Super Gospel - Ministry 4 - 6/15 (Spoken Voice) Passion Week

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PARABLE OF THE WICKED HARVESTERS (Matt 21:33 46; Mark 12:1 12; Luke, 20:9 19;
GTh 65,66) The Temple, Jerusalem
Then he started speaking to the people in parables: "Hear, therefore, this parable:
There was this righteous (and) wealthy landowner, who planted a vineyard, hedged it about, dug
a pit for a winepress, and set up a tower. He then leased it to some tenants and went
away for a certain time. And he sent some of his servants to the groundskeepers during
the season to receive its fruit. And the tenants took his servants and scourged one, killed
another, and stoned yet another one. He sent one servant to those tenants at about the
time of harvest, that they might render some of the fruits of the vineyard to him. But
the tenants took him, beat him almost to death, and sent him away with nothing at all. Then
the servant went and told his lord. His master said, ‘Maybe it was because he did not know
them.’ Then he sent another to them. But they drubbed that one as well, beating him
over the head, treating him with contempt, and sending him away empty-handed. He sent
them yet another one, and they injured this third one also, throwing him out and murdering
him. He again sent more servants--even more than he had before--and they treated them
all the same; some they beat and some they killed. Then the owner of the vineyard said,
‘What am I supposed to do?’ There remained to him a beloved son. ‘I will send my cherished
son to them; perhaps they will esteem my son.’ So he sent him, last of all, saying, ‘Surely
they will humble themselves before my son (and) show him some respect!’ But as soon
as they caught sight of him, those tenants started scheming among themselves, saying,
‘This one is the heir. Come now, we would do well to murder him. That way, we will command
his estate.’ They grabbed him, killed him, and threw him out of the vineyard. So when
at last the owner comes, what will he do to those tenants?" "What a bunch of wicked men!"
they answered him. "He will come and destroy them all, and lease the vineyard out to others--the
kind who will hand the produce up to him when harvest time comes around!" "Anyone with ears
to hear, had better hear!" And when they heard that, the people said,
"May this never come to pass!" Then Jesus looked at them and said, "Have you never read,
‘The stone that the workers cast aside was placed as the cornerstone. This was all the
Lord’s own doing, and yet we look upon it in amazement’? So what is this that has
been written? ‘Show me the stone that the builders rejected; that one is the corner
stone’? And because of this I say to you that the kingdom of God will be taken away
from you and given to the kind who will produce its fruit. The one who stumbles over this
stone will be broken to bits. (Indeed) everyone who falls on that stone will shatter, but
those on whom the stone should fall, them the stone will grind to chaff." And when the
scribes, chief priests, and Pharisees caught these parables, they immediately resumed their
attempt to lay hold of him and take him into custody, since they recognized that he had
spoken this parable against them. Even so, they feared the crowd, for they held him as
a prophet, so they let him be and went away. THE INVITATION TO THE WEDDING FEAST
(Matt 22:1 14) The Temple, Jerusalem
And Jesus answered them again in parables, saying, "The empire of the skies is likened
to a king who was planning a wedding for his son. He sent his servants out to call on those
invited to the marriage feast, but none of them were willing to go. Again he sent out
other servants, saying to them, ‘Say to those who have been called, "Behold, my banquet
is already set--my bullocks and my fatted stock have all been slaughtered--and all of
it is ready now. Come at once to the wedding feast!"’ And the invited all went casually
away, one to his field, another to his trade. As for the others, they seized his servants,
then they beat and murdered them. Now the king was enraged by this, so he sent his soldiers
forth. Then he wiped those killers out and burned down their entire town. Then he said
to his servants, ‘Truly the wedding feast is ready, but those invited were undeserving.
Therefore go to the ends of the streets and invite any and all that you come across to
the wedding feast.’ Then those servants went all through the byways rounding up everyone
that they could find, whether they were good or bad, and the banquet hall was filled with
those seated. "The king then came in to inspect the arrangement.
He saw a man in attendance there who was not dressed in the proper attire. So he confronted
him, ‘My friend, how did you get in here without wedding clothes?’ And the man was
lost for words. The king then commanded his servants, ‘Bind him by his hands and feet
and cast him into the outer darkness; the place where there will be wailing and grinding
of teeth.’ For without question those bidden are many, yet those chosen are few."
GIVE CAESAR WHAT BELONGS TO CAESAR (Matt 22:15; Mark 12:13 17; Luke 20:20 26;
GTh 100; Egtn 3) The Temple, Jerusalem
And the Pharisees went off and discussed how they might entangle him in a remark. And keeping
him under close surveillance, they sent some of the followers of the Pharisees and Herodians,
(as) spies posing as righteous folk, in order to catch him by some statement (or) to lay
hold of something he might say, so as to deliver him up to the governor’s control and jurisdiction.
And they came and put this question to him: "Master Jesus, we know that you come God>, because the things that you do place you above all of the prophets. We know that
you are sincere, that you speak and teach what is right, and that you are swayed by
none, since you show neither respect of persons, nor do you defer to any man. Quite to the
contrary, you teach God’s way in line with truth." And they said, "Caesar’s people
demand that we pay taxes. So tell us what you think. Would it be right or wrong for
us to pay Caesar’s poll tax? Should we have to pay or not?" Jesus, however, sensing their
spite, and marking their cunning, was aware of their hypocrisy. "Why are you putting me
to the test?" he asked them. "You hypocrites! Let me see the coin for the tax. Bring me
a denarius, and let me have a look at it!" So the men brought one up to Jesus (and) handed
it over. Then he asked them, "Whose image is this, and what is inscribed thereon?" The
men answered him, "Caesar’s." Then Jesus said to them, "So give to Caesar what belongs
to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God, and to me, what is mine." And when they heard
that, they were amazed by him (and) his response, (and) they kept silent. So right there in
the sight of all, they failed to take him in his words. So they went away and let him
(Matt 22:23 33; Mark 12:18 27; Luke 20:27 38;
GEb Quote in Clementine Homilies 3.50) The Temple, Jerusalem
And that same day some Sadducees, those who claim that there will be no resurrection,
approached him. And they asked him a question: "Teacher, Moses wrote to us, saying that if
someone’s brother should die having a wife, but no child, (thereby) leaving his wife behind,
and leaving no children, his brother should thenceforth take his wife, (and) through her
he should marry in, causing seed for his brother to proceed from her. Now there were seven
brothers among us, and the first one took a wife and passed away childless. He therefore
left his wife to his brother, neither having (nor) leaving any seed. Then the second took
her to himself, and he also passed away, leaving no seed behind. And the third, all the way
through the seventh, likewise took her. And in like fashion, not even one of the seven
left any children (or) seed behind. So each of them passed on, and afterward, last of
all, the woman also passed away. Now when the resurrection comes and these rise up,
which of the seven will this woman become wife to? Whose wife will she be, since all
seven of them had her as his?" And Jesus answered them, "Aren’t you being misled by this,
having understood neither the Scriptures nor the power of God? You misjudge because you
do not know the precision of the Scriptures. It is because of this that you don’t see
the power of God. How is it that you do not understand that the Scriptures are based on
soundness of reason? It is only the children of this age who wed and are given in marriage.
But as for the ones deemed worthy to achieve that resurrection age, upon rising in the
revival from the dead, they will neither marry nor be given in marriage. You see, it won’t
even be possible for them to die anymore, because they will be celestial--even as the
angels are in heaven--and as the sons of the resurrection, they will therefore be the Sons
of God. Now as for the resurrection of the dead, did you never read the word that God
spoke to you in the book of Moses? Moses, referring to the Lord, pointed out at the
burning bush, that the dead are to be raised again, saying, ‘I am the God of Abraham
and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.’ He is, therefore, not the God of the dead,
but of the living instead, because to Him all are alive. You are being led astray in
a serious way." And the multitudes were moved by his teaching.