2012 White House Easter Egg Roll: Play with Your Food with Paul Qui

Uploaded by whitehouse on 09.04.2012

Paul Qui: Hi.
So I guess today I'm making a pretty classic Filipino dish,
but it's a little bit of my take on it, it's called Halo-Halo.
And it's, I think, a great way for kids to eat fruits.
And I'm making a healthier version,
so it's a little bit less sweet.
So I get most of my sweetness from the fruits.
So I'm going to start off by shaving some ice.
It's kind of like a snow cone with some fresh fruit on top.
Whoops, it's a little too much ice.
I don't know how to work this ice machine.
I put in a little too much ice at a time.
There we go.
Speaker: It's not seated quite right.
Paul Qui: What?
How much do you put in?
I guess I only put in -- sorry, guys, just a little bit of
technical difficulties.
Speaker: Will it not work without this thing?
Paul Qui: What?
Speaker: Will it not work without this?
Paul Qui: No, I think -- there we go.
All right, there we go.
So -- so you start off with a little bit of ice.
Yeah, sorry.
So the ice machine -- or the ice shaver is not working so well,
so we're just going to crush up some ice.
All right, (indiscernible).
So we're going to crush some ice.
But what I like to do with Halo-Halo is it's usually a
blend of different textures and flavors,
that's why I think it's so -- it was so appealing to me
growing up.
So I'm going to start off with some nonfat,
like fat-free yogurt.
Basically put it down at the bottom of the glass.
All right.
I'm going to give this guy one more shot.
Not working.
Basically the beauty of Halo-Halo is you can mix
anything in it.
Halo-Halo literally means to mix.
So you can pick whatever your favorite cereal is, you know,
whatever -- Rice Krispies, Granola, Corn Flakes.
And you can basically layer your glass like a parfait.
Speaker: Will this work?
Paul Qui: Yeah, that will work.
So basically got some crushed ice,
you're going to top that off with a little bit
of crushed ice.
And then you can pick whatever fruit you guys like, too.
So whatever is in season, blueberries,
blackberries, mangoes.
Since I'm from the Philippines, I like to eat mangoes.
So -- yeah, you guys come up behind here.
So you -- so I'm going to chop up some mango,
throw some mangoes in there.
Throw some blackberries.
A little bit of blueberries.
Actually Richard's carbonated blueberries would be good in
this as well.
You guys okay?
So you guys can use whatever fruit you guys like to eat.
And basically layer it in a glass with some crushed --
some snow cone ice.
And -- oh, that's okay.
You could come up here.
And -- and you top it off with a little bit of some fat-free
evaporated milk, just a little bit.
And I like to put a little bit of coconut milk in it.
And I top it off with some toasted coconuts.
It's so windy.
And I like Rice Krispies, so I'm going to put a little bit of --
I'm going to top it off with some Rice Krispies as well.
So that's pretty much it, just a simple healthy version
of Halo-Halo.
And you can -- again, like Richard said, that these recipes
aren't too specific, if you want it to be a little bit sweeter,
you just add more or less of a sweeter fruit.
And I can hit me up on Twitter and I can send you a more
specific recipe for Halo-Halo.
So thank you so much.
This is really easy.
Again, you guys can just pick whatever fruit,
whatever textures.
Thank you.