Kpop Music Mondays - B1A4 "Baby I'm Sorry"

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This week's Music Monday is the gibberish edition with BILASA'S "Baby I'm sorry"
[B1A4 music]
So, Bilasa, conqueror of kitties and devourer of teenage hearts, finally makes a comeback.
First off, for those of you who don't know, Jinyoung, who is the leader of Bilasa, wrote the lyrics and composed the song.
I gotta say, for a band that's still fairly new, that's pretty darn impressive. 
It's times like this that we're really sick of people saying:
Oh, kpop idols aren't talented. They're just dancing puppets!
But here we have a great example of idols not only performing a song, but also in contributing to its creation.
And that's pretty awesome.
And so, to all of you people who insult kpop:
Otherwise, we're a bit torn about this song.
I mean, there are a lot of things that we like about it
But, there are also a lot of things that we don't like about it.
For instance, I think most people can agree that this song is just a bit too auto tuned. 
Like, distractingly auto tuned.
We do like the sound of the song though! It's definitely what I wanted from Bilasa
It really sounds a lot more mature.
And shows that the band is growing up out of their cute quirkiness
into some more serious songs. We appreciate that.
Now, when BILASA first came out
 I didn't really dig their cutey boy image because you guys already know I'm not really into cutey boy images. 
My heart was not devoured because it's no longer teenaged...
But when Beautiful Target came out, I really hated it at first
and then suddenly, became extremely addicted to it. 
It had a fun beat, crazy random rap sections, and ridiculous but really catchy engrish phrases that joom joomed my heart like a locket.  
I had finally accepted Bilasa as a light hearted and fun band. 
But then I saw their comeback video 
Bilasa's crazy, quirky, silly energy was suddenly being channeled into an angsty boy band
which we have so many angsty boy bands already.
Where's the crazy set with ridiculous props?
Where are their funky, crazy costumes where you can't tell what's going on?
I think a  small part of me died on the zoom zoom the locket set.
In fact, not only prepared for Bilasa's new approach
I don't really believe it.
With the exception of Baro who is rapidly becoming my favourite member
I feel like the other members were kind of, struggling a bit at acting and conveying their emotions.
As happy singers and dancers, they're totally fine.
But as mopey, depressed, sad actors, I really just don't get that vibe.
I mean, right at the beginning of the video
Look at when Jinyoung leaves that room. 
He's supposed to be conveying pain, depression and sadness. 
But it actually looks like he might be giggling, or smiling at something
Like, maybe there was some inside joke happening. But right off the bat I was like:
Um, I have no idea what kind of emotion he's supposed to be conveying. 
But maybe, it's not meant to be convincing!
Maybe, there's another side to the story!
I think I figured out why Bilasa are acting so sad and strange! 
Now, this might be the most obvious reason,  
and I'm sure that every single one of you have noticed this as well,
but Bilasa's being held captive by a crazy fan girl who's had her heart conquered 
and is now taking a turn at fondling all of the members
and forcing them to pretend that they're happy with her.
The conquerors, have been conquered.
Remember back with our first review of Bilasa,
when we complained that they clearly gave away the location of their secret hideaway
This crazy chick has found their secret location, kidnapped them, 
and is now holding them captive in her own secret Bilasa hiding place. 
She's learned from the mistakes of TVXQ and she will not let Bilasa escape that easily.
No more laser fields, No big bathtubs. Look, all the signs are there.
Number one, they all live in the same apartment, and are all in the same band.  Yet, they are all dating the same girl?
That is TOTALLY impossible! Sure, maybe two guys can date the same girl and not know it.
But five members of the band deeply involved with one girl and nobody knows that?
I'd like to believe that Bilasa isn't that gross.
See, if I found out that the girl that I was deeply in love with was playing me for every other member of my band who was also deeply in love her,
I wouldn't really be moping over her. There'd be no crying. Revenge, and only revenge. 
Baby I'm sorry! I filled your car with shaving cream, might slash your tires and set them on fire.
And so, when you take a closer look at the video, you see that their really bad acting actually makes sense.
When the members are alone, they look sad and exhausted. 
But as soon as they're with the girl, they're like 
Hey, hey you...heheh, I'm so happy to see you again. 
Which would explain why they're acting so bad at being happy. Secretly, they're broken on the inside.
Other sides of this cruel captivity: 
We mentioned at the beginning of the video, we see Jinyoung leaving his room. 
Definitely attempting jailbreak. But we can see that he's almost like, laughing or smiling. 
Now, why would he be doing that? Is this a bad acting job? No! I don't think so. He's got the crazy laughs. 
Why? Because he just noticed in his attempt to jailbreak that the stairwell he was going to use to escape actually leads to nowhere! 
It actually leads up to like, a half window. Cruel, cruel joke by this evil captor!
He's totally sealed in this small space. What's that?  You say that you saw him coming with baguettes, and bags and stuff like that.
Really? Because we never saw him leave...because he never did!
Crazy girl is simply making him hold all of these bags, and hold all of the baguettes, being like
Let play boyfriend girlfriend! Carry my stuff while I sway my bags lovingly! YAAAYYY!
Look at the 0:48 second mark. Look at his eyes. Do you know what's flashing through his mind? 
Beating her to death with one of those baguettes.  0:54 second mark. 
I could just, bludgeon her to death and make a break for it. But, I can't leave my band mates...I can't leave my band mates!
Take a look at 2:35 seconds. We see CNU with his hands around her face. So close to strangling her, and getting my freedom.
But no. CNU is too gentile a soul to do it. The thought of his almost barbaric escape 
and the permanent stain on his soul is just too much for him to bare.
But then, by 2:45 second, the boys plan an escape code name: DANCING PARTY TIME! 
I'm having such a good time with you!  [You too]
Great. [It's so great].
Hey, hey you know what? [What?] 
Um, since we've been here for a while, I didn't really get to practice my dancing skills. Maybe you and I should dance together.
That's such a great idea, you're so romantic! [Yes heheh].
Let's dance! [Let's do this].
Oh, this is so great. 
Don't you think that, we're having a really good dancing party time?
Yeah!  [Yeah, I'm totally down for this dancing party tonight].
What the?!  Ahhhhhhhhhhh!
Ahhh this is for seeing you, suddenly with Jinyoung. How could you do that to theeemmmm? Ahhhhhhhh
Afterwards, they celebrate their freedom in a warehouse dance party returning to their chipper selves. 
But wait! Are they all ok? The flash at the end suggests that perhaps Baro is struggling with the murder that he had to commit to free his band mates.
While the rest of them are enjoying their dancing party time tonight, Baro was deeply struggling with what he's done. 
 Baro, you're my hero man. You're my hero. 
Now there really isn't a predominant dance move in this video. 
But we did notice that Bilasa is suffering from the growing epidemic that we've been seeing in a lot of Kpop videos lately.
Namely, the epidemic of air punches. Here we see not one, but two slow motion air punches.
SHINee's Sherlock, Super Junior's A-cha, and U-Kiss's Neverland. This  growing epidemic of slow motion air punches is becoming a problem. 
BROHOHO! My new Kpop dance studio is a great success! Brohoho!  Brohoho! Brohohooooo
On a side note, whatever happened to Bilasa's like, super cute sprout dance?
I noticed it in Beautiful Target and it's kind of one of those cute things  they always do. 
But it didn't come up in this video, and I felt a little bit sad about it. 
As for the English of this song we give this a
The worst English in the history of a Kpop song ever out of 5!
This...this is such incomprehensible nonsense that I don't even know where to begin.
And it's not like an SM kind of fantastic-elastic-do-it-baby-love-crash kind of thing.
 Which, even though they sound silly, are words thrown in there to kind of, try to sound cool for an effect.
Sure, that sounds silly, but we kind of understand what they're trying to do there. This though,
this is a bunch of phrases and words that are actually trying to convey a meaning, to express emotions, but all I can hear is nonsense.
Oh god I feel so bad saying that. Jinyoung wrote the lyrics himself supposedly. 
So I kind of feel like a parent who just got a picture from their kid.
Oh hey Suzy, welcome home from school! 
I wanted to tell you, that I drew you a picture, and it's really good I'm so good at drawing, I want you to show this to all your friends.
Ok let me see it!
Teacher said it was sooooo good. Ok, do you like it?
It's great! [Ok bye dad!] That's right go, go play in your room!
*mouths out-What the F---?* 
Must destroy...all evidence...of this monstrosity.
Now, I'd  be heartless to do something like that.
 And so I kind of feel the same way here. I feel like I can't really talk about the lyrics here as much as I would regularly. 
Buut, let's just for the sake of make believe pretend that I didn't know he wrote the lyrics. 
Hello. I am an actor. I am practicing my acting skills. The following is me acting, and not real life.
Oh wow, what is this? English lyrics in a Kpop song? Let me investigate and see what they say. I'm sorry we got the better. W-What? You got the better, what? You can't end your sentences like that!
Dancing party time, dancing party tonight? Wow, I didn't know that Borat was writing these lyrics!
Wowy wow I'm very nice dancing party time tonight! That was my best Borat impersonation. 
I have the Borat mustache. 
Got you my lonely love tonight. What does that even mean? I mean, what is lonely love tonight? What? This is ridiculous!
Baby in a city light, in a city love light. I can't even read this anymore! This isn't making any sense!
*Barfy bleeeehhhhhs*
Wow, that actor was a terrible jerk! I'm glad I don't feel the same way about that song. 
Last week we asked you who's long, rapunzel like hair you preferred: GD's in Fantastic Baby or Taemin's in Sherlock.
And the winner was...GD by like, a lot. But I think maybe the votes were skewed after everyone seeing the very traumatic picture of Simon dressed up like Taemin.
For this week's gibberish edition, we ask you we ask you which fun but nonsensical  Kpop song you preferred:
Bilasa's Baby I'm Sorry, or T-ara's Yayaya. Tough choice.
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