The Lance Armstrong Story - Who Were The Heroes? David Walsh Interview Pt. 4

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There's been a lot of courageous people over the last 13 years who've stuck their hand
up when maybe they could've just kept quiet. Who in your view are the 5 that again immediately
come into your head as people who have really helped the sport change for the better?
Well um, and I'm biased here in that I had witnesses and people who sources who came
and helped me do what I wanted to do in terms of bringing out the truth in this. So Betsy
Andreu and Emma O'Reilley would be right up there, 2 women who didn't mind telling
the truth at a time when the only reward for telling the truth was vilification and bullying.
A lot of people have told the truth since, all the US postal riders have come out, but
they did so under pressure and Betsy and Emma told the truth when the only pressure on them
was not to tell the truth was for everybody would've said to them you'll just bring
the wrath of Armstrong down upon you if you tell the truth. Betsy Andreu and Frankie Andreu
you know they're, Frankie, Frankie's professional life was seriously damaged by his wifes determination
not to lie for Lance Armstrong uh Emma O Reilly at the time the LA confidential came out the
book that Pierre Ballester and I wrote I've never seen Emma on the edge at any other time
except that time she was under so much pressure and she felt it, she thought she was going
to lose everything, why, because she told the truth about the Lance Armstrong story.
Now Emma and Betsy would be right up there, Steven Swart would be totally up there, this
is a guy who rode with Lance on the motorola team, he had a young son who was getting really
into cycling and 8 years after he retired Steven said you know what I want to tell the
truth about how it was in that Motorola team and we decided in 1995 to dope the biggest
advocate of doping in our team was Lance Armstrong but I Steven Swart also doped, he was vilified
for that in New Zealand all these silly you know radio phone in shows loads of guys coming
on saying what a loser you know how dare he impute the reputation of Lance Armstrong and
Steven Swart was named New Zealander of the year for telling the truth in the Lance Armstrong
story. Same story at one point in his life he gets vilified at another point, the same
story earns him the accolade of New Zealander of the Year, and I do admire New
Zealand for making a truth teller their New Zealander of the Year I think that's a really
positive thing and of all the things that have happened since the truth has come out,
Swarts, the recognition of Steven Swart is right up there, I think Greg Lemond has done
a great job, people like Paul Kimmage, Christophe Basson, the guys who were, you know regarded
as you know lowley riders almost losers because they said we believe that you can't achieve
in this sport without doping, and lots of people suffered like, like Christophe Basson,
like Paul Kimmage, like Gilles Delion but they were the guys who came out and said it.
I mean it's ok to suffer silently as many people did but that didn't help the sport,
you needed, you needed to actually come out and say, this is wrong, this is, this is unfair
this is totally unjust and thats what Basson, Kimmage, Delion did and those guys would be
high up on my list of those I would most admire.