Jerry Brown's 2013 California Budget

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>> Amita: Carl, the governor said today there is no longer a deficit. How accurate is it?
>> What's a billion here, a billion there? We might be a billion behind. We might ultimately
be a billion ahead. we'd definitely be breaking even. The remarkable thick is we went from
a $25Êbillion deficit down no near zero this year.
>> Amita: This budget includes a half a billion dollar both for Cal State and UC schools.
Is this enough to vote tuition hikes. >> Tuition has gone up because we don't put
as much as we used to. 90% of the UC's funding comes from the general fund. They wanted around
300 million each. They needed at last around it's a lot better than it has been the first
few years. >> Amita: Now this plan also includes hundreds
of millions of dollars for K 12 schools. Under a new formula that would actually give more
money to schools who have children from low income families and children who come from
families where English is a second language. How much opposition is this plan going to
face in the state legislature? >> There's going to be more opposition. Nobody
wants the money to come from them. They always want to come from some external source. California
before this last great recession was 28 26th in the nation. We're now down to 35th 36th.
So everybody has seen their share of the money going down. That you're not going to restore
everybody before the recession. If Governor Brown can pull that off, he is a political
Houdini. >> Amita: Speaking of restoration? Cuts, we
have seen some in social services. Those cuts are not going to be restored. What does that
mean? Will they ever be restored? >> Every cycle we go through, if you look
past the previous plateau we are too dependent upon the volatility. We're going to go through
these cycles and the bottom line is with the aging population in particular, there's going
to be pressure for whatever social services. >> Amita: Now the governor made it very clear
that it is time for California to embark on fiscal discipline. This has been a major theme.
Clearly is a message to democrats not to get carried away. How likely are they to heed
this message? >> That would be another interesting address
to the governor's democrats? Sacramento. You have a liberal governor who is more conservative
on fiscal manners. If anybody can rein in the state legislature, Jerry Brown [Indiscernible]
for state employees which most people didn't think he'd get through.
>> Amita: There is going to be a lot of pressure >> The best advantage that Jerry Brown has
is going to be a lot of pressure from everybody and then you play everybody off of each other.
If everybody can't get what they want, they agree to take less.
>> Amita: Where do republicans fit in this entire battle?
>> Nevada and Arizona mostly. Do we actually have republicans left in California? It's
one of the problems the party has by going so voice on Capitol Hill. They can support
the governor in his initiatives but it's going to be the governor and the democrats who decide
things. On some of these issues of spending. >> Amita: Is there any indication they are
grabbing a more nod rate its stance. >> Maybe more enthusiasm than he got from
the democrats. A lot will dependent on how many votes he needs. If republicans can meet
with moderate democrats, they may become more relevant.
>> Amita: Carl Luna, thank you so much for speaking with us today.