European Police State beating up little girls in Estonia, Eesti Politsei

Uploaded by HumanityWins on 20.04.2010

All persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. §22 in the Constitution (Estonian)
The broadcast (read: propaganda) is being produced together with law enforcement agencies.
"The night before Saturday, about 1am, the Police received a tip,
saying that 2 drunken girls are hitch-hiking in the middle of the street."
Police(P) :What's the problem with you?
Girl(G): absolutely nothing !
P2: dude! documents!
P: come here, you!
go to the Police car!
stand up!
G: wait... P: what am i waiting for?
G: (unaudible) G: my clothes are all messed up!
"Why did the girl start to run after seeing a policeman(?) was clear after a bit:
the drunken girl was under-age."
"In the meantime... we were unable to find the guy who ran into the nearby bushes." (LMAO!)
"Sprinter-girl's legal aged friend didn't want to run though." (note how our media gives everyone names)
"But still, she didn't like what the police were doing."
"Firstly because the police were interested in them,
and secondly, because the crimi-News broadcast was there to document all the Police activity(and them)."
P: how old the girl is? (asking in a slang)
Here, check out my docs!
P: ok
News-guy: "so, what happened here with you?"
NO! not the cameras! no no no no ! P: you hearing me? tell him!
what do i have to talk about?
what happened to you in here?
what happened!!?
what exactly had to happen?
ok... but who was hitch-hiking in here?
sit tight in there!
no, i just wanted to ask my friend to sit with me in the car!
ok ok ok... i promise
go sit in this car
omfg, handcuff me while you're at it!
sit into the car
i dont want to!
are you going to or not?
"If you are watching, and wonder why the girls were handcuffed,
it's because of their own and policemen safety."
"For example: if the drunken girls decided to start raving and they should crash because of the girls attacking policemen,
then the public would blame the policemen again."
"Therefore it's standard operating procedure that CITIZENS ARE CUFFED while being transported to the station."
"In the station, the girls were identified (their slave IDs)"
"The under-aged spent the night in the jail to get sober."
"Because the police didnt have any more claims against the legal-aged one,
and alcohol didn't interfere with her sense of reality,
she was let go home."
. . .