DIY Fashion: OMBRE Gallaxy Shorts!!

Uploaded by HerrTutorial on 21.04.2012

DIY Ombre Make new from old & unique
All you need is: - 1 old jeans - dye salt: purple/navy blue - bucket - scissors - bleacher
Hey guys, today I'm coming to you with an awesome DIY video,
how to make your own ombre shorts.
I thought that because it's becoming warmer and I'm in the mood to create new things,
for example this bracelet, let me know if you wanna have a tutorial,
because it looks awesome!
And what did I want to say?!...
That's the jeans I will be working with.
That's just a usual blue jeans.
And I thought that I can show how it works.
It's superfunny to create own clothes.
So enjoy the video and if you like to want more DIY-videos
give thumbs up, I'm looking forward to your positive feedback.
Maybe I'll do a tutorial about this
and let me know into the comments whether you're lefty or righty,
because my whole family is righty and I'm afraid that I'm half lefty
because I can do many things with the left hands - NOT THESE THINGS =D
like eating and holding fork and knife...
I have no idea, let me know how many lefties or righties I have among my subscribers =)
Let's get the video started and enjoy!
So let's do this, I've left out the step where I decide the length of the jeans.
That's up to you, you can cut the jeans as short as you want.
In the first step we're going to create this used-look.
All I'm doing for this is frazzling the jeans with the scissors
and I'm cutting them with pliers, depending on where you wanna have your cuts
and I'm frazzling the jeans there because I love destroying things.
I don't know why but it makes fun.
Just frazzle it like this but don't make holes of it because we want to keep the structure
and we keep on frazzling =)
It doesn't need to be perfect!
Afterwards your shorts should look this way.
As I said before the length is matter of taste
and we're directly getting to the next step: mixing colors.
And also concerning the colors it's up to you which colors you take.
I've decided for navy blue and purple.
Now I'm going to take 1/4 of the navy blue and 1/3 of the purple dye salt.
Because there should be a color transition and I wanna make the end of the shorts purple
to get a nice galaxy effect.
Everything you should pay attention on is to dip the shorts to 3/4 into the color.
Like coloring hair: The longer you keep the color in the stronger will be the tone.
We're going to keep it into the bucket for 2 minutes and then we're going to add even more color
and take the second quarter of the purple and another third of the navy blue.
After that we're going to put in half of the shorts for about 5 minutes
to get a more intensive color effect =)
Finally we're going to add the rest of the color and mix it
and we're putting the ends of the shorts into the color for 10 minutes to get the strongest effect.
20 minutes air-drying!
After air-drying the shorts they're getting into the washer with the fastest wash cycle.
As soon as they're washed the shorts are getting into the dryer.
And I hope you like the music so far =D
Let's get to the last step, the ombre shorts in galaxy edition,
I'm repeating myself all the time, Sami you're getting on my nervs =D
so we're putting the finishing touches and highlights on the shorts
and we're taking some kitchen roll and bleacher and wetting
to wet it and to make sure that there's a better blending on the upper part of the shorts
and to set the shorts the one or other highlight.
For example where we've teared them a little bit to lighten it up
or to lighten up the blending of the upper part of the shorts
and to get this awesome galaxy effect.
Don't take too much bleacher 'cause the effect shouldn't be too strong.
Now we've finished and I'm so excited *yaay*
Guys this is it with the video and don't ask me why I've worn these glasses =)
Anyway, hope you've enjoyed the video and make your own ombre shorts in galaxy edition.
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