Stone Cultural - Kits de Sobrevivência pra Morar em Salvador II

Uploaded by juliostone on 19.08.2012

Survivor’s kits to live in Salvador II
Bus kit: article first need in Salvador
Problem 1: Crowded buses Solution: Helmet for your safety
Problem 2: Exhausting traffic jams, tiring trips all over the city and long waiting at the bus stops.
Solution: Sit down and wait. It’s better with cup of coffee and a book to read.
Problem 3: Smelling people at the end of the day. Solution: clothes-peg in the nose.
Problem 4: The guy with the loud music. Solution: earplug
Problem 5: Cockroaches around the bus Solution: Cockroach killer
Problem 6: Stressful trips: about 3 and half hour in the peak hour. Solution: Sleeping mask
As we don’t do anything about it. Let’s relax and have fun.
Stop suffering and get your bus kit.
Problem 7: The car’s engine warm up. Solution: No solution