STI Card

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STI CARD S.L. has been established in the card sector for 22 years
and has always worked in this domain.
Besides marketing card printers, our company is dedicated
to the sale of embossing machines, including colour systems,
and mailing machines for sending the card directly to the customer.
We manufacture cards and market services along with a program we developed in-house.
Our company's turnover is approximately three-and-a-half million Euros.
How long have you been working with Evolis?
Our collaboration with Evolis printers started around 2005.
In the first two years, we initially marketed Evolis machines through a company called MATICA.
Since 2007, our sales of the Evolis product have been continually increasing.
Last year, STI CARD S.L. sold between 330 and 340 printers in Spain.
Evolis printers made up about 75-77% of all these machines.
Tell us about your recent project
One of the outstanding events in 2011, and which I believe to be a world first,
was a project entrusted to us by the Basque police force,
consisting of not only issuing a police warrant card but also of directly loading the certificate, i.e. a PKE, into the card itself.
This was a piece of software developed in-house.
It was a success and is still in operation with the Basque police in Spain.
What do you think of Evolis card printers?
We are relatively satisfied as we have always really believed in this product.
It was presented to us, we found it interesting and, moreover,
it has proved to be very competitive, technically speaking.
It is a perfectly-finished product whose quality has been proven over a number of years.
We are speaking of a product which is firmly established and very well positioned within the card market.
From 2007 to the present day, a period of 4 years which has proved to be quite intense,
I assess the number of units sold in Spain by our company to be 1000 - 1200 printers.
This is the standard volume of printers sold by us in Spain.