Dios salve al rock de estadio // God save arena rock (with english subtitles)

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Are you going to play in Germany?
Yes, so... please fill the tank...
We will be back in 15 days
We are like Héroes del Silencio.
What do you say! Héroes del Silencio...
...got nothing to do besides you.
Actually, we are looking for the Holy Grail.
Really? Well, l believe they sell it over there.
Have you released someting?
We got two records.
lf you are usually around here...
l'm always here.
We rehearse in Rock Palace, very close.
l don't go there very often.
We can come over here any day.
We shall change some records for some gallons of petrol
Tum to left here.
This is the worst part... Ioading...
...and unloading.
How many records are we taking with us? Just two of the old one
That's fine. We may sell them.
Organizing a tour demands a great deal of efforts and sacrifice...
...and also much enthusiasm. Making it work through cooperative networks...
..that are strange to music industry.
Where you don't get practically any profit from it.
Normally what you do is setting it up by yourself...
...when you are a small band.
lt was a bit complicated for all of us...
...due to work. But we decided to try.
Because of my kind of work, l stay longer at home.
So it's easier for me to answer emails and so.
And maybe l am more capable...
...to keep a whole concept in my mind than the other guys in the band.
lt sounds a bit low, doesn't it?
We did it before with Aerobitch, our previous band. We toured Europe and it worked well
But that was six years ago and things are different now
Many of us played in Aerobitch, but that was a long time ago
At that time there was no Emule, or MySpace. And with Aerobitch we got clear that...
...the band was having good response in Germany at an underground level.
Which is something we don't really know with Muletrain.
lt's more like coming over here to see what happens.
Our music involves some sort of ethics, a way of thinking
A punk or a hardcore band, or what that means to me
has some ways of doing things
that also enables people to feel identified with it and feel more close to you.
That is what has made of punk and hardcore a movement
that is not only musical, that is also social
To me it is very important in my daily living
even if l don't have a Mohawk or nothing alike. l don't need it
l don't think this way because l like punk music or l may feel one way or another
lt's just coincidence
What is most complicated is that you must do everything by yourself
l mean, for this tour in Europe we all have put money
l don't give a shit about punk, in a few words...
Obviously, what we do is punk, not only for the music
but also for the way we play and feel it
But the punk movement or whatever it means... Well, l couldn't care less.
What happens is that it falls down.
And because it doesn't look very rock...
...and a bit ridiculous if your guitar slips in the middle of a song.
lt was once a requisite.
When l got into in Aerobitch, l played like a metal guy.
How did you play?
With the guitar over my waist.
Today l'm going to play with the other one.
l don't manage to get the right sound out of this one
lt sound really low.
lt's complicated when you don't get the sound.
This is to impede that it gets loose.
These are two ordinary belts.
The difference between Muletrain and other bands
is that they are more friends than other groups.
With other bands is more like a job.
Whereas here it is different because they are close friends.
And l enjoy it very, vey much, so l do not care
lt's like helping some friends.
The main attraction for me is that you face something unknown.
Look, Tobi has found a photocopy of himself
"Let's get tatttoeed", don't 'ya?
His tatttoes blows your mind, really weird...Do you know about this PEZ shit?
He's got a PEZ sweet selling box with Hitler's head.
lt's because a tatttoo artist goes to his home
and he and his friends let him tattooing whatever. l always say "No, no!"
He gets there, they have dinner and then get some tatttoes.
They tatttoo what they have for dinner!
And where are you from?
We are from Madrid.
What the hell is this?
He put an advertise in a newspaper...
...it was 'looking for a lady more than 60 years old...
...for a porn movie''.
And some ladies sent him their pictures.
And he choose one, one who lives nearby and who works at the priest's home
She was really, really crazy.
l was there when she showed up.
Was she hot?
Very beautiful
After three hours filming, Candini said
''l'm sorry, here you have your money...
...but, l can't keep doing this anymore''
lt was impossible.
And the guy says.. ''Why are you here?''
l tell him that l play in a band. He answers...''What kind of band?''
And you say.. ''Salsa music!''
Rock and roll l say. And the man Iooks really serious
He says.. ''Where are you from?'' l answer.. ''from Madrid''
''You were not born there, were you?'', he says.
''Well, I'm from Canary Islands'', l say. ''From Spain, not Africa''
''And where have you slept?'', he goes
Forrtunately, l had the adress writtten, so l said close here
''And the rest of your band? How many are you''
''And how long are you gonna stay?''
l answer.. ''No, l'm leaving to Stutttgart right now''
And he goes.. ''Have you played here? Where?'''
''l don't remember...''l took the bag... Looking for a flyer of the show...
And the policeman put his hand on his gun
The guy checked that l was saying the truth
He said.. ''Have a nice day''
And l said, "mmh... this is a beautiful city''
He answers, quite cold: ''Yes''
Muletrain is a difficult band to put a label on
They are too hardcore for the rock audience...
...and too rock for the hardcore people.
But they have their vision of music.
And that's what l like.
This is why l think it's an exceptional group.
There will be many girls on the show, you Iook like an ''emo pop'' band on this picture
What does it say?
Muletrain, one of the best and most popular...
...hardcore punk bands from Spain
This kind of agression has not been seen in the last 10 years.
Ten years! l don't know why exactly 10 years!
Muletrain's vision of music means making noise, a big wall of noise
To shock people.
And this is hard to understand the audience is scared, l guess
Which is our style? What kind of music do we play?
l haven't been interested in labels for quite a long time
l'm just interested in what is good and bad as l perceive it.
Servan, leave this one, please.
They have ''Rock and roll part Il'', by Gary Glitter.
And Suzy Quatro!
We have played with some dreadful bands
but it is also fine realizing that we are not just playing with punk...
...or hardcore bands just like us. On many of the tourdates
the bands that we've played with are far away from us.
From a kid playing love songs definitely-not-my-style...
...to a guy making noise with his banjo.
Very good.
You take the Loire Street, then Pompier...
...and then you ask there because it is not complicated.
As l said.. turn to right and straight on.
Sorry, do you know Notre Dame Street?
Ok, thank you...fuck.
Look, Notre Dame, get in here.
Sorry, How do l get to Venice Coffee Street?
Look, Venice Coffee, it is this one.
lt's true, you are a Son of God.
l got 38 degrees fever and l'm just about to shit on my pants.
You must do it because there is people that come to see you
And l respect that a lot.
lf there's only one coming here then deserves you...
...giving him the whole of you.
Basically, because you have to play as well.
lt's nonsense saying.. ''There's only 30 people, this is shit''
Roock.. what a bummer!
But when there's response the dynamic is different.
Far more enticing, perhaps.
My ideal now would be laying in my bed, with my duvet.
l got ''emo-stronteritis''.
Are there many girls? Yeah, many of them.
Fuck, and l'm here with such a famish look.
Above all, l think we are people with our feet on the ground
Which somehow make us nonconformists.
ln this band we have always wanted to overcome ourselves. At all levels
lt's going to happen this way, if we do not fix them.
There will appear front pages all over the place.
But we're not gonna finish it here. And there's plenty of pages.
l'll do it just in a moment, l got nothing better to do.
Well, seeing the landscape.
What l see that in Europe eveything is rather professional.
There are good sound checks and you do them at the right hour.
You work in a professional way even if you are in a small band.
and we are playing in very small places.
ln the sound checks you realize that the guys know well what they are doing.
l think that's the main difference.
As for the audience you find some places where the people is more involved
whereas in others they may be a bit colder.
The same as in Spain.
Listen, above there is a bunch of Rockers that are not gonna leave this place.
Do we play an encore?
Let's go.
Today l feel healthier than a bull.
She really liked to drink.
l think she likes it more than me.
More than what l pleased here.
Does she like drinking more than what she likes you?
No, l think she likes me when l'm drinking.
And, of course, l wanted to be the tough guy...
And you got boozy like a teenager.
''lnstead of one, put two and a sip of the cheapest drink you have''
Today l've spent all the money l've earned during this tour.
lt's not that difficult...
l've spent 35 euros all at once!
But you know, it has been a ''investition''.
An investment!
lt has been an investment in a future project.
These fucking towels are absolutely useless.
This is fucking shit. It's full of shit.
This is really shit!
You can't sleep here.
A prision is luxury compared to this.
l'm going to sleep on the floor.
Fucking Europe. This is shit.
Well, It's not that bad.
No, It's not that bad...
...lt's phat.
You should play until you cannot do it any longer
But a think a common error, and l'm not talking just about Muletrain
Most bands always do encores. You know what l mean.
lft here are encores there are encores.
l don't think it was necessay yesterday to do them.
l think sometimes we take advantage of it in the end.
Because it's very effective to start fooling around...
...when a concert hasn't really succeeded.
Encores are not for that.
Ok. but don't you think we have used them that way or not?
Not always, but l think yesterday people were not really into it
When you do it the way we do, It's vey exhausting.
Because you can´t sleep well any single day.
You accumulate it and you finally arrive worn out.
Should l put the guitar louder?
But my guitar doesn't even sound.
Usually, though we manage to solve problems
our weak side is that we often do not take care enough of the sound.
A band must sound high and powerful.
But in some cases, we get the volume too high in order to solve other problems
And I think it's been a wrong decission.
lt's fun trying new things, but when you play live
it's more exciting to play just three chords and fuck off.
And I think that's where we are good at.
But who the hell cares about being technical.
What we want is to get to something very wild.
lt is difficult reaching that point.
When you play in a small place where you have the audience in front of you is fucking great...
...because the energy rebounds at once.
And it's also where we got things most under control
because it's the league where we've always played.
Sometimes l see that the band turn the volume of the guitars really high...
...to get certain impact.
And then the voice suffers.
Because sometimes you can't turn the amplified voice higher.
Muletrain should put the volume of their guitars less high.
ln the middle of the concert l noticed that l couldn't go on playing my bass.
The day before l had problems with it, but l thought that it was not important,
but l had to change the bass...
And after two songs, one string broke, and then l got really pissed off.
l was angry.
Many times once finished the concert...
...the rest of the guys are very satisfied, but not me.
And the contrary too.
l hear what l hear from my place and depending on this...
...l'm more or less satisfied.
What a fucking shit!
What a mess l've got in!
He says that now they sound like The Who.
The paper! Where did l leave it! Wait...
Never had a paper been so useful.
You all want Coca-Cola?
There's Taboulé. l want Taboulé.
When l feel most uncomfortable, excepting technical things...
...as when the strings break orthe sound is bad,
the worst to me is when you play in front of people...
...that don't give a fucking shit about you.
l do almost always enjoy it, unless you are playing in a very dicey situation.
Or in a place where the audience doesn't care at all about you.
Which has happen to us sometimes.
ln some gig l have just made do.
But for reasons strange to the band.
You are a fabulous audience.
lt smells like shit around this van.
Do you want me to drive the first part?
Or do you prefer that l do the second one?
Let me get out of here.
Did theguy say thatthere are nogas stations here?
He didn't say anything.
lvar! He's standing outside.
We should control our farts today. The van smells so bad.
Each of us got really different personalities, that's obvious.
But l don't know if by being together for so many years...
...and playing almost the same thing.
Yes, l think we got things in common in our character.
We all got a similar sense of humour.
Who wants to change his place?
lf you shoot my dick l'm gonna stick the camera up your ass
l'm gonna need another glass.
The piss smells!
Where do you have them? Fuck...
l've pissed a gallon!
My first memory of Mario is meeting him in ''El Guettto'', a bar in Chueca
He was head shaven with a fringe over his face, like The Misfits.
He wore NOFX bermudas. He was kind of skater.
Nacho joined Aerobitch at an early stage of the band...
...when we were left without bass player and drummer.
Laura and l were both, wondering what to do
and we thought he was a willing guy.
He had not played bass in his whole life.
We met Ivar when Aerobitch decided to introduce a second guitar.
l perfectly remember the day when he came to try for Aerobitch.
He wore long hair, he put on his guitar,
and he had it just on his chest.
And we said.. ''you should wear the guitar lower'',
before we even had listened him play.
lt was great fun
The first time l saw Nachete l thought..
''this guy plays with the bass at his fucking feet.''
After looking for a drummer, of all who turned up...
...in the last days ofAerobitch and Muletrain.
We found Servan, who gave us a perfect balance as a band.
Servan's first gig with Muletrain
l knew about Aerobitch and so
but they made me prove twice to let me in.
As if I was joining King Crimson! Two tests!
l can't imagine myself still playing...
...in a band like this for many years more.
Just as l can't either see me wearing butttons with sloogans.
There are periods in your life where it can get hard to go out and play.
l've had times when l was going through bad moments...
...and playing was close to a torture.
But you look at it with perspective and think..
if l leave now l'm gonna regret it for many years.
And you do the effort.