How to Make Money Holder Cards : Adding a Money Holder Treasure Pocket to a Greeting Card

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.10.2007

Hi! My name is Elizabeth, and on behalf of Expert Village, this is our 14th clip in our
series of creating a money holder. Now up until this point, we had created a basic money
holder and then added some embellishments. Now we are going to talk about how to use
any cards that you may have lying around the house, either pre-packaged or one perhaps
you made before and turn it into a money holder. Here I have a card that I had made previously,
and as you can see I could throw a $20 bill or something in here, but then in just looks
worried and not prepared. I want them to think that I remembered them, so what we are going
to do just by using some card stock is add a little treasure pocket in here. So this
is a standard card, the width from here to here is 4 ¼ inches. So I am going to take
a piece of card stock. I am going to cut it out to be 4 ¼. Just is just a scrap piece
of card stock that I had laying around from a previous project. Now again I could just
glue this right in here and call it good. But I would like to make it a little classier,
add a little jazzy to it. So what I am going to do is create a diagonal. By doing that
I am going to line the card stock up on the cutter, corner to corner and then take my
cutter, oops, want to make sure you hold it securely, take my cutter and cut it on the
diagonal. This will create a triangle shaped piece that we will add to this. Now when we
add it in here, you can add it either way. I am going to do it this way. We are going
to line it up here, and when we add our adhesive, we want to glue it down this side and this
side, leaving this side open for us to slip in cash, check or gift card: things of that
nature. I am going to do this long side and the short side. Again, we are using this much
adhesive because we want it to be secure. Going to line it up with the inside fold of
the card, making it as straight as you can, making it flush with the bottom of the card.
Secure that down and here you have very basic, very easy treasured pocket in which you can
slip your money in. If you wanted to like we did with our previous card, you could add
some embellishments and touch this up a little. You could as you see in the front, see that
we have some stamped images here. You could add some eyelets—maybe 1, 2, or 3 just to
jazz it up a little. You could put a ribbon as is on the front of the card. You could
add a ribbon here., Anything you want or just leave it simply and easily the way it is.
Looks classy, prepared, holds your money securely and it makes a great gift.