How to Play Jazz Saxophone : Basic Jazz Terminology

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.09.2007

For Expert Village this is Mitch Kaplan. In this clip we will be talking about terms part
one. For the first term, I figured it will be a fun term and the term is gig, now everybody
wants a gig and that is the job. The next one is chords, when they say, Hey, let’s
play those chords, you know you got to know what you are doing, so we talked about them
in the previous segment. We went through the diatonic scale and how to build the different
chords and what is a chord, but just to remind you, it is basically three or four notes put
together. The next one is progressions. The next progression is the one we talked about
two progressions in this last segment and that was we talked about the two, five, one
and the blues progression. It is just linking two or three chords together to makeup a song,
so here is our two, five, one.