Woodsville Interchange Opening Ceremony

Uploaded by LTAsingapore on 29.02.2012

The job has taken us about over four years
and we’ve had a lot of problems along the way, a lot of challenges
to overcome
and it's been a bit of a struggle
I’m absolutely delighted that we finally
got here at the end. It’s been a fantastic
team effort
and with a lot of help from everybody, the
consultants, LTA.
As a Singaporean I am very proud
because we have a new tunnel to avoid congestion that was
previously experienced by most of our motorists
so for today, very proud!
We are very honoured to have Dr Yaacob Ibrahim to grace the event.
It’s not an easy job,it’s an extremely difficult job
so I think the engineers and those working
here are really proud and feel happy that they come here.
and at the time now
Especially during peak hours, there are a lot of very heavy traffic
but by opening this tunnel,
it will ease the congestion,
especially peak periods.
I hope that this tunnel opens it can help us a lot on this
traffic congestions on this area.