Jaan Hatheli Pe

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You have to come to meet our boss!
You are very brave, simply superb! What is your name?
My name is Soni Kapoor.
- Can you drop me? - Please sit.
Soni, I can never forget the favor you have done on me today.
Keep this, don't think I am repaying you for the favor. . .
accept it as a token of gratitude from me.
Gratitude is fine but, Mr. Shenoy, this is. . .
I am giving you because I am happy, take it.
No Mr. Shenoy, today I'll take it to make you happy. . . .
but tomorrow, my conscience will die.
- Why? - Whatever I have done. . .
I have not done to get a reward or your gratitude.
Mr. Shenoy, I saw you in trouble so I thought of helping you. . .
and I did, tomorrow if the need arises. . .
then I may start evaluating my duty as a human, against wealth.
And perhaps, I may become a rich man earning this money.
But then I will fall in my own eyes.
So, I don't wish to get lower than what I am today.
May God grant you a very long life for saving my life.
But son, do give me a chance in your life, to fulfill my duties.
Whenever you need something in life, then. . .
Sure, I will let you know.
Vikram, is that you?
You know that Peter is shot?
Yes and I was almost kidnaped.
What are you saying Mr. Shenoy? Who can do this?
You are asking me?
- You should know. - But nobody knows about your visit, Mr Shenoy.
Someone has definitely betrayed me!
The men who assaulted me were Rocky's men.
How come you still alive?
It's not my fault, I did. . .
''The one I have given my heart to. . .
the one I loved''
''He never reached in time when he promised''
''How long should I wait for him?''
''If you call out to me then how can I stop myself''
''Your lover can risk his life for your sake''
''Days pass by. . .
my heart's desires are unfulfilled. . .
I hope my dream is not shattered, I don't separate from you''
''If you call out to me then how can I stop myself''
''Your lover can risk his life for your sake''
''Every moment, a thought nags my mind''
''Someone may snatch you away from me''
''If anyone dares to even look at you. . .
if anyone snatches you away, I shall wipe out that person''
''Your claims and promises are false''
''Let a stranger even try touching you''
''Your lover can risk his life for your sake''
I've told you several times, don't try to obstruct my path.
It's not me Mona, it's my heart that stops you.
Then go and get yourself cured for your sickness!
Only you can cure my sickness, darling.
How much does Mona's father owe us?
Seven hundred thousand, sir.
Welcome, Mr. Rocky.
Shivraj Singh, I have got a good news for you.
I am going to marry your daughter, Mona.
But, Mona loves someone else.
Rocky has given my papa 3 days.
If his money is not returned by Sunday. . .
then he will auction everything that belongs to us.
And the only chance to escape that is to get married to him.
And, I have decided.
No Mona, do you know what you are saying? - Yes!
Nobody, no Rocky has the capacity to take you away from me!
You belong only to me, nobody can take you away from me!
If someone tries to snatch you away from me. . .
then I will burn down this entire world !
- Seven hundred thousand rupees? - Yes!
It's not such a big amount. . . but, it is a fat sum!
- What will you have? - Nothing.
It's not a big amount because, my company is much bigger. . .
and it's quite a fat sum because, you don't work for my company.
Sir, I am ready to work for you.
I am happy, since the time I've seen your bravery and courage. . .
I've been thinking that you can be of great use to my company.
Tell me what I have to do?
I have a huge business in Canada called United Shipping Corporation.
But that is a pretense.
Because, more than that, my main business is. . .smuggling.
The name of my organization is Cosmos. . .
and very soon we are opening a branch in India, in this region. . .
and you will be apt. . . - Sorry, sir. . .
I am not ready to do this work.
Soni, I may empathize with you a lot. . .
but to sanction an amount of seven hundred thousand for you. . .
that too, unconditionally, is not within my means.
I understand, sir.
Whenever you agree to work with me, you are free to join. . .
my doors will always be open for you.
Have you taken the decision?
Soni, the one who always walked on the path of honesty and hard work. . .
will resort to illegal means now?
Who are you to ask me that?
Why, didn't you recognize me?
I am your conscience.
You heard my voice and refused Shenoy.
I did ! But this is the matter of Mona's life.
For her, I can sell you too!
For whom you are ready to sell me, if she learns about your sins. . .
what will you answer her?
Mona will never know, I will never let her know!
- Will you lie to her? - Yes, I will !
What can you sow or reap with the seeds of dishonesty and deceit?
- Don't you know? - I don't wish to know or hear anything !
Come in, Mr. Chauhan. Papa, this is Mr. Chauhan.
And Mr. Chauhan, this is Mr. Singh, my would be father in law.
Why are you standing, please sit.
Now you also sign here.
Child, think about it once again.
- Papa, there is no other alternative. - Wait, Mona !
Here is your money!
Move this away! . . . Mona darling, sign the register.
- I will not! - Rocky, you have got your money. . .
pick it up and get out from here!
Pick it!
Gentlemen, meet our new companion.
He saved my life from Rocky's men.
Soni, he is Mr. Swamy.
Well done, Mr. Soni, Mr. Shenoy was praising you a lot.
I think we should talk about work now.
As per our information, 15 miles away from the shore. . .
on these islands. . .
we will get the delivery of diamonds on this place.
Rocky will come with the diamonds from this way, through this river.
Can you tell us when Rocky where reach with the diamonds?
From the bank quarters to his Chinchli hideout.
Sir, against any expectations of attack. . .
if Rocky reaches his hideout, he will be more confident. . .
and the enemy should be attacked when he expects it the least.
Mr. Shenoy, what Mr. Soni is saying is just a thought.
Implementing this thought would be utter stupidity!
Entering a lion's lair and provoking him would be foolishness!
I cannot risk the lives of my men.
There is no need to risk anyone's life, Mr. Vikram.
I was talking about going alone.
Mr. Soni, is this an attack on the enemy or an attempt to suicide?
Unfruitful attempt is called suicide, Mr. Kantawall.
And a fruitful attempt is called success.
I have joined you all with the thought that my life is at stake.
And when a man nurses such thoughts, success is at his feet!
In his new passion for work, Mr. Soni is forgetting. . .
that his unsuccessful attempt will take his life. . .
but, we will lose diamonds worth 20 millions too.
Besides that, we will even be humiliated in front of Rocky.
As of now, we don't have much time. . .
nor any suggestion better than Soni's.
It is better to do something than nothing at all.
That is why, I would like to hand over this task to Soni.
Does anyone have an objection?
Give him.
- You?? ! - Why, Mr. Rocky, your eyes have opened now?
Don't think I am Vikram, my name is Soni Kapoor!
Whoever you are, how did you come in?
Very good ! You managed to come in. . .
but, how will you go out alive?
Like this.
You have really chosen a lovely burial site for yourself.
You've made complete arrangements for your final rites.
Only time will say whose final rites will be performed here.
The one who stays alive will go out now.
Mr. Batra, why have you called for an emergency meeting today?
Soni, are you going personally to take the delivery of the goods?
I had made it clear in the last meeting itself.
Soni, the position you are in today. . .
you should not involve yourself in these risky tasks.
Thank you for your concern.
But gentlemen, after Mr. Shenoy's death. . .
you'll have chosen me as your Chairman.
And the reason was my success in every operation.
The key to my success was that I used to device my own plan. . .
and implement them and if someone works on my scheme. . .
I didn't approve of it then and I don't like it now.
No Soni, it's not like that.
Neither we suspect you nor do we object what you do.
He was just worried about you.
You can do as you please.
He is not willing to leave his position !
You are sitting sad as if I am going for 2 years and not 2 days.
Hey, come close.
Come close.
While driving, you are eyes are supposed to be on the road.
And where should my heart be?
- It is not a big loss. - It's not a big loss?
Why don't you bang once more?
It was my fault, brother, I can pay for it.
If you have called me brother then what fault are you talking about?
As far as apologies go, I am much younger than you.
I am Soni Kapoor.
Actually our custom says that we should hug each other.
But no problem, our cars have hug each other.
This is my card.
Are you the same Soni Kapoor who has given. . .
1 million for Prime Minister's Relief Fund?
Yes, one has to make such small charities.
Oh my, I am late, I have to go.
Listen, do send your car repair bill to my office.
Forget about the bill, talk about feelings. . .
if my heart breaks, nobody can repair it.
Because, my Gita will not spare me alive!
''I am a girl. . .
of the modern times''
''This is my age to fulfill my dreams''
''The age of singing, dancing and enjoying life''
''I do what my heart pleases''
''I would like to fill the colors of joy in my life''
''Whatever the world may say. . .
I am not afraid of anyone''
''I have never accepted defeat''
''The youth which is defeated is not worth living''
''There are new dreams in my eyes''
''There are new desires in my heart''
''What I think, what I want. . .
nobody else besides me knows that''
''There is a zest in my heart''
''This life is simply beautiful''
Who are you?. . . I asked who are you?
Tell me or I will. . .
- What are you doing? - It's you??
Wow! You have lot of guts? Seeing a man with you in the closed room. . .
you didn't get scared? But, why do you need this?
I am an adult, I see adult movies.
- You go to that toilet. - Why should I go there?
- I don't have to go there. - Please Ram, for my sake.
Let me change, alright, you look that side and stand.
I am a girl of the modern times.
Don't you think the thought of a modern girl should be free?
The thoughts should be free, not my body!
- Go I say! - This is not fair.
- Why were you late? - I met with an accident.
- Did you kill someone? - I killed, I was almost killed myself.
But God said that I have come before time. . .
and I should go back to my Gita, I was about to come back when. . .
God called me back. - God called you back?
Yes, he said go down quickly and get married to your Gita !
What is your name?
- What? - Lalu Lal Lovely.
Okay. . . Mr. Swamy has written that you make good North Indian food.
Enough. . .We eat spicy food.
I can make very spicy food that will make you sweat!
- Can you make savories? - I am a specialist at that.
I make it so tangy that you cannot forget the taste for days.
Alright, I will be back in one hour. . .
make ' aloo mutter' but, it should be tangy.
- Should I add tamarind or lime? - Both.
Both?. . .I think something is wrong here.
Damyantiji, this is Soni Kapoor speaking. . .
has Mona come there? - Yes, she is here.
- It's your husband. - Is she alright?
He's asking about your health. How can she be fine?
First, you men create problems. . .
and then innocently you ask, what happened?
What is the problem, please tell me soon, I am worried !
There is nothing to worry about.
There's a good news, you're going to be a daddy.
What have I done? It is your joint effort.
- Will you listen to me? - Tell me when I've not listened to you?
I know you don't believe but, I had asked Sai Baba for a boon.
That, the day I hear this good news, I'd go to Shirdi and seek blessings.
We will surely go there.
''Om Sai, Shri Sai, Jai Sai, Shri Sai''
''Sai Ram''
''Whoever chants the name of Sai Ram. . .
is relieved of all troubles''
''He is the one who uplifts us from the world of agony. . .
and soothes us of our eternal sins''
''Anyone who come to Your refuge with a desire in his heart. . .
their wishes are fulfilled without asking''
''Sai helps everyone in need''
''He showers everyone with peace, joy and wealth''
''Shirdi is our pilgrimage''
''We are Sai's devotees''
''Sai Baba is an incarnation of God on this earth''
''When His hand is on our head''
''We need not fear any calamity''
The brake has failed !
''Chant the name of Sai for He is Vishnu, He is Shiv Shankar''
''The ones who have faith in Him, Baba is with them every moment''
''He protects us every minute''
How is Mona, doctor?
There is no internal injury.
Perhaps, it could have been an abortion.
And then she would never be able to conceive again.
I have put her under sedation, after a good night sleep. . .
she will be alright.
Mona, I will not let anything happen to you !
I will give up everything, I know because of my sins. . .
all this has happened.
Nothing will happen to you Mona, I will leave everything.
You want to leave the organization?
- But why? - This is my personal matter.
I want to leave this city, be away from underworld activities. . .
and lead a very simple, domesticated life.
Soni, you are aware of law used in the underworld.
There are many paths which lead to this world. . .
but, there is no exit.
I know but, this is my request to you all.
If you let me go. . .
then your this favor can grant me a new life.
I empathize with Soni.
The laws of underworld are made by us. . .
and if need be, we can change them too.
If Soni is not interested in business then he's of no use to us.
I suggest, we should give him the permission to leave Cosmos.
But what about the operation in which Lee is getting the diamonds?
He does not deal with anyone else besides Soni.
Soni can leave Cosmos after he finishes this operation.
I agree.
Sir, the big boss has called you.
You go, I am coming.
Daddy, one machine is not working, we have to make a complain for that.
No problem, I will do that, Gita had called up.
She was saying that Gyanchand has suddenly fallen ill.
He has been admitted in St. George hospital.
For his kidney trouble? - Yes
Aren't you ashamed, you are a doctor yourself. . .
and every third month you get hospitalized with kidney trouble.
Tell me son, am I wrong if I stop him from drinking?
- Alcohol is bad for health. - But, he never listens. . .
Stop there! Alcohol ruins the liver, not the kidney.
- Right, Ram? - Yes, that's what I've heard.
Be it kidney or liver, consuming alcohol is right?
It's not good to have more but. . .
Look at yourself in the mirror, doctor. . .
how you looked two years back and since you've started drinking. . .
you have become half your size!
In that case mummy, let daddy drink for a few years more.
- What? - If he reduces further, he'll look smart and handsome.
- Thanks, child. - It this was true, even I'd start drinking.
- How are you Gyanchand? - Hello, uncle.
Sit. . .I've told you not to behave naughty at your age.
- Someone should control you. - The day Gita goes to your house. . .
that day, I will gift my vice to Ram, in Gita's dowry.
Sorry uncle, I am against dowry.
Okay brother, now you fix the wedding date.
- You can ask Ram. - When have I refused?
If Gita is ready to get married then even I am ready.
Whoever is staying here tonight can fill a form at the reception.
- I'll go and fill it. - No, I will stay here tonight.
Come on !
- What happened? - It's the song ! - Hey! Turn down the volume!
Stop the vehicle!
- Stop! - Chief, look! - I say stop the bus!
- Hello, sir. - Stop!
Chief, don't stop, we are drinking alcohol.
Alright, I won't stop!
- Stop! - Get away!
They are far behind.
Speaking or sleeping?
Rise and shine, my friend, it's morning. . .
an early bird catches the worm.
I have got a news for you that you're sure to get a promotion.
Tell me quickly, don't spoil my sleep.
Here I am changing your life and you are talking about sleep?
How come you're talking about such things in the middle of the night?
I heard gun shots of the police, I saw a man trying to escape. . .
one man enters the bathroom and when he comes out, he is different.
- Who was it? - Now you are wide and awake?
If you want to know more, come to St. George hospital now.
Sir, we are not concerned about the car, it was stolen.
I hope it won't be very cold there.
It's time for the flight and will take 25 minutes to reach the airport.
- So hurry up. - I'll be there in 5 minutes.
Did you leave your fingerprints in the car?
You think I can leave my fingerprints there?
How come they are here?
Let me go and check.
Stop them down, I'll join you.
Other than Mr. & Mrs. Kapoor, there are 6 servants in the house.
Out of them, 2 are here and the other 4 have not yet come.
- What is the matter, Swamy? - Sir, this is CID Inspector Khan.
We have come to check your house.
What is happening here?
Nothing, the inspector has a doubt, he wants to check our house.
Give him the key of our suitcase.
Open the suitcase.
Excuse me madam, your purse and umbrella. . .
Sure. . .you can check it.
Inspector Kadam, check Mr. Kapoor.
Please come.
We have to check you too.
We didn't find anything, sir.
Sir, nothing was found.
I was sure, you unnecessarily wasted my time.
I wonder if I can catch my flight.
Can we leave now?
Swamy, take these keys.
Show him our rooms, let him check the house properly.
Keep the bags in the car. - Yes, sir.
Let's go.
Your umbrella.
Now we'll miss our flight.
May I check your umbrella?
I will surely show you my umbrella.
Here! . . .This is how it is!
- Now tell me? - How did the diamonds come out of an umbrella?
There is no need to do this acting.
Mrs. Kapoor, you know how your husband got these diamonds.
Darling, he is levying a false accusation !
Someone has conspired against me, could be one of my enemies.
I will talk to Commissioner Damle.
Whatever you have to do or say to justify yourself, do it later.
Now, I arrest both of you on the charges of smuggling.
Inspector, handcuff them!
Don't worry darling, didn't you see how soon they let us go.
The case is false, it will end in the first hearing.
- Excuse me, sir. - You sit in the car, darling.
We have won the case before it can begin.
The police has only one eye witness.
- Who is he? - An owner of some Excel Garment factory. . .
Ram Kumar Verma.
You have heard my story.
I started smuggling for Mona's sake. . .
and today, for her sake, I want to give up this evil work.
If you say in the court that the man you saw in the hospital. . .
that night was someone else and not me then. . .
So you are asking me to lie?
Ram, with your this one lie, me, my wife, my would child. . .
can come out of this world of crime.
And a lie which can change someone's life. . .
which can change someone's deeds, is not a lie. . .
it is a good deed.
I need some time to think.
Sure, why not.
I am sure, your decision will be in my favor.
You are very naive, Ram. All this is a mere drama.
We police come across such criminals on daily basis.
If he regrets his deeds then why can't he go through a trial?
Shouldn't he be punished for the crimes he's committed so far?
He'll be punished for one crime, let him go through and leave this line.
He is not refusing the punishment. . .
he fears that if his crime is proved. . .
then he will fall from his wife's eyes forever.
I found the diamonds in her umbrella !
Uncle, I am very sure. . .
Soni and his wife are hand in glove in this smuggling operation.
This decency is a mere pretense!
It's just a facade to pull wool over the eyes of the law.
I cannot understand, the way he was talking. . .
I felt that he was genuine. He was speaking the truth.
Son, the man who is asking you to lie. . .
how honest he must be, you can think for yourself.
And Ram, he has not signed a stamp paper and given a guarantee. . .
that he will never do smuggling or break the law?
This profession is like a tiger tasting blood.
Inspite of being punished, such men never reform.
Why are you getting involved in this mess, son?
It is the job of the law to find out the truth.
You just say what you have seen.
Mr. Soni, I have thought a lot.
I will not be able to lie.
I suggest we should bump him off!
I also feel the same.
The one who testifies against Cosmos has no right to live!
- We should not kill him. - Why not?
Because, if he dies or we kill him. . .
then the statement he has given to the police. . .
will be proven true in the court.
And you all know, that statement is against Soni.
We have to keep him alive.
And we have to look for some way. . .
by which he changes his statement in the court.
Who are you all and why do you want to kill me?
Mr. Ram, this is Soni Kapoor. . .
to kill you, one bullet would have been enough. . .
but, you have been kept alive so that. . .
you give a statement in the court that,. . .
the man you saw in the hospital was not me but, someone else.
To speak this lie, we will give you five hundred thousand rupees.
Remember one thing, if you speak the truth. . .
the next bullet will pass through your head, not above your head !
I will speak the truth and nothing but the truth.
Mr. Verma, the man standing in front of you in the box. . .
do you know him?
No, I don't know him.
Mr. Ram, the man you identified in the identification parade. . .
was Mr. Soni Kapoor. . .
and yet you say that you don't know him?
Yes, I am saying the truth, I don't know him.
Mr. Ram, you are lying.
The police records has your statement. . .
with your signature that, you identified Mr. Soni Kapoor.
Yes, I have met him but, I don't know him.
And meeting someone is not knowing someone.
Everyone knows who Mr. Soni Kapoor is, your honor. . .
that, he is a rich and a respectable man.
But nobody knows how many faces are hidden behind this face.
Sir, I know that the people who break the law. . .
are very fearless and powerful. . .
that here, where I am under the scrutiny of police. . .
can shoot me right here too.
But yet, I will not fear in saying that. . .
Soni Kapoor is the man whom I saw on the night of 9th November. . .
coming out from St. George's hospital.
He is the man who tried to threaten me and have be killed.
It was his voice in the tape which threatened me.
His men bribed me a huge amount so that I can change my statement.
I hand over this bag to the court.
I'll just be back.
So Mr. Righteous, are you feeling good now?
Now you will know what price you have to pay for this truth.
I don't fear that.
Forget you, your soul will also shiver with what's going to happen !
I will make your life miserable, I promise you that!
This mean whatever I did, was right.
The walls of the jail will break the pride of a vain man like you.
You should be punished.
That we will see later how the court punishes me. . .
but you will surely get punished and I will see to it!
I was not getting sleep, I am very worried about Mona.
Soni, the matter is such.
After Ram's statement, even Mona cannot be proven innocent.
Then I have made a decision. . .
I will confess my crime. . .
and I will say that Mona is not involved in this diamond smuggling.
This will be your second mistake.
What guarantee do you have that after your confession. . .
the judge will acquit Mona?
After confession, you cannot make an appeal in the court.
Whatever punishment will be announced. . .
you both will have to endure it.
And the biggest thing is that even Mona will come to know. . .
you do smuggling under the pretext of shipping.
And you will fall in her eyes forever.
I suggest, let the case go on the way it is going.
After the judgment, you can make an appeal in the High Court.
Meanwhile, I will get you both out on bail.
Who knows how many years this case will drag.
Mona will never know that you are a smuggler.
And crime is your profession.
Under the Customs Act, Section 12 9. . .
and IPC Section 332 and 353. . .
the court announces a 5 year imprisonment on Mr. Soni Kapoor.
On the charges of abetting the crime of diamond smuggling. . .
the accused, Mrs. Mona Kapoor. . .
is being announced an imprisonment of 6 months.
We have the permission to make an appeal in the High Court.
- Does that mean we will be bailed? - Only you will be.
Mona has refused to sign on the appeal papers.
- Why? - I want to go through this punishment.
- Why? We are not guilty. - You are not guilty?
Haven't you broken the law?
- Haven't you smuggled the diamonds? - You have gone crazy.
You don't trust me anymore?
I do. . . keep your hand on my head and say that it is a false case.
I know you cannot touch me and speak a lie.
I knew it Soni that you will not be able to atone for this.
That is why, I have decided that I will atone.
- I will stay here. - What do you want to be punished for?
You have not committed a crime, you are innocent.
I am your wife, it is my duty to share your joys and sorrows.
But why punish our baby and give him birth in the jail?
The baby and I will keep reminding you. . .
where you are treading and where you are supposed to tread.
Mona please, listen to me.
Ram is the one who has separated me from you.
''I have given away. . .
I have given away my heart and soul to him. . .
I have lost all my senses to him''
''Since the time I've seen her, I worship the ground she walks on''
''My beloved has come into my life. . .
with a spring of joy''
''I feel like an angel of mercy has come down on earth. . .
and is showering his love upon me''
''I have entrusted my life in his dreams''
''Since the time I have seen him, I worship the ground he walks on''
''I can forsake this whole world at your one glance''
''How can death kill the one who is dead with the beloved's gaze''
''I am ready to die any moment''
What are you saying? The door of the factory is open?
Who are you speaking?
- Whose call was it? - I don't know but. . .
he said that the factory gate is open and the watchman is not around.
- Something seems wrong. - Soni has been released today.
I will come along with you.
You go that side.
- Is the phone ringing? - No mother, I think the line is dead.
I am feeling nervous, what could they be doing in the factory?
I will go and check at the factory.
Hey! Why is the police here?
- Mother, I hope. . . - Gita, where are daddy and brother?
Don't get scared, child, why do you go and ask them?
Brother Abdul, where are you all?
Is everything alright?. . . Mother, everything is fine.
If everything is fine then why is the police here?
Brother, why is there police outside the house?
What happened, tell me, child?
Mother, someone blew our factory with a dynamite!
- Oh God ! Who did it? - We don't know.
Brother. . . !
Sudha, take daddy to the bedroom.
How did all this happen?
Gita, if Abdul would have not been with us today. . .
then you wouldn't even find our dead bodies.
Brother, when you know that Soni has blown off our factory. . .
then why not arrest him? - It's not so simple, Sudha.
The law needs evidence.
I don't understand what kind of evidence are you looking for?
When he'll lay the dynamite if front of your eyes, then you'll nab him?
Uncle, even if we arrest him on suspicion, how will it help?
You know that he is an influential man.
He'll use his contacts and be out in a day or two.
Coming Ram, okay uncle, we are going.
- Where are you going? - To claim the insurance.
Can't you do the insurance work later?
Of course it can be done later. . .what happened?
Nothing, he's not too well.
He has been awake the whole night, let him rest today.
Never mind, we can go tomorrow.
Gita, the sooner this is done, the better it is.
- Daddy will be consoled. - I am feeling very restless.
Don't be afraid, the police force is with me.
Don't worry, if anything happens, it will happen to me first.
Who is shooting outside?
Brother has been shot, daddy!
He has been shot?. . .Where?
The wound is not deep.
The bullet just scrapped his arm.
It scrapped his arm, what if it would have gone through his heart?
Father, please don't cry.
What is all this happening?
Last night he was saved from the jaws of death. . .
and now this?
Daddy, please save brother.
Father, why don't we go far away from this place?
Are you mad? Where can we go?
We have our house, business, friends here.
We don't need anything, we need you alive!
She's right, I cannot risk my son's life at this age!
We will go far away from here.
- Where will we go? - I don't know but, we'll not stay here.
Gita, make arrangements to leave. Pack our bags!
If we are alive then we shall meet again.
Brother, once you leave this place then there is no danger.
Nobody will know you are in Jamnagar at my friend's place.
Don't cry my child, everything will be alright.
God bless you, child.
Ram, Soni's men are watching this house 24 hours. . .
if they come to know that you are leaving this town. . .
then they will follow you.
Therefore to deceive them, I have got my four personnel.
They will stay here in your place.
And you'll wear the police uniform and come with me in a police van.
Your bags have already reached there.
Please wear this uniform quickly. All of you.
- Speak softly. - Sir, Maharaj Swamy has come.
Who is Maharaj Swamy?
You must have got a good news early in the morning.
- Sir, the news is bad. - What happened now?
Last night, Inspector Abdul, helped Ram and his family. . .
to escape in the guise of police.
And you kept watching? You have hired such useless men !
Three times they have failed in their task!
If Kantawalla and the law would have not tied my hands. . .
then I would have seen how Ram would have escaped.
Where can he go? I have laid a snare in the radius of 400 miles.
I've made arrangements that Ram's photo should reach our men.
- What is your name? - Hanuman Singh.
Are you Mr. Chaudhary's driver?
No sir, I am Mr. Chaudhary's bodyguard.
Let's go there.
- What will you have? - Tea.
We have to spend the night here, if we find a motel here. . .
- I'll check out. - I think we should inform Abdul. . .
where we are and how we are doing.
Inform Mr. Chaudhary too, he must be worried why you haven't reached.
I'll have the tea and call up.
- Aren't you feeling sleepy? - No.
Are you feeling sleepy?
It's such a beautiful full moon night.
''Don't touch me''
''Let me touch you''
''Let me go. Why should I?''
''I am afraid Don't be so''
''My body feels it is melting Then let it feel''
''My heart feels restless Then let it feel''
''It is middle of the night and the moon is shining bright''
''Why are the desires of my heart unfulfilled''
''There is music in my every pore''
''Even I have no control over my heart''
''Then come here I will not''
''We have got these few moments, let us love to our heart's desire''
''Who has seen tomorrow, let us love each other today''
''The world is snug and sleeping but the night is awake. . .
if it sees us, it will tell the whole world''
''Come close. Do not harass me''
- What happened? - Wake up.
- What happened to him? - Nothing happened.
Hanuman, get a doctor quickly.
Gita, what happened, child?
Father, Soni's men have found us here too.
- Oh God ! - Say something, brother.
Open your eyes son, please say something.
Father, if you break down like this then who will support us?
Please come, doctor.
Please move the sheet.
Please save my husband's life, doctor.
How did this happen?
Some people are after my son's life, doctor.
This is a bullet injury.
Have you informed the police?
- No. - I am sorry, I cannot take this case.
Please don't leave us like this.
I have only one son, please save him.
In the process of saving his life, I will fall in trouble!
Don't you know the law of our country?
If I start treating him without filing a police report. . .
then I will not be able to practice all my life!
Doctor, we will file a report in the police.
- You start the treatment. - First you file a police report.
That will take some time doctor, his life is in danger. . .
look, how much blood he has lost.
I understand but, I am helpless. I cannot break the law.
Trust me, my son is not a criminal.
You also try to understand my position. . .
- Child. . . ! - Father, please don't say a word.
Doctor, it's a question of my husband's life. . .
you will have to treat him.
- Have you gone mad? - Yes, I have gone mad !
Doctor, if something happens to him without your treatment. . .
then I swear it, two more lives will be lost. . .
one will be yours and other will be mine.
So tell me doctor, what have you decided?
Alright, I will treat your husband.
- When will he wake up? - It will take around 8- 10 hours.
In absence of anesthesia, I had to give him strong sedatives.
You have done a great favor on us.
I may have done a crime in the eyes of law by doing this operation. . .
but, if I would not do this operation. . .
then I would be a criminal in the eyes of humanity. . .
- Is there any danger? - Take good care till morning.
Leave the rest to God, and if his pulse goes weak. . .
then let me know immediately, I am hoping everything should be fine.
I'll send some tablet with him, if the patient is in pain. . .
then give it to him.
Thank you very much, doctor.
Sir, I will go and drop him, lock the door from inside.
Gita, Sudha, you both go and sleep.
- I'll sit with Ram. - No, father, you both sleep.
I'll sit here.
- What noise was that, daddy? - I think something broke.
I'll go and check.
Father. . . ! !
What happened father, who did this?
- Tell me, father? - Go. . . .save Ram's life!
Sudha, take care of him, I'll be right back.
I am glad that you have come.
I am fine. . . Gita.
Silly girl, why are you crying?
Gita, where is daddy?
You both. . . .
Where is daddy. . .Abdul?
Ram, uncle is no more amongst us.
- What are you saying? - Yes.
What happened to him?
- Where is daddy? - In the hall.
I swear upon you, daddy. . .
now your son will not run any more.
Soni, now I will not let you sleep in peace.
I will seek revenge!
These flowers are nothing compared to the flower you have gifted me.
I was scared, my prince took full two hours to arrive!
You were here in the night?
I was here. . . Darling, it is a matter of 5 days. . .
after that, we will go home.
I still have 15 days left in my trial.
The jailer has pardoned that.
You should see the way I have decorated your room.
Exactly the way you wanted.
No Soni, I will not stay there.
What are you saying? You won't go to your own house?
No, until you don't give up this profession. . .
I will not stay with you.
Mona, I am willing to give it up today itself.
- But till the case goes on. . . - I'll stay separately with my son !
Well done, Ram! Your self defense is very strong. . .
and so is your attack.
So, were you trying to test me?
You'll can go, well done!
And you have passed the test with flying colors!
Okay now tell me, when do you plan to attack the enemy?
Abdul, why do you want to get into this mess because of me?
You have helped me a lot in my times of need. . .
your this favor. . . - If you'll talk of favors. . .
then our friendship will be tainted.
And look at this, I am leaving my police job.
Now wherever Ram goes, Abdul will follow.
Mr. Soni, the consignment has been cleared in the customs. . .
and is being put in the ship.
Our T.V. cameras are fitted in the docks?
Play it.
Listen, inform the Singapore party in some time. . .
that the ship has left.
I am Ram speaking.
You were looking for me, right?
- I am back. - You can assume your death has brought you back.
Mr. Soni, I have come here as your death. . .
and you can see a sample of that!
Your ship which is carrying a consignment worth millions. . .
is sailing, at the moment. . .
you blew my factory. . .
now, your ship will blow in the same manner.
I cannot believe it that a weak and a coward man. . .
who used to run to different places to save his life. . .
has now suddenly gained so much power that he has attacked us?
This matter is becoming very serious.
Now he has returned back in this city.
Our 100 men have been sent out to look for him.
But you must make arrangements for your security too.
You'll wait here.
I went home and came to know that you are here.
My Munna, how are you?
- How is he doing? - The doctor says that there's nothing to worry.
Every child goes through problems while teething.
Look. . . Soni's happy family is there!
Abdul, look there!
This fake lion has kept two phony watch owls to guard him.
Come, let's show them reality.
- Hey brother, Gabbar. - Yes, brother Babbar?
- They are the ones! - But they don't have that!
Then they must be. . .
What's going on here?
- Hey Gabbar. . . - Yes, Babbar?
- He looks the same. - Who same?
- Just like that! - What are you talking?
- He thunders too! - Then we shall pour! !
- Babbar, they have gone flat. - You go and get the chief!
- How is the name Sumeet? - It's a nice name.
- But let's think of something else too. - Alright.
- Oh my! I forgot the basket there. - I will go and get it.
- Who was he? - I don't know who he is?
I'll go and get Munna.
- What happened? - Munna is not there! - What are you saying?
Who has taken our baby?
Control yourself Mona, everything will be fine.
Soni, this is Ram Kumar Verma speaking.
If I wanted, that bullet would have not missed you. . .
it would have passed through your head.
And you would not be able to hear my voice now!
- Where is my son? - He is in my custody.
But don't try to reach me.
Let me talk to him! . . . Hello, I am the baby's mother speaking.
I am willing to give you as much as you ask for.
Please give my baby back to me!
Listen, if something happens to my baby. . .
then I will rip you apart!
Forget me, worry about the baby's mother. . .
Very soon I'll have her with me, if you can, try to save her from me!
Don't touch me! This is happening because of you !
My son is also enduring the fruits of your bad deeds!
That poor child is being punished without any fault!
Soni, if something happens to my baby. . .
then I will never forgive you !
- Where are you going? - To my own house!
Why don't you understand, your life is in danger!
- You will stay here. - Never!
Do you know what Ram has threatened me?
What can you do? In front of you, he took away my baby. . .
what could you do then?
Drive her home and arrange for a 24 hours security on her.
Listen, the boss's wife lives in the upper section. . .
we have to protect her.
Without our permission, a bird will also not reach her, understand?
- So, brother Babbar? - Yes, brother Gabbar.
Then let's go!
- Brother Babbar. . . - Yes, brother Gabbar?
- Shall we take him? - No, let's take him.
- Where? - And why do you want to take us?
- His eyes have paled - His pulse has failed
- His tongue is white. - His stomach is tight!
- His body is warm. - Everything here is norm!
- His lips are black. - His life is slack!
- What do you want? - A sick man.
- Do we look sick? - Brother Babbar. . . - Yes, Gabbar?
- Shall we take him. - Okay. - One, two, three. . . !
Brother Babbar, let's march ahead.
Brother Babbar, get ready!
- What?. . . But. . . - Who is it?
- Whose call was it? - He has kidnaped Mona.
My baby. . . !
Will you total up the entire bottle alone?
- Not for me too. - Sir, someone has left this parcel.
- Whom is it from? - Nothing is written.
Read it.
That scoundrel has sent it!
Ram has sent it. . . What else is in this?
There is a tape spool.
' So Soni, how does if feel?'
' Are you feeling sad and restless?'
' You should feel like that but, how is your pride?'
' Has it been crushed or not? Not yet. . .
it will in due course, here, listen to your wife's voice. . .
' No. . . ! ! '
' No, please don't hit me! '
' No! '
' Please don't hit me'
' Let me go! '
' Please give my baby back to me Please give me. . . Help! ! '
' Help me somebody! '
' Did you hear your Mona's lovely voice?'
' She is asking you to save her, before she dies of more torture. . .
save her and if you want to save her then I have a condition. . .
come with me tomorrow and confess your and your accomplices crimes. . .
surrender yourself to the police, if you want your family alive. . .
you have no other option, to know your answer. . .
I will call you up at 8 a. m. tomorrow. '
Seeing Soni's condition I feel that. . .
he will confess everything in front of the police.
He will confess all his crimes.
I also think the same, he is completely shattered.
We must do something immediately.
Or else, we all will be in the jail.
That too, for life time.
There is only one way to escape the jail.
Let us kill Soni.
I am not in the favor of killing him.
- Me neither. - I am thinking of something else.
- What? - You be with me at 8 a. m. tomorrow. . .
then you see what happens, instead of bowing in front of Ram. . .
he will get thirsty for Ram's blood !
- Let go of me! Why have you caught me? - Come on !
- What's the matter? - This man was entering the house through a pipe.
Search him!
Hey! This is a time bomb! I think he wanted to blow the house!
Who has sent you here?
Answer me, who has sent you?
He is Ram's man !
- Where is Ram? - I don't know!
Tell me where he has hidden my wife and my son?
- I will tell you, sir. - Tell me quickly!
- They are dead ! - No!
I swear upon God, they are not alive!
They were tortured so much that anyone in their place. . .
This is not possible! Ram, you cannot do this!
Stop! !
- Ram speaking. - Just a minute.
It's Ram's phone.
Ram, if you are a true man then come in front of me!
So your might is crushed but, you still talk with arrogance?
Professional criminals like you don't break down so easily.
Impotent man like you who hides and strikes, cannot break me!
I challenge you, if you have the guts then come and face me!
You pride your strength a lot, Soni. . .
and this pride will destroy you some day!
And if you still insist then meet me in half an hour at Windies House. . .
let us decide once and for all !
I will make the final decision today!
- Get up! - Was everything alright?
Everything was fine, this is your reward.
- Come on. - Nobody will come with me!
This is a battle between Ram and me, which will end today!
Now tell me, whose destruction can you see in front of you. . .
mine or yours?
If I feared you, I wouldn't come here to take revenge from you !
I will teach you what revenge is.
Gone are the days Soni, when I used to fear your bullets and run !
I will not shoot you down with these bullets.
Ram, I will break your bones with these bare hands.
I will rip you apart.
Now tell me, who will teach whom, what revenge is all about?
- Rascal ! - Don't be afraid, like you, I don't shoot the unarmed.
You pride the strength of your hands a lot, right?
So now you see.
Stop, Soni ! !
- Mona, you are alive! - Yes!
I got the news that this scoundrel has killed you both.
Don't address him like that, he kept us with great love and care.
Then that tape, those screams were not real. . . ?
Those screams could have been real, Soni. . .
if there was some other man in place of Ram.
Soni, what you did to Ram. . .
he could've avenged for that by killing me and the baby.
But, inspite of being an enemy, he did not show his enmity.
He just wanted you to realize that you are a criminal.
We both played this drama to get you on the right path.
And yet, if you wish to kill Ram then instead of him, you kill me!
Ram, I have wronged you.
I am willing to surrender myself to the police and confess my crimes.
I am glad that you realized your mistakes, Soni.
Soni, watch out! By befriending the enemy, you've become our foe!
And you know that Cosmos does not spare their enemies!
Ram, you leave with both of them, I will handle these guys.
Follow them!
Listen, besiege them on all sides. Go!
Swamy, go and fix dynamites on the ruins!
Mona. . .what have you done?
Soni, I have given you a lot of sorrows. . .
please forgive me! - No Mona, you cannot leave me!
I am fortunate that I am dying in my husband's lap.
Don't say that Mona, please don't leave me and go!
You have opened my eyes and now, you cannot shut your eyes.
These scoundrels have snatched you away from me, Mona !
Make my son. . .just like you !
- I will. - Make sure that he follows your foot steps.
My son. . . !