over there.
And make your country proud.
Alright mother. I do will just do as you say.
I won't make even a small mistake.
And promise me another thing. - What?
Your first child will be born in India.
I promise you that we both will come back to India..
..before the child is born.
Are you happy now? - Very happy. God bless you, son.
God bless you.
Greetings, mister.
Greetings. - Hello!
Hello. - Hello.
Yashoda, God has answered your prayers. I have been promoted.
Please with my work the company has given me three month's bonus..
..and two months off. And..
Is this for me? - Yes. It is for you.
It is very beautiful.
Tomorrow itself, we will go to our country India.
Mother-in-law had a strong desire that..
..our first child should be born in India itself.
So, her desire will be fulfilled.
But what about my wish?
If God wishes, we will have a girl.
But.. - But what?
I want a boy.
Run! Monster Khaleel is here.
Run! - Run.
Run for your lives.
Khaleel is here.
Save yourselves.
Come, son.
Run. - Khaleel is coming.
Come on, let us go inside. Quick! Khaleel is here.
Allah. Have mercy.
Oh, god.
See, Khaleel. The wonders of my black magic.
You got the all the wealth of the village and so many children.
My life depends on your magic, Jallad.
That's why Khaleel never does anything without asking you.
Here is your reward.
Okay, Khaleel, call me when you need me.
You all know that..
..Khaleel has started attacking our borders again.
Here.. here! He has destroyed the entire Al Gobar.
He killed the men and women.
As usual, he took the children away with him.
I am feeling so ashamed about this entire incident that..
And I am sure, that even you all must have realized..
..that till today, we couldn't do anything.
We could not even arrest the wretched monster.
We all know that Khaleel is a cruel, wicked..
..notorious and a dangerous assassin.
And Sir, one of his companions is a magician too.
Khaleel attacks in the places suggested by him.
He comes likes a storm, spreads destruction and disappears.
And Sir, he takes children out of the border..
..and sells them at an exorbitant price.
I have thought of a solution for this too.
For crushing this demon, I have asked help from such a man..
..who is very well acquainted with every part of this desert.
He has great patriotic feelings.
And he considers his duty to serve the nation.
He can shed his blood for wiping tears of the poor and helpless.
That person is Sheikh Mohammad Al Kamaal.
Dear. - Leave me. Leave me.
Leave me. - Quiet. - Father.
Dear. - Father. Leave me.
Leave me.
Save me. Father.
What happened? Dear.
Leave me. Leave me. - Where are you going? - Father, save me.
Father. Father, save me.
Leave me. Father. - Dear.
Father, save me. - My child.
Allah. - Leave me. Father, save me.
Let my child go.
Let her.. - Father. Father, save me.
Let me child go.
Leave my child.
Leave me.
Leave my father.
Oh Great, Lord. Show us a miracle.
No. Leave my father alone. - Have mercy on this old man.
Let my father go. - Kill him.
Leave him. No.
Who are you?
Help of the helpless!
Friend of the poor!
An enemy of the wicked!
And death of tormentors!
Father! - My child!
My child!
Sir, your honor is safe.
No one could ruin it.
Good bye. - Thank God.
My child, who was this angel?
He was not an angel, father.
He is Sheikh Mohammad Al Kamaal.
God bless this good soul.
Look, this poor woman has no one here.
Take her to the city, it will be a good deed.
Hello. - My truck is completely loaded. I cannot take her along.
You take her along. - It's a long journey.
Who will take her along for free?
But she is in a bad condition. Something might happen to her.
I will take her.
After spending so much time with the machines..
..all of you have turned into machines as well.
He had adequate angels to look after this world.
Yes, He gave birth to humans..
..because of this heart.
To console a grief-stricken heart.
To pray..
..if someone moans with grief.
Don't worry, Kareem.
I will take her along with my caravan.
Come, dear. - But, Amir sir, can she ride the camel in this condition?
Have faith in Him, Karim.
With His grace, the camel ride will be very comforting for her.
Come, dear.
The caravan is ready.
Mount her on a good camel. - Come, sister.
Amir. It's the grace of God.
We met before you left.
I was taking the other route.
Will you deliver some things to Abdullah?
Of course, Khan, of course.
Thank you very much.
Tell him..
..I said hello and that I miss him.
If live doesn't deceive me..
..then we will meet soon. - Of course.
I am going. I am in a hurry, good bye. - Good bye.
Good bye, Amir.
Excellent! What an aim! As if the bullets obey your command.
It reaches wherever you ask it to go.
A man controls his destiny with hard work and practice.
I have just shot bullets.
Sheikh, even we shoot bullets, but where do we get such an aim!
Sheikh's stars are shining so brightly these days..
..that its brighter than the sun.
Not just the gun..
..anyone he looks at..
..falls for him.
No, no.
Mohammad, before your arrival I always decide that..
..I will tell you so many things, open the book of my heart..
But as soon as you come before me..
..I forget everything.
I just keep looking at you.
Mohammed, every moment of separation seems like ages.
Break the wall of separation. Take me away from here.
You may make me your servant and keep me near your feet.
Your love makes me forget the world.
But somehow, you happen to remember me!
Oh, God!
What is written? Tell us.
I will not tell you. All of you go away from here.
Why should we? - Alright. Keep sitting here.
Where are you going?
Sit. Sit.
Is it something special? She looks really happy.
Zainab, it would have been so nice if..
..God would have given many hearts to one person.
Because, every single moment of youth..
..seems longer than a lifetime.
And one heart isn't enough to endure it.
I know it. And my heart knows it.
And God knows, how I have spent these moments..
..without you.
And now I am only waiting for the moment..
..when you become a bride, hide your moon like beautiful..
..face behind a veil and come to my house.
I will feel proud of my destiny..
..and will thank the one who wrote my destiny.
Really? - Yes, Zainab. Really!
I can hear his voice.
Even I can hear your voice.
Oh, God! What kind of miracle is this!
This is not a miracle. This is passion.
This is love.
"May this celebration, this grandeur last forever."
"May this celebration, this grandeur last forever."
"May everyone remember this night."
"May this celebration, this grandeur last forever."
"May everyone remember this night."
"This love, the youth."
"The eyes, and the beauty."
"No one will ever know.. who made the gesture."
"Let this moment prevail."
"Let this fervor stay."
"Let this moment prevail."
"Let this fervor stay."
"Let my guests be entertained."
"May everyone remember this night."
"May this celebration, this grandeur last forever."
"May everyone remember this night."
"The eyes have formed a bond of trust."
"Love has crossed all boundaries."
"There's bright radiance. Until the dawn."
"There's bright radiance. Until the dawn."
"Everyone's thankful."
"May everyone remember this night."
"May this celebration, this grandeur last forever."
"May everyone remember this night."
"May this celebration, this grandeur last forever."
"May everyone remember this night."
Abdullah! Who is Abdullah?
Surprising! You have not heard Abdullah's name, before?
Abdullah is an Emperor.
He rules over this desert.
You must have heard the names of great Kings..
..about their palaces and diamond studded thrones.
But this Emperor is the most unique.
His palace is a small hut..
..which is not made of marble slabs..
..but out of mud.
And his treasures are not gold and silver coins..
..but a well of cold water.
..which remains full, throughout out the year.
And in a desert, the price of a drop of water..
..is sometimes as valuable as a gold coin.
A small hut!
7 date palms.
And a well of cold water.
All this is what Emperor Abdullah possesses.
This will reduce the pain and even the wound will heal soon.
Why? Your old eyes are already shining?
The Caravan has still not arrived.
You can already smell the male camels?
Have some shame!
You have become old. You have grown so old.
But you are still so romantic?
I wonder why God created woman.
The first woman that He made..
..was Eve, who got Adam exiled from Heaven.
I wonder who you will get banished from here.
My name is Khaleel.
From wherever I pass in the desert..
..people's head bow.
And you are still standing with a raised head in front of me?
Abdullah's head bows only in front of God..
..and not in front of any human being.
We want water, old man!
Not for free! I will pay you its price.
You are young. You are also strong.
The well is in front of you. Quench your thirst and go away.
Why didn't you allow me to kill this man?
Fool! In a desert, a drop of water is valuable than life.
If we kill him, who will look after the well?
Take this, old man! The price of water.
You are probably going on a long journey.
Yes. Away from this desert and the ugly people living in it.
Abdullah does not take money from far away travelers.
And once Khaleel pays a price..
..he does not take it back.
I have taken water from the well.
So, I will pay the price to the well itself.
See you again, old man!
Sheikh Mohammad is arriving.
From today this is your home.
She is my nanny Gangabai.
Her father and my father were very close friends.
Both of them died in a battle.
Today is a day of happiness. Why are you talking about sorrow?
May God keep both of you happy?
And may our daughter-in-law bear a child soon.
Where are you all going? Come with me.
We have to ready the bride for the wedding night.
"I asked the moon have you seen anyone as beautiful as my love."
"The moon replied, I must admit."
"No, no, no, no."
"I asked the moon have you seen anyone as beautiful as my love."
"The moon replied, I must admit."
"No, no, no, no."
"I asked the moon.."
"I searched everywhere for a face like you."
"I looked everywhere for a beauty like you."
"I asked the buds to find someone like you."
"I looked for a flower like you."
"I asked the entire flora is there a flower like her on heaven or earth."
"The flora replied, we must admit."
"No, no, no, no."
"I asked the moon.."
"Is that your gait or the waves?"
"Are these your tresses or the night?"
"Your lips are like the petals of lotus."
"Your eyes are so intoxicating."
"I asked liquor, is there anyone as alluring as her on heaven or earth?"
"The liquor replied, I must admit."
"No, no, no, no."
"I asked the moon.."
"Your beauty made the entire world crazy."
"Should I call you beautiful or fatally attractive?"
"I asked poets, is there a poem as passionate as her?"
"The poets replied, we must admit."
"No, no, no, no."
"I asked the moon have you seen anyone as beautiful as my love."
"The moon replied, I must admit."
"No, no, no, no."
"I asked the moon.."
I am really moved after hearing her story.
God alone knows what's on His mind.
Abdullah, it is a five day journey.
I am worried about her and not about myself.
She is pregnant.
She should be taken to the hospital at the earliest.
What if something happens on the way?
This is the only fear I am have.
That is why I was saying, give me your goat.
We may need milk on the way.
This poor woman has got nothing.
I will pay the price of the goat.
No, Amir, I do not want anything.
You take the goat with you. But keep her tied.
I had given her away thrice before this. But she comes back.
We will leave now!
Come, dear.
Amir, it is a night journey.
Don't go right now. I am not feeling good about it.
Abdullah, God is with us.
Goodbye. - Goodbye.
My child!
May God protect you.
You have run away again? What will Amir think now?
I had told him..
What is this? How did you get hurt?
There is no wound here.
Did anything.. Lord, have mercy?
I had told you not to go.
Help me, Baba.
Have patience, my child.
Have courage!
Have courage!
Save my child, Baba.
Save my child.
Keep courage, my dear child.
Save my child, Baba.
Have patience, my child.
See this, my child!
God has given you the biggest gift of life.
You have a son.
Baba, swear on your Allah..
..that you will protect my child.
I am dying. - No.
Now he is your responsibility.
Take an oath!
You must look after him.
Take an oath, Baba!
Yes, my dear. I take an oath..
..that as long as I live..
..I will protect your child.
"Oh Lord of the whole Universe."
"Mighty Lord of the whole Universe."
"The agonies of devotees."
"The sorrows of devotees."
"In an instant, you make these go away."
"Oh Lord of the whole Universe."
Krishna? Hindu?
Oh, Lord. Allah. What have You done?
I.. I.. This..
What should I do with him?
Where should I take him?
"You are my Mother and Father."
"Whom should I take refuge with."
"Lord, whom should I take refuge with."
"Without you, there is no other."
"Without you, there is no other."
"For whom I would wish."
"Oh Lord of the whole Universe."
God does not pity those who do not pity others.
Carry an innocent and orphan child..
..and hold it close to your heart.
"You are an ocean of mercy, You are the protector."
"Lord, you are the protector."
"I am a simpleton with wrong wishes, ."
"I am a servant and you are the Lord."
"Oh Lord, grant me your divine grace."
"Oh Lord of the Universe."
Oh my new born oldie..
..you have more wrinkles than me.
He.. he's Krishna.
That was the only name his mother uttered before dying.
That is what we will call him as well.
Now he will live with us.
Love him also, as much as you all love me.
Why are you crying?
Why is he crying?
Does anyone understand why he is crying?
Tell me!
Why are you looking at my face?
You are the smartest of the lot. More than me.
Shut up, you fool.
Quiet, quiet, quiet.
Now just stand here. Do not move.
What are you searching for, Abdullah?
I could tell you that only if I could find anything like that?
There are so many things here and you cannot see anything?
What stupid goods have you brought this time!
Is there nothing for a baby?
How big is he?
By God's grace, he is this big.
He is very small.
I have a poor friend. A son has been born to him.
I wanted something for him.
Then what was the need to narrate such a long story?
You should have just said that you want things for a child.
I have got lots of it. See this.
See! I have got all this.
S o many things for such a small child?
This is very less!
I have only shown you essential things for children.
But where is the milk bottle?
Milk bottle?
Doesn't the baby's mother get m ilk?
No, she does not. Just give the bottle.
Here you go.
Is this a milk bottle?
First, open this.
Strange man!
Greetings! - Greetings to you too!
Oh, Abdullah! - I was so eager to hear the sound of your bugle.
And, Abdullah, I was so eager to see you.
But a new oil company has opened up.
I have got the job of transporting goods.
That is why I could not come here.
That is why I sent your things through Amir.
What is the matter, Abdullah Didn't you get the things?
I got the things.
But poor Amir!
Those cruel people killed an angel.
Amir's dead?
Abdullah, Amir is dead.
My friend is dead. I cannot believe this, Abdullah.
Come. - I cannot believe it, Abdullah.
Another injustice took place that night.
The killers badly injured a woman who was also pregnant.
The woman gave birth to a child before dying.
A child? - Yes.
The woman was Hindu.
This is a Hindu woman's child.
Oh God! Are you mad?
You will keep a Hindu child in your house?
Why? Isn't a Hindu's child human being?
If you were in my place, you too would have done the same thing.
He was born in my hands.
Look! He is such a sweet child.
He looks so pretty.
Can't you see any miracle in his birth?
Abdullah, your big talks do not get into my small brain.
What will you do with him?
I will look after him as my own child.
I must say.
He has such a beautiful face.
Abdullah, when you make him a Muslim, you will be blessed.
You promised the woman to keep this child alive.
But you did not promise to make him a Hindu.
The dying woman gave her treasure to me.
If I fiddle around with her treasure, then..
..on doomsday she will drag me To Allah like a criminal.
Abdullah, why don't you understand?
When she is a Hindu, how can she go before Allah?
Abdullah, you hated woman all your life..
..because a woman had cheated you.
Because of her, you forsook the whole world..
..and settled down in this desert.
All due to a woman!
And today, you cannot convert this boy into a Muslim..
..because you promised a woman that too a Hindu woman?
..the one who died was not a woman.
She was a mother.
A woman may have any religion.
But a mother has no religion.
Because a mother herself is faith.
There is heaven at her feet.
There is godliness in her bust.
Greetings! - Greetings!
Nasir! Sheikh! Head towards the desert.
Jamaal, you look for Khaleel In the mountains.
As soon as you have any news Inform me in Al Babur village..
But remember! He is very dangerous.
He should not be able to flee. - Sheikh!
Now grow up quickly then I will teach you nice things.
But what language will you speak after you grow up?
Will you understand my language?
Mohammad! Greetings
Mohammad, I so happy to see you.
Even I feel extremely happy to meet you.
Sir, if you permit us, can we drink water from the well?
Of course! - Thank you.
Is he your grandson? - Why? Can't he be my son?
Son? - Yes, yes.
The conditions in which Allah gave me this child..
..he is a son to me.
Some months ago..
Jamaal! Nasir, fill up some water. - Yes.
Sir, by giving shelter to this innocent and orphan child..
..you have done a great favor to mankind.
I am in search of the villainous monster..
..who killed his mother and many more innocent people.
By God's good will I will soon kill him.
These are the hoof marks of those monsters.
But their direction is towards our camp.
How dare those rascals dare to go near our camps?
it is their helplessness!
When the throat gets parched with thirst in a desert..
..even a goat enters a tiger's den.
I think they must have gone near the oasis..
..near our camp to fetch water.
Come on.
Fill up your pots quickly.
This is Sheikh's area. He may come any moment.
A pearl in a shell and a woman in a desert!
Such things are got with great luck.
Shut up. Hide everyone.
Have you thought of a name?
What if it's a girl?
No. I am sure it will be a boy.
"My drenched body is restless."
"The ambience is changing."
"Like my desires, my love's, thinking about me."
"My drenched body.. "My drenched body is restless."
"The ambience is changing."
"Like my desires, my love's, thinking about me."
"My drenched body is restless."
"Youth is my biggest enemy."
"Wonder its fire or water?"
"Youth is my biggest enemy."
"Wonder its fire or water?"
"The slow sting, the sweet pain."
"It's beyond my tolerance."
"My drenched body.. "My drenched body is restless."
"The ambience is changing."
"Like my desires, my love's, thinking about me."
"My drenched body is restless."
"No restrains or boundaries."
"What if someone sees me?"
"No restrains or boundaries."
"What if someone sees me?"
"My heart's scared."
"It's beating so fast. I am mesmerized."
"My drenched body.. "My drenched body is restless."
"The ambience is changing."
"Like my desires, my love's, thinking about me."
"My drenched body is restless."
"My drenched body is restless."
No dialogue
Zainab! - Mohammad!
Sheikh, Khaleel managed to deceive us again.
Ibrahim and our men are still looking for him.
My wife is struggling between life and death.
She hasn't given birth to my child yet.
And God forbid, if anything happens to anyone of them..
..then I swear upon God who controls life and death.
..I shall follow Khaleel to the end of the world.
Even if he is in his grave I shall dig him out.
By God's grace, your wife is absolutely fine.
Thank God.
Mohammad, I..
I want to talk to you.
Your wife had a miscarriage..
and your child has died.
This is a trial for you.
And also you have to give courage your wife.
That is very important For her health.
And the biggest sorrow is that..
..fate has deprived you two from the joys of a child
..she can never become a mother again.
Mohammad. - Zainab.
They killed my friends. - I know it.
I will always keep them alive.
Yes, Zainab.
They will remain alive.
By God's grace, it will always remain alive.
I will write their name myself in history.
And it will not be written in ink..
..but in Khaleel's blood.
We went to his area And did all this.
He will search us everywhere to take revenge from us.
We must get out of here at the earliest.
There are only two ways to get out of here.
One is a shorter way.
And the other one is quite long.
We will go by the Al Hazar bridge.
That one is really long.
We will go by the Al Hazar bridge.
But Khaleel, that is a very long way.
You fool, Mohammad must have thought we will take short cut.
He will search for us on the same route.
And we will safely cross by the Al Hazar route.
Sheikh, by which route must Khaleel have gone?
Al Hazar or this one?
I think he must have taken this route as it is a short cut.
And he would want to cross the border quickly. - Nasir is right.
No. Khaleel is very Wicked and smart.
He will not go by the Al Thani route.
He will go by the Al Hazar route.
We will catch him before he crosses the bridge. Come on.
Boss, Mohammad and his men are following us.
They are following their death and not Khaleel.
All of you hide in these mountains.
As soon as Mohammad and his companions come..
..shower bullets on them.
And you three, come with me. - Alright.
Now we will watch the death of our enemies from here.
Khaleel, what if they Make it up to here?
Then we will break the bridge and kill Mohammad.
But our companions are on that side. - Let them die.
Those who cannot protect the life of their head..
..deserve to die.
Did you understand? - I understood.
Mohammad is nowhere to be seen.. - Shut up.
Where did he go?
Honestly, after the child grows up..
..then it really becomes very hard for the parents.
I am waiting for him with food. And this fellow is missing.
Naughty boy! You are troubling me?
Wait! Where are you going? I will bash you up.
Dare you touch the child!
Are you saying this?
What made you change so much?
Earlier, you used to hate him.
And now, you are loving him and also siding with him?
But you do not know one Thing. You go and play.
Where are you going? - Abdullah, where are you going?
I need to talk to you. Just sit here.
Abdullah, you live in the middle of a desert.
I roam everywhere and inquire. This child is not a Hindu.
What rubbish are you talking? I am telling the truth.
Abdullah, just as we have a ceremony after birth..
..and just as children are taught holy prayers..
..there is some tradition for Hindu children too.
I have got it written. Just see this.
See what is written. Thread.. ceremony..
Th.. threading.. ceremony..
..Balding.. ceremony!
This is done by a Hindu priest. And unless it is done..
..the child cannot become a Hindu.
If this is true, I have not done my duty yet.
Ahmed, my friend!
Do me a favor.
Go and bring a Hindu priest.
I wish to see this ceremony before my eyes.
I will surely go if you are asking me to.
But see that. It is such a lovely face.
Make him a Muslim.. - Ahmed!
Don't look at me angrily. First feed me. Then I will go.
I will bring the priest.
Don't cry. Don't cry.
Be quiet. Be quiet.
Don't cry. Don't cry.
Did she get hurt? - No.
Thank God.
Naughty boy, you pushed the girl?
Baba, who was the woman who took away the girl?
That was her mother.
Mother? Don't boys have a mother?
Of course they do, son.
Everybody has a mother.
Where is my mother?
Your mother? She died.
Died. That girl's mother was Loving her so much.
Did my mother also love me that much?
Yes, my son. She loved you very much.
Baba, when a mother dies where does she go?
To heaven. - Where is heaven?
Where is heaven?
Come with me.
Look there. That is heaven.
"The Lord's your benefactor."
"The Lord's your benefactor."
"My life, my love is only for you."
"The Lord's your benefactor."
"My life, my love is only for you."
"My eyes gleam when you are happy."
"I laugh when you laugh."
"You have.."
"..filled the void in my life."
"This desert has turned into a flora."
"The Lord's your benefactor."
"My life, my love is only for you."
"You are the reason of my life."
"For me you are after God."
"Abdullah is crazy for you."
"Without you he is no one."
"You have become my fate."
"The Lord's your benefactor."
"My life, my love is only for you."
"You are sweetheart."
"You are my promise, my oath."
"Grow up soon."
"I am not going to live long."
"That is my last desire."
"The Lord's your benefactor."
"The Lord's your benefactor."
"My life, my love is only for you."
"Is only for you."
"Is only for you."
"Is only for you."
Om Namah Shivay!
Om Namah Shivay!
Om Namah Shivay!
Om Namah Shivay!
Greetings Maulavi (Muslim priest)!
I am a Muslim. Can I come inside?
You have already come inside? But I am not a Maulavi.
I am a ' Pundit'. What work do you have?
Why are you crying?
If you have to cry, go and cry in a Mosque.
Why are you crying here? - Maulvi Sir!
I am a Pundit. - Yes, Pundit.
I have a friend who is a Hindu.
He is my best friend.
He got a son after so many visits to various temples.
But look at his destiny. On one side, his son was born..
..while on the other hand, the mother died.
"Oh, Lord."
Now doctors say that the child will not survive.
And my friend is very religious.
He believes a lot in God!
It is his desire that before the child dies..
..the thread..
Thread ceremony?
Yes. That should be done. It will be good if you come.
I will surely come.
I am a servant of the devotees of God.
How far is that village from here?
Not much. It is a day's journey. One has to go on a camel.
On a camel? - You will feel that you are lying on your bed.
When shall we leave?
We can leave in the morning if you agree. - Sure.
Thank you very much.
God, I lied for a good cause.
Please forgive me.
Stop blowing the bugle. Ahmed!
God, save me. Why are you screaming?
You had said that it is a day's journey.
Now 10 days have passed. Why did you lie?
I did not lie to you.
I told you one day and a zero.
That makes it 10 days.
We will reach in another 10-15 years.
We will reach in some time.
Take away all this.
You are a sinner. I will not eat anything out of your hands.
You said it will be a day's journey.
It is 10 days now.
Where do you wish to take me?
Where is the sick boy?
I have never seen a good Muslim lie.
Maulavi Sir.. - Call me Pundit!
Panditji, I lied to you.
I became guilty in the eyes of God and in your eyes.
But God will forgive me because I lied for a good cause.
You too forgive me.
Maulavi Sir. - Pundit!
Yes. Just a little further and you will see my friend.
We will find the boy too, in the middle of the desert.
That is okay. But where is that middle?
Is it in this world or outside, on land or in the sky?
You will come to know that on reaching there. Now eat this.
I will not eat. - Please eat for God's sake.
No. - Then at least eat for your stomach.
I will not eat. - So you won't eat? - No.
I am keeping it here. Eat it if you feel hungry.
Baba, you read your ' Namaz'. Why don't you let me read it?
This is our prayer, my child. Your prayers are different.
Why is it different, Baba?
Because our religions are different.
What is a religion?
The one that shows the path of truth to humans.
What is truth?
Whatever is not a lie or sin? - What is a sin?
Whatever is against the law of God.
But what is law?
Son, even I do not know all that.
I only know that you are a Hindu and I am a Muslim.
Our prayers are different? - Are our Gods different too?
No. God is just one, who made this Universe.
But only the paths to reach Up to him are different.
But why is it so, Baba? - I do not know that.
What are you listening to?
Just see! Old lady..
This Hindu son of a Muslim father will such a good human..
..someday who will break the useless walls of religion and..
..light the lamps of happiness in everyone's heart.
Dear. How long will you keep crying like this?
Forget everything that happened.
How can I forget?
Whenever I see the women with their children..
..it awakens my motherly love.
It reminds me of the child I lost.
I think what sin have I committed..
..that angered Allah and snatched our child..
..and drove our future into darkness.
Nanny, Mohammad's silence..
..his longing for a child..
..and tears in his eyes! I cannot bear to see all that.
I am indeed very unfortunate.
I cannot give the happiness of a child to my husband.
Don't cry, Zainab.
It's not your fault.
Humans will have to bow..
..before His will.
"Lord, I bow before Your every will."
"Lord, I bow before Your every will."
"Your devotee is very helpless before You."
"Lord, I bow before Your every will."
"Your devotee is very helpless before You."
"All my desires never reached You."
"All my desires never reached You."
"My prayers were returned unanswered."
"Maybe the skies are very far from the earth."
"Your devotee is very helpless before You."
"A garden is filled with numerous flowers."
"A garden is filled with numerous flowers."
"So why did you snatch my bundle of joy from me."
"There's no dearth of light, every element if filled with Your radiance."
"Your devotee is very helpless before You."
"Lord, I bow before Your every will."
"Your devotee is very helpless before You."
Punditji, I gave you a lot of trouble.
Please forgive me. I am leaving.
Son, good bye! Abdullah!
Good bye. See you again.
Goodbye. - Goodbye.
I have never see a big liar than him.
Do not get angry, Pundit!
Do not look at the lie, but at the motive behind the lie.
After hearing the entire thing, I am sure you will forgive him.
It was a very dangerous night.
As if disaster struck through the sky.
I wish everyone could do such good deeds as you.
And then, all the anger, hatred, violence etc..
..will automatically disappear from this world.
I have traveled for 10 days in this hot desert.
But even if I travel a 00 days To meet a man like you..
..it is like a pilgrimage for me.
Abdullah, I am very happy to meet you.
Krishna, come here, my child.
Tell me how do you do your prayers?
Oh! I mean how do you pray?
I read this every night before sleeping.
He just heard me and learnt it.
God quickly accepts prayers said with a true heart.
I read this prayer every night before sleeping.
Abdullah, your son is very intelligent.
I think he must learn his prayers now.
Yes. - Come on, say this.
Learn it son. Now on, these are your prayers.
No problem. He will learn it.
It takes time to put him from one mould into another.
Hail Lord.
Panditji, it is time for my Namaz. Excuse me.
Sure. Go ahead.
Hail Lord Vasudev!
Hail Lord Vasudev!
Hail Lord Vasudev!
Hail Lord Vasudev!
Hail Lord Vasudev!
Good you came, Khaleel.
There is a bad news.
Bad news. - Yes.
Your death and ruination will be due to a child.
A child?
Do not laugh. Listen to me.
Thousands of years ago, a Krishna had come..
..who had killed Kans.
And now another Krishna has come with your message of death.
This Krishna is the son of that woman..
..whom you had killed in your attack upon Amir's caravan.
Now he is growing up in Abdullah's house..
..waiting for your death.
Before Krishna becomes my death and comes to kill me..
..I will finish him.
Catch him and bring him to the old fort.
I will sacrifice him and remove his curse over your life.
Come son, let us do the hair cutting ceremony first.
Then we will put you the sacred thread. Come.
Come, sit.
Keep quiet or I will get you shaven up too.
"Oh Lord of the whole Universe."
"Mighty Lord of the whole Universe."
"The agonies of devotees."
"The sorrows of devotees."
"In an instant, you make these go away."
"Oh Lord of the whole Universe."
Priest, this was given by his mother.
An ' Om'!
Son, wear this ' Om' around your neck.
Get up, son.
Touch your father's feet.
May you always prosper and healthy.
Go and play.
Everything went well. - Thank you very much.
Tomorrow I shall take you to the city.
There, I will search for some good Hindu family..
..and ask them to adopt my Krishna..
..and allow this old man to lie at their doorstep.
So that he can remain before my eyes. - Father.
Krishna. - Father.
Father. Father. Father.
Pundit, come with me.
You old man, you are still alive?
I didn't expect you to be alive after so many years.
Who is this?
Your son? - Yes.
Go inside, son. - Catch him.
Father. Father.
Brother, what are you doing?
Allah. Allah. - Father. Father.
What have you done? Why did you kill this innocent being?
Leave my child. - Father.
A Muslim, whose son is a Hindu!
What is his punishment? - Hell.
Shall I kill him? - No.
This is a very easy death.
Think of a way where he will enjoy his pain..
..and we will enjoy the sight.
Go and get nails for his hands.
Leave my Baba.
Leave my Baba.
Krishna! If he has even one Bruise, I will kill you all.
Leave me, you torturers. - Shut up, old man.
I found just one nail. - One is enough.
Think of a way so that he dies and still not get peace.
I will kill him like a dog and bury him with a pig. - No.
Hang him and nail him.
This is a punishment which will not spare him even after death.
The God of Hindus will never accept his soul.
And Allah will shower mayhem over his soul.
And the God of Christians will be furious to see..
..an old fool on the Gallows.
His impure soul will keep wandering till doomsday.
Father. - Bring him here.
Watch your father's plight.
Take him away.
Father. - Take away all useful things.
And put the house on fire.
Take this.
Listen everyone.
He is a Brahmin.
Do not give trouble Him.
Or else, God will be really angry with you.
Let us go from here.
Son, I will surely come to save you one day.
Die slowly after a lot of Pain.
Khaleel, you can go to any corner of the world.
I will follow you.
I will not spare you.
They kidnapped you too? What is your name?
What is this thing?
Is it made of silver? - Give it to me.
No. I will not give it to you. My father has given it to me.
This is my mother's symbol.
Alright. I will steal it on my own.
He is walking into his death on his own.
Come on.
Tell us where is Khaleel.
I do not know.
Leave him. Let me ask him.
You dog! Tell us where is Khaleel.
I am telling you.
Poor Sheikh Mohammad.
He has been getting fooled by me since years.
Now he must be waiting for me over there.
And I..
You have sent your men to mislead Mohammad.
What about them? - They know to protect themselves.
It is okay if they can or they don't. Go.
So, you are eating now?
You father had said, Do not touch this.
Or we all will get ruined.
And your father had also said, he will follow him till the end.
Where is he?
He has not come yet.
If you stare at me like this..
..I will gauge your eyes out with the edge of this dagger.
I know that you are praying to your God for my ruination.
Just as your father prays to Allah! Where is your God?
Where is Abdullah's God?
No one can harm Khaleel.
Come on, fire! Quickly!
Sheikh, we have arrested the rest of Khaleel's men.
But Khaleel is not found yet. - I know.
Spread our men all around. - Okay.
"The Lord's your benefactor."
"My life, my love is only for you."
"My eyes gleam when you are happy."
"I laugh when you laugh."
"You have.."
"..filled the void in my life."
"This desert has turned into a flora."
"The Lord's your benefactor."
"My life, my love is only for you."
"The Lord's your benefactor."
"My life, my love is only for you."
"My life, my love is only for you."
What is this, Salma?
Even you have left me.
One by one, everyone has left me.
Even I am tired of life.
'Take an oath.'
'You will look after him.'
'Take an oath, Baba.'
'Yes, my child.' 'I promise! '
'As long as I live, I will protect your child.'
Friend, give me this piece of Silver.
Take this.
'Allah! '
'Father. Father.'
Khaleel is laughing.
Baba, do not cry. I will help you.
I will save you, Baba.
He was just now calling for his Baba.
He said, Khaleel tortured his Baba.
Search for his Baba in any case.
Did you hear that? Mohammad, he called me a mother.
Mohammad, it will be evening soon.
And even Krishna is tired.
Let us halt here for the night.
Khaleel, since the time Krishna has come in your life..
..you have been facing defeated.
And if you do not kill him soon..
..then defeat and destruction will kill you.
Mohammad is going to halt here for the night.
Alam! - Yes, Boss?
Keep a close watch on Krishna.
Mohammad! - What is the matter?
Krishna is missing! - Where has he gone? - I do not know.
Don't worry. I will search for him.
Let's go.
Sheikh, look.
This is Zainab's shawl. Which she gave Krishna.
He must have gone this way. - Come on.
Sir, Krishna is not here. - Where is Krishna?
Where is he? - I will not tell you.
I know where Krishna is. I know. - Don't tell him.
I Where is Krishna? - Coward! You are after an innocent kid?
If you are man enough, raise Your sword and fight with me.
I am asking you for the last time..
..tell me where is Krishna.
I will never tell you.
Krishna, my child!
Khaleel. Khaleel.
I got ruined because of him.
Now neither your Krishna will remain, nor my ruination.
No, Khaleel. Fear God. Do not be so cruel.
Spare this child. Take my life instead.
Leave this innocent child.
Tie this old man
See your the house for the last time, old man!
Father. Father.
The sheikh has sworn to ruin me.
I will give him a gift he will never forget.
I have heard that he's an admirer of you and your beauty.
I will make you so ugly.
The Sheikh will scream on seeing your face.
Khaleel, it is time for Krishna's sacrifice.
Kill him quickly.
No, you torturers.
You cowards!
You have no courage to face a woman?
Free me. I will cut you into pieces and send you to hell.
This lioness is roaring a lot.
Let me tackle her first.
You talk too much.
Just free me once. I will use the sword equally.
Your wish will never be Fulfilled.
Mohammad will come now and Finish you off.
I don't care.
We have also made arrangements for his death. - Let him come.
Khaleel, the time for the sacrifice is passing quickly.
Kill the child quickly.
Begin! Kill him.
No, Khaleel.
Rascal, let him go.
Finish him.
No, Khaleel.
Father. - Krishna.
You idiots! Where is Khaleel? - Yes, he does.
Thank you.
Do not come forward.
Or I will kill the child.
If Krishna gets even one bruise..
..you will suffer a dreadful death.
I am asking you to wait.
You remained a coward all your life.
At least show some bravery before dying.
Krishna. - Father.
Krishna. - Father.
Baba. Baba.
Father. Father.
I am handing over..
..my Krishna to you.
My child!
Son, you took a lot of trouble.
You searched for me and called me here from India..
..to unite me with my child Krishna.
How can I thank you, son?
No need to thank me, Mother.
Abdullah wished that Krishna must get a good Hindu family.
I consider myself lucky that I could unite you with Krishna.
Son, for me, you are like God.
Come, my child.
She is your grandmother.
Go. - Come, my child!
Krishna, my child!
God bless you.