Love Story 2050 Part 5 w/Eng Subs HD DvDRip (2008)

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Polio and... Romeo and Juliet!
Sana's favorite play too.
If you have finished asking him about old and boring books...
...then can I match their horoscopes.
Son, what is your date of birth and time.
13th November, 1984.
8: 25 in the evening, 131 Baker Street...
Not the address, I don't want to write a letter.
I will send the details to Bhatinda tomorrow.
The priest will match both the horoscopes.
By the way, aunt.
My uncle sees horoscopes too. Yes.
I mean, he is not a professional astrologer.
But astrology is his serious hobby.
Very good, too much.
My courier money is saved too.
Son, give me your uncle's address.
Tell me. - Mom, let Karan eat peacefully.
I didn't stop him from eating?
Tell me as you are eating.
Very good, too much.
Quickly place all the planets in their houses and tell me...
Relax Mrs. Bedi, please relax.
If the constellations get mixed up, everything will be ruined.
Nothing should go wrong.
It is the question of the children's life.
Oh, Saba. Saba. - Wow!
It's just a lab. Come.
Khanna sir, you are a scientist still you know all this. How?
I know, and I believe in it too.
The movement of the planet makes a difference in the lives of human's.
It contains the rewards for the deeds. Reincarnation too.
Oh God! Reinc...
That's why Khanna sir, whenever I see high walls I feel giddy.
How many times have I thought... that in my...
...past birth I must surely been Anarkali.
Yeah, of course. You must have been Anarkali.
If you would have been Anarkali, then I must have been Saleem.
Oh! - Wow!
All that's fine, but,, what's the big secret?
There is a time machine here.
Don't you know what a time machine is?
In which you can travel through time.
A time machine... using which we can go into any era.
We can go anywhere.
In the past, in the future.
I know that.
But is it for real? Of course it's real.
Uncle Ya is the coolest scientist in the world.
15 years back he left NASA... so that he can come here.
So that he can do research on the time machine.
He can construct it.
There is nothing interesting in my hand... are just staring at my face.
Remember. Try to remember the time, when you were Anarkali...
And you were Saleem. Forget it Khanna sir.
I am too clever.
Even if I was Anarkali... how could you have recognized me now.
Wouldn't my face look different now?
No! No! No!
Whenever a person lives his life peacefully...
...and dies, then in the next birth he assumes a new form.
But... if he dies before time... like Anarkali.
Then he assumes the same form as he did in his last birth.
You are scaring me.
Karan! Will you show it to me once?
Time machine Karan.
No, no, no you can't be,, no. - Please, please, please...
...No, no way. - Please Karan, I will do whatever you say.
Anything I say.
Open sesame. Stop!
You cheat.
Oh my god, Karan! What will uncle say if he sees this?
Oh no. What have I done?
Uncle won't remember anything.
I remember. - What?
You are too sexy.
Oh! This wasn't written here.
I can't remember it.
You are thinking as if you used to tutor Einstein.
Come on.
What's the matter astrologer cum scientist, you are...
Is there any problem?
No! Sana has a very nice horoscope.
My child is so nice.
Her constellations will be the best.
Match the horoscope with Karan's.
I will do it in a day or two.
Shall I leave the horoscope here? Yes, leave it back here.
Leave Sana back here too.
Karan will drop her.
Goodbye, good luck.
"He came to match the horoscope. To get them married."
I never tell lies. Trust me.
This machine really works, Sana.
Oh my God!
That is so unreal.
Does it work.
I don't know.
Depends. On what?
It does work?
Welcome to the time machine.
I am nervous. - Don't be.
After you sunshine.
How does it start?
Can you press that button?
So sunshine, what time, what place?
Mumbai. Where I was born!
Mumbai! 1986!
Excellent choice.
Finally I will be able to see you naked.
High... hopes!
We have already seen the past. Now we will see the future.
We will see whether the world has changed or not?
Type it!
M U M B A I! Mumbai!
What happened?
I am scared.
Trust me Sana.
Nothing will happen.
There is nothing to be scared of.
Mumbai, and the year.
Type the year.
20... I am feeling very strange Karan.
Give me your hand.
Close your eyes.
I promise. I won't do anything.
Type wherever you feel like.
What did I type?
Mumbai 2050!
2050! - Yes.
So want to go to Mumbai 2050.
Yeah! I guess.
Should I lock it?
Let's go to 2050.
What's happening, Karan?
This actually works. It works!
What do you mean it works, you said it works.
I just said it, for the kiss.
Uncle Ya!
Have we reached the future?
Am I still handsome?
Welcome to the future, uncle?
Get out.
We are still in 2008.
No uncle. I don't know why I gave you all the access codes... the time machine.
Get out of my lab.
Uncle Ya, you should be happy.
The time machine worked, you are a genius.
The time machine has not worked.
For the last time, we are still in 2008.
Uncle Ya, the light, the smoke... the machine.
You have short circuited the machine, that's why all the smoke here.
And the sound is of the exhaust machine.
Get out or I will give you one.
Uncle. It's not Karan's fault, it's entirely my fault.
I had asked him... I am really sorry. I am sorry. - It is my fault.
I vented my anger on someone else.
What kind of anger? - No. No. No.
Tell that fool, that I am not angry with him.
And tell him, that I love him.
And I love you too.
Yeah. Yeah. That's the key.
You stick around, enjoy the lab.
No, no, no darling stick around, enjoy the lab. I will send Karan.
Karan! Karan!
You write a diary too.
What do you write in the diary?
No, that's personal. - Personal.
Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! - What?
Pull over. - Why?
Pull over. - What for?
I'll just tell you.
What? - Ice cream.
Ice cream.
No way. No.
It's so cold, are you crazy?
Yes! I want ice cream right now.
Sana, you will fall sick!
I don't care.
I am eating ice cream, you want one?
No way, I don't want to fall sick?
Why are you laughing? What's funny?
You portray yourself to be such a daredevil.
Living on the edge, and all.
And you are scared of an ice cream.
Yes, I am scared.
It was different before, Sana...
Now I am scared.
I want to take care of myself.
I want to live, Sana!
I want to have a long life.
I want to grow old and die in your arms.
No, correction.
I don't want to die at all.
I want to live forever with you.
That's by far the most romantic thing you have ever said to me.
Are you going to kiss me?
But only after eating the ice cream, with my cold lips.
My first cold kiss.
Well, Mr. Malhotra.
You just wait right here.
You are going to be kissed very shortly.
With my cold lips.
Hi. - Hi!
One strawberry ice cream please. - Yes!
Are you sure you don't want ice cream.
Just a kiss will be fine.
Sure! I won't share my ice cream.
We are going to share our entire life.
Who cares about an ice cream?
Come on.
Come on. Waiting for my cold kiss.
Sana! Sana!
Sana! Sana!
What happened?
Oh god!
Sana. Oh no.
Is she alright? Can we help?
I will call the ambulance. - Sana!
Nothing will happen to you Sana!
Nothing will happen to you.
Nothing will happen to you Sana!
Ambulance is coming.
Nothing will happen.
Sana. Sana. Oh god!
Stop Karan.
Nothing will happen to you, Sana.
Nothing will happen to you.
Nothing will happen to you. Nothing will happen to you.
God, somebody help!
Somebody help!
I will take you to the hospital.
You will be fine!
Come on, for Christ sake!
Somebody... Sana!
Today, destiny and time both have not favoured.
No. Nothing will happen, Sana.
Stay with me, Sana!
I am sorry Karan.
I love you!
I love you, too!
I love you, Karan.
I love you, Sana!
I love you!
Stay with me, Sana!
Today I met a boy.
He is fully mad.
I am turning mad along with him.
Maybe this madness is called love.
Karan and Sana in love forever and ever.
Karan! Karan, look at me.
Look at me. Look at me.
Look at me.
She's gone, Karan. She's gone.
Life is a cycle, Karan.
First it gives happiness, then sorrows, then happiness again.
First comes the day and then night, then...
My Sana is no more, uncle Ya.
Is it the truth?
My Sana is no more, uncle Ya.
My Sana is no more, uncle Ya.
My Sana is no more, uncle Ya.
She is no more with me.
I cannot see her anymore.
I cannot feel her. I cannot even hear her voice, uncle Ya.
It is not fair, uncle Ya. It is not fair. It is not fair.
I cannot live without her, uncle Ya.
Return my Sana to me, uncle Ya.
I don't want anything else.
Do something. Do something.