Tutorial: Magix Video Deluxe 2013 - Chroma Key / Greenscreen / Bluescreen • Schuss-Effekt

Uploaded by TheChosenOne2k12 on 16.09.2012

In this tutorial I will show you the use of ChromeKey effects.
Also known as greenscreen or bluescreen effect.
First, we drag our video in the timeline.
I've previously cut it and saved as a take.
Here I want to add a shot-effect, so it looks as if the finger shoots.
The effect I downloaded from www.detonationfilms.com.
(Link below in the description)
This, we drag on the second video track.
Magix now reports that the resolution is less than that of the project.
I don’t want to customize it.
Now we see the display of Detonation Films.
This we do not want, and cut away the beginning of the effect.
Next we see that the shot is in the wrong direction.
That we can customize by using the selected video
Go to Effects => motion effects => rotation / mirroring
There we click on "vertical flip".
Now the shot is from left to right.
Next we come to the ChromaKey effect to remove the black background from the video.
Video Effects => ChromaKey
Then we choose black to hide it.
With the threshold and transition area, we can customize it even more.
Now we have to find the right position.
Seeking the frame just before the finger goes up.
This is it.
The shot-effect we move now to the position in the timeline.
You now see, the effect is not in the correct position, and the size does not fit well.
That we’ll fit.
Motion Effects => Position / Size
There we first click "Edit"t, and then we have a frame in the preview monitor.
This we can make larger or smaller, and move.
However, we don’t see the position at which the shot is shown.
For this I go forward in the timeline 1-2 frames.
Now we see where the effect starts, and the position to which he has.
I make it a little smaller.
It would fit well.
I look at it now.
We see the effect is in the correct position, and the size fits.
However, a shot without sound effect is not really good.
Therefore, I add a gun sound.
This is available on the Internet. The link is in the description.
We see that the sound starts at the beginning, so we do not need to move this.
Now I'll show you the video with the audio.
As You could see and hear, it fits together well.
That is, we just have to cut the video at the end.
So the video is ready.
I show it again.
That was it with this tutorial.
Come back soon, then see your new tutorials from me.
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