"Konbini" World - "Matcha Daifuku" (eng sub)

Uploaded by Hachiko1789 on 06.06.2012

So, last product of the day, that I bought today.
No, actually I bought one more, but I will show you next time 'cause I can't eat everything now^^
Also this one is made with "mochi" and it's a typical japanese sweet.
This is a "creamy daifuku". It costed about 1 euro.
And now I'm gonna open it.
Ok, let's see if I'm able to show you in a good way.
This is the sweet and as you can see It's soft.
And this flour is cornstarch and it is used also to make it.
I've tried to make daifuku in Italy, just once, and I used the cornstarch.
Ok, now, I'll try to not become white..! :)
That's how the inside. There is the "anko", azuki beans purea.
And more inside..wait, I'm gonna show you ^^
There is the matcha cream
So, this one is a daifuku with anko and matcha cream. And it's absolutely my favorite!
So, if you'll come to Japan and you'll find "anko and matcha cream daifuku" at the combini
I'm suggesting you to try it, 'cause for me it's the best one! :) Bye!!!