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Highlights of the news today Friday the 13th April
Huge sonic boom over West Midlands Replacing Police Officers with ‘Community
Officers’ proving unpopular with the public London University considering stopping sale
of alcohol on premises to pander to Muslim students
Australia condemns North Korea for sabre rattling Euro News with Nick Griffin from the Belly
of the Beast United Nations condemns internal wars in the
Sudan too late Syrian troops fired on by rebels when trying
to observe cease fire Thought for the Day – Takfeer or worse?
UK NEWS Two Tornado aircraft broke the sound barrier
and made a 'sonic boom' which could be heard over a wide area of the west midlands yesterday.
The large bang was heard in Bath, Swindon, Coventry and Oxford and was thought to be
an underground tremor. The two aircraft and their brave crews were answering a distress
call from a helicopter which could have been hijacked by terrorists. It turned out the
civilian chopper was emitting the wrong frequency and the incident was a false alarm, yet the
Tornado crews showed true heroism answering the call. The sonic boom was reported in some
Left wing papers ‘to have upset people and shaken their houses’.
Police are being frowned upon in a latest report, of taking the traditional bobby from
the street and replacing them with the card board cut out 'community officers.' Members
of the British public are not best pleased with the idea.
London Metropolitan University is considering stopping the sale of  'immoral' alcohol on
campus because it offends their Muslim students. The Muslims who number around 20% of students
have concerns about the selling of booze on campus.
Malcolm Gillies, Vice Chancellor of London Metropolitan University, said students' values
were changing. London Metropolitan University could take action because a ‘high percentage’
of its students (around 20% probably) thought drinking was ‘immoral’. Apparently Gillies
raised the prospect of an alcohol free campus after gauging ‘changing values’ from new
students. He was quoted as saying “it would be unwise
to ‘cling’ to a ‘nostalgic' view where the vast majority wanted alcohol to be available
and instead take account of diverging views” He told one paper “.'Our students come from
all over the world and they come with changing balance of values.
A spokesperson commented “Yes but surely people come to British Universities to be
educated in the British tradition. What planet is this man on? Once you destroy the traditions
of one British university the rest will follow like sheep to halal slaughter”
Euro News with Nick Griffin This week's Dispatch from the Belly of the
Beast comes from Brussels, although Nick Griffin sent it once back in Britain and on the road
between meetings in Tyneside, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
"Although in Brussels," Nick tells us, "the bulk of my work this time was catching up
with post and emails and on the phone on constituency business. I had a long discussion with a family
rights campaigner on efforts to publicise the scandal of state child kidnap. The shocking
treatment of loving families who have their babies snatched by council social services
is an issue that Christopher Booker has highlighted in the Daily Telegraph, but with that honourable
exception the media have ignored the injustice and heartache caused by this all too common
"I first got in touch with one of the groups fighting this scandal in an effort to help
constituents whose baby son was snatched three years ago by the SS, as they call them, in
Scotland. Despite clear evidence that the wrong decision was made in the first place,
and that his current care arrangements are way inferior to those which would be provided
by his real parents, the authorities are doing all they can to deny them even access to their
little boy.
"It's cruel beyond belief, and the campaign spokesman gave me enough examples to suggest
to me that the driving force behind this is a fundamentally anti-family ideological bent
among sections of the social services. This is another area where the issue of the ultra-left
Common Purpose cult keeps on cropping up.
"But whatever the background, it's good to hear that family rights campaigners are organising
a demonstration outside Downing Street on July 27th. We'll be publishing full details
of this non-political event in a web article next week, but if you think you can make it,
put the date in your diary straight away.
"On the email front, I had a very interesting exchange with a member of the Norwich Reformed
Church about the persecution of its pastor, the Reverend Dr. Alan Clifford and members
of his congregation by Labour-run Norwich City Council.Their 'offence'? Distributing
a pamphlet entitled 'Why Not Islam', which explains why radicalism and a tendency towards
violence is institutionalised within Islam, and highlighting the differences between Jesus
Christ and Mohhamad.
"You'll be able to read all about this latest example of Labour bullying ordinary, decent
people on behalf of Islam on our website shortly too - and there'll be an opportunity for you
to take action to help.
"On the postal front, I received a reply from Parliamentary President Martin Schulz to my
questions about the EU's extravagant collection of truly hideous modern 'art'. Fair play to
Herr Schulz, as I only wrote to him a few weeks ago, whereas I'm still waiting for a
response from his predecessor, Jerzy Buzek [pronounced Booze-ek] to a letter I sent him
in December about the total absence of Christian images from parliament's Christmas cards.
"Anyway, the key information I've uncovered is that the EU's purchase of 387 quote representative
works of modern art unquote - that's over-hyped chimpoid junk to thee and me - set back the
unfortunate taxpayers a staggering one million, eight hundreds and twenty seven thousand,
five hundred and one euros. "I'm not sure which masterpiece they spent
the one euro on - I rather hope it was Dwarf and Two Suns, which I posted for my twitter
followers when I first raised this issue.
"I'll be publishing the full text of Herr Schulz's reply online shortly, together with
more pictures showing what these neo-Marxist idiots are wasting your money on. And, yes,
since you ask, despite imposing austerity for the masses, they're still buying!
"I was also informed that the value of the collection "is currently subject to ongoing
valuation by art experts." I will be writing back to Herr Prezidant Schulz suggesting that
the quickest and most cost effective way of getting an accurate valuation is simply to
sell the whole lot.
"The empty spaces on the walls could perhaps be filled by stretched canvass reproductions
of classic, genuine works of art chosen online by ordinary voters to represent the best of
our own traditional national cultures.
"Even cheaper, and perhaps more constructive, would be to put up large blank posters, one
for each MEP, on which they would be compelled to write, in their native languages of course,
the words: I MUST NOT WASTE TAXPAYERS' MONEY. One hundred times!"
World News Australia has come out and condemned the Communist
North Koreans for carrying out a missile test which could have a destabling effect on the
region. North Korea launched its rocket after tensions in the region by South Korea and
Japan. The good news is that when the rocket took off, soon after launch the rocket fell
apart and splintered. The satellite that was to be launched disintegrated and fell into
the sea. There is a God!
The United Nations has demanded that the ongoing fighting between north Sudan and south Sudan
must end. The UN council explained that the continued fighting could lead to a full scale
conflict again. The conflict has seen many people killed in the past and also accounts
for much of the famine in those regions and an escalation would be a disaster, one spokesperson
Syrian troops are engaged in more fighting against rebels near the border with Turkey.
The ongoing conflict is said to continue in the area. The UN has asked for a ceasefire
but the Syrian government explained that when they try to carry it out, the rebels attack
them again.
Thought for the Day.- Takfeer. Well folks here I am again. Please believe
me when I say that if we did not have the Islamic problem growing every larger within
our shores I would be happy as a pig in shit. There would be no need for me to bring up
these parasites most week and I and you could dwell on the more pleasant aspects of being
British. But here we are again, some of the headlines reading as London University to
stop sale of booze, an Islamic extremist declares Britain’s first Sharia law zone in London
and welcome to the Halal Inn, Britain’s first alcohol free Islamic pub – happily
named after a particularly nasty form of ritual slaughter.
Have you ever heard of the word ‘takfeer’? To summarise that phrase it means that a Muslim
can ‘adopt the way of the unbeliever to become integrated into a society or be seen
to be one of us’ and then revert to his original status when he has achieved his objective
which is to convert and change an object, place or people to the way of Islam.
There follows a short passage which is amongst a veritable pile of verses on this, if I have
missed anything out I am not apologising, I shouldn’t have to read it at all in my
country! Kufr is I believe the spoken word kuffeer (us and other non believers and our
state of grace or lack of it as far as Mohammed goes)
... and such as open their breasts to disbelief ... " [Soorah an-Nahl 16:106]
So what has to be the case is that the heart embraces kufr and is at peace with it, and
the soul is satisfied with it. So the appearance of wicked beliefs only is not to be taken
into account here, especially if one is ignorant of the fact that they are contrary to Islaam.
Likewise account will not be taken of the appearance of an action of kufr for the one
who did not intend to leave Islaam by it and enter into kufr, and likewise account will
not be taken of a word spoken by a Muslim which is a saying of kufr, when he does not
believe what it means."[6] So my friends’ seeing is not believing.
The Muslim edict over here is, ADOPT ADAPT AND IMPROVE OR NOT!
Where do I start? First with the University, although I do not like drink sodden students
the best place to have them is on campus and not off campus. What right do a so called
handful of Muslim students have to dictate? If they do not want to drink fair enough go
and study, get the degree you want and get out of the country. Of course that is not
what they want, these so called students want to change our Universities to their ideal.
It is as simple as that. Change is the only dictat in their world , rather like Obama,
but change for what? Considering that one in four of students from Pakistan are bogus
that would explain it all.
As the British National Party have predicted, the change will start with something simple
like booze. Now no one likes to see drunken out of control young girls or youths but most
of us like a wee dram from time to time. So they are attacking our moral and ethical Achilles
heel. The Brits have always drunk as have the Scots, Irish and Welsh. The answer is
simple, stop all day opening hours for Pubs, take cheap booze away from the corner shops,
mainly Asian run and the Supermarkets, mainly Jewish owned and open up old fashioned Off
Licences again. Certain hours to buy and consume. Let Universities and pubs have their booze
and their smoking rooms back – so we have a choice of how to kill ourselves. Take this
out of the hands of the Muslim dictators now.
Now Sharia zones being forced on Waltham Forest us by a convert....lovely. Would the Arabs
like it if we not only colonised their countries but set up entire regions for Christians?
Masses of Churches, pork butchers shops and pubs? No – it is not their culture. Well
like it or not it has become a British tradition. As a throng of Muslim families crowded around
him, Abu Izzadeen spoke in a quiet voice of his plans for the future of Britain. The tall,
bearded ginger minger recently freed from prison after serving a term for funding terrorism,
tells in chilling detail how he wants to impose Islam’s strict Sharia law on this country.
He is determined to stop Western ‘decadence’. Why? he is living and was born in the West.
Go East young man go East and take your tacky yellow stickers with you! Are our Christians,
Jews and non Muslims going to find themselves second class citizens of their own country?
Remember the German Jews had been in their country for over 800 years and found themselves
wearing yellow badges. Is this the thin end of a forthcoming wedge?
Now the Halal Inn, words fail me. Two rather odd looking Muslim guys with soft drinks in
their hands saying cheers. Oh please. The Halal Inn is open for non-alcoholic business
only of course. It was an old English public house.
The Halal Inn's owner Azizur Rahman and business partner Muzahid Khan have opened the country’s
first Islamic pub last December in Oldham. Fruit juice, coffee and tea and Asian snacks
are available and Islamic music is played over loudspeakers. My idea of hell on earth!
The owners feel that whilst English pubs are being forced to close every day they should
be taken over by Asians for this sort of get together, which of course excludes women.
Mr Khan was quoted as saying that ‘Muslims are a major consumer group now and should
be considered’ Well this is because Mr Khan, you do not integrate.
You very rarely see a Muslim at the Theatre, Films, Restaurants, Art Galleries, Museums
and more. They do not put their money into our country at all.
The man and woman in the street is still inclined to think we are dealing with the Arabian nights
here, probably due to the fact that extremely oil rich Arabs have been coming over here
since the 60’s, drinking like fishes and having sex with everything that moves and
paying very generously for it, we think that is how they live they don’t, this is why
they have been coming over here to do it. In their own countries they are models of
Islamic goodness. Stop buying up Britain so you can have it
as you want it. Stop buying up Britain so you can duplicate conditions that you left.
Stop buying up Britain so you and everyone else have to worship your god. Stop buying
up Britain to accommodate your future generations. You are not Diverse or religiously multi faith,
why should we be? The Muslims in our country are ghettoizing
themselves voluntarily and willingly. However they need land and businesses and food to
do it so that is why we, the British are feeling every more pressed into a confined space of
living, culture and religion. Make no mistake we are under attack and colonization, despite
what the authorities whimper about diversity, multi ethnic culture and liberalism. This
is supposed to go two ways not just one way. We are allowing our government, councils,
schools, universities, businesses and lifestyle to be changed drastically to suit what is
after all supposed to be a minority ethnic community.
People forget and we forget we are an Island people, only just aligned to our so called
European brothers but we are like the Japanese, an island race and who is to say our so called
culture is wrong? Surely not the very people who pour into this country day after day,
month after month and year after year? To get a true idea of what the Muslims think
of us read some of their websites, strange how a religion of ‘peace’ ties up with
the general threatening prose isn’t it?
And finally... It’s Friday the 13th and beware if you live
in Stoke on Trent, for at Victoria Hall in Hanley, a team of ghost hunters are preparing
to go hunting for apparitions and other things that go bump in the night! The hall was built
to mark the jubilee of the great Queen Victoria around 1890. Prisoners were once jailed at
the great hall awaiting trial. The hunt is on until 2am, so plenty of time to catch a
ghost tonight for those attending! You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne
Mozar and we at Radio Britain wish you all a very happy and safe weekend.