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Everything will arrive.
Everything will arrive.
Everything will arrive.
Now it's my turn!
Episode 8 "Everything Will Arrive"
Ok, welcome.
We're in a restaurant to start the episode number 8.
This is my TellMeWhatToDoNow.com's t-shirt
I'm the only one wearing it. Because they don't wear it.
Why you didn't ask for something to drink?
I don't know...
She says that all depends of what she gets to eat...
If she gets pizza, she drinks coke,
If she gets pasta, then she drinks wine.
Meat, wine.
I'm hungry.
Let's order a pizza; what pizza do you want Franko?
And what are you getting?
mmmm... Chivito Al Plato.
What's the eight episode about?
Today we are going to start.... you didn't know Jennie...
To record the song that he wrote.
Oh really?
My voice! But I have to get some tea.
My voice can arrive!!!!!......
Well, the thing is that none of us are singers,
none of us compose music,
none of us are musicians,
But we're creating a song for TellMeWhatToDoNow.com
But we're famous; and will be more famous!
I have a good voice...
But before going to rehearse our song,
we should see everything that have happened these last days.
For example, Franko:
I got to get to the bus, and the train to go home, and it took me about 2 hours!
My card.
Yeah! There it comes the Metro Mover...
I'm here in the train after a long day of work.
I get the train so I can get faster to my destination.
The transport here in Miami is a little complicated.
I arrived to my destination to get a bus.
I listen to music to not get bored.
And KevinEnLinea?
Ohh, that's another thing...
Since the last episode I came with an idea of making an internet show,
and we have already three programs aired!
And you?
I'm making a lot of things but I can't tell you because it's a secret!.
It's a lie... lol....
Lady Gaga went to Britney's Concert.
And it was not in New York.
It was in Atlantic City.
The funny thing it's that the fans posted that
she did the little monter's pawn,
but she's not a little monster, she's a big monster!!...
Who is big?
Oh, Britney is fat...
Well if you want to see if Britney is fat,
here you have some footage that we got in her concert...
I'm looking for Franko but this American Airline Arena is too big.
I'll keep looking...
I'm getting inside the Arena...
I found Franko but he's seated right now.
Here you can see the Arena...
And Franko is over there...
Hey guys, we're here at Britney's concert and it's about to start.
It's kind of packed!
Watch the stage... It's really nice!!!
We came with our friends...
Alejandro Chaban, Geraldine Bazan, and Sofia Lama...
Well we're gonna have a good time,
So keep connected to TellMeWhatToDoNow.com
As you can see, we just got an appetizer... just for them,
because I cannot eat that. I'm really bad eating!
We're talking about our song that will be a hit!
We're going to start in the bars all weekends around the US...
Then we're going to Latin American...
Do you think so?
Of course!
Meat, french fries, ham, cheese, eggs, salad, and potatoes...
And this is the Capresse Pizza they're going to share, delicious!
Stop! Cut!
Well... after eating all that food, because it was a lot of food!,
We're heading to the studio to rehearse the song.
No, not that one.
You too?
No, that's not what they're going to sing.
Well, let's sing this one...
Well, you're gonna see right now what we will sing.
No, no, another one...
It has to be a song with voice.
Hey! We're suppose to sing our song!
Calm down!
I have to practice first.
A Mariah Carey's song,
A Celine Dion's song...
No, it has to be in spanish.
Maybe we can sing "Mientes", it has a good vocal...
from Camila.
We're printing our song's lyrics, to start singing it...
We've never rehearsed,
they have never seen the lyrics,
they haven't heard the song, just a little...
We're going to do our own songs!
Watch our rehearsal.
Ok, Kevin will show us how it is...
It's better for you to open your heart for me,
because you're the person that I want to have.
That's the choir lol.
I think there's something missing.
I adore u, I want u, I love u, I admire u, I appreciate u,
I admire u...
I adore u, I want u, I love u, I appreciate u, I admire u...
Everything will arrive in general.
Our fame, our money...
I adore u, I want u, I love u, I admire u...
I appreciate u, I respect u, I year for u, I see you...
The song "Everything Will Arrive" Take 1
Don't miss it, that's really good!
But say the name of the song.
Everything will arrive...
Not! Everything Will Arrive!!!!
It's better for you to open your heart for me,
because you're the person that I want to have.
Everything Will Arrive!
Everything Will Arrive!
Well this is the proof that we're working on the song.
You'll hear it soon at TellMeWhatToDoNow.com
This was Episode #8
Everything Will Arrive!
Visit TellMeWhatToDoNow.com to decide Franko, Jennie, and Kevin's destiny.
I put my glasses on...
Ooops! don't touch your nose!