Megiddo - Episode 1 - The Beginning

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You know... In a way I always believed that the Mayans were right about the end of the world... In 2012.
A Neo Potter Production
But I never thought the end would be like this...
When the first cases appeard, I thought to myself: "Those motherf*****s"
2015 Location Unknown
But honestly, who would think that the end of the world would be the same as a terror movie for teenagers?
Chapter 1 The Begining
I actually had seen a couple of the movies, of that kind... I liked it...
Romero, Danny Boyle, even Tetsuro Takeuchi, whatever his name was...
Still, they had no idea of what they were doing. What happened in the movies was a paradise compared to what really happened.
It seemed that they knew everything, but in reality they didn't know anything.
In the movies they show a lone hero, that has to save the girl, or go meet someone.
It was the story of many people in the begining, you know?
What they fail to show was what happened between the begining and the end.
Violence, rapes, robberies, famine, murder... Cannibalism...
Based on the novel "World War Z", by Max Brooks
I once saw a mother... ohh man... You know, there's a rule in nature: If a female bear is hungry, she will eat her young
for a very logical reason... If the mother dies, the cub dies; but if the mother eats them, she can have more in the future.
People would do anything to survive... Well, the line between human and animal is very thin...
And I guess we are all animals in the end...
But you know what was the worse enemy mankind had to face?
Ignorance! It wasn't those monsters that we had to face everyday... But the simple fact that we knew nothing about them.
Don't get me wrong: truth is we had plenty of information. We here warn so many times about what was going on...
...and what would go on.
We simple did not pay atention. We thought that the goverment would find a solution for it.
Before it got to our doorstep. Ever heard that saying: "None so blind as those who will not see"?
That's what happened... We ignored the threat until was too late.
Ironic... You would be walking down the street, and you would see those poor bastards yelling:
"The end is near!" or "They have come to punish us for our sins!"
Who would say that they, of all people, would be right? Maybe the time that was harder on me was the begining.
The chaos around us, the ignorance about what was happening around us...
We had so much heads up, so many people warning us. And we were still caught off guard.
In the movies, we see the change happening from day to night. I always thought it was something impossible to hapen.
The truth is, it doesn't. The TV channels reported the first cases like it was some kind of game, or a bad joke...
Radios, even newspapers... Something not worthy of our attention.
All that mattered to them was if an actress had worn the same dress twice, or if a millionaire had bought another giant yacht.
And those youtube paranoids, that take anything and try to analyse it and find clues and leads.
They were the first that try to warn us...
But it's inherently human to ignore anything, not happening in our own backyard.
We struggle away those that try to warn us...
And prefer to maintain the ilusion of a perfect live, instead facing the reality around us.
The reality was that the world was crumbling around us... Even when the first cases start appearing in town
in the neighborhood, in the house next door, people still ignored the problem. In their minds it was some weird flu
some kind of other sickness. That's what made the first wave of victims.
The ignorance of the real threat of the disease.
And then, came the day that they could not pretend any more.
The day that they left home to go to work, and saw hell itself, in their own front lawn.
Sons of b*****s. With every single sign right in front of them, and they thought they were to important to be bothered
to even think about it...
Don't get me wrong... I don' want to sound like an hypocrite. I was one of these son's of b*****s.
I thought i was safe, that it was nothing... That I had nothing to worry about. That it would all just solve itself out...
Even when they start knocking on my door, I thought to myself: Wait it out, they'll go away, you'll be saved.
I was f*****g stupid... Those things did not go away out of nowhere.
And if you want an advice from someone who survived all of that shit, i got one...
When you think you're safe, and that everything is going to be fine, then start thinking about f*****g running...
Barricading yourself and hoping they starve to death? What a f*****g s****y idea...
Those f*****g things out there have all the f*****g time in the f*****g world to wait out for all of you...
To be continued...
Directed by Neo Potter
Written and Produced by Neo Potter
Voice by Gix_0
Music from 28 Weeks Later Soundtrack
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