How to Make Your Phone Sales 500% More Effective

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welcome and thank you for joining us for two
a seminar
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trader publishing in nineteen ninety
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for that and i can see that short survey he slid out so i was looking for a great
feedback from islands and stable and obstructs minutes from all the completed
tell something simple cracks
so frederick select
good last night
make your phone sales upset ivan percent more aspect
mister carville park
how are you today
i'm doing a great thing so much for having me and uh... it all my great
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on the treaty really on them really excited that i'm uh... actually not
traveling today and the michael office in southern california
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more affect stimulus plan to tennis great follow-up last week seven are so
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people earning statements
or grave approachable again thank you not like to welcome everybody question
uh... one thank you for attending in really the goal here is to bring you
everybody on the call from fanatic value
uh... you personally and what you can take back your business
so we're going to put on three think today first golden lookit at what's
going on in the marketplace right now i understand the nature of the call in two
thousand and twelve and understand actually put the lovable what's
happening with all the inbound calls
endorsement liggett rendition that into
making life easier where have all been down coffee in intel's uma can talk
about the or immigration
and how that can simplify your business insure that all your reach
uh... are maintained within the key or a m
and then eliana as we talked about what the author of the car were affected
in really what we're gonna talk about matt sections as all of the dealers will
often you know bahut art dealers at all do it the better fantastic job creating
great into in the viewership
the first impression that
uh... somebody greet you immediately make take care of all your needs
and what we're gonna talk about in in the particulars really creating the
at the dealers have done such a good job of looks the route traffic up at a
correlate that back onto the folks
secession but if you come
say so much
what they can welcome everybody thanks for being here for the first five we're
gonna take a peek at if what happened with the mobile factor
ineffectual call volumes
as we know the call volume really took all up in the pit the began in the early
days with traditional advertising
early to mid nineties we've talked to get the can drop off on the phone
traffic to the dealerships in
and as we know all the traffic at that point was the end
is being pushed through email autotrader dot com cars dot com as bait created a
huge opportunity
include all of your screen at this huge internet division within their stores
but the great thing about it today we've seen the trend a phone call that in a
high-level um... decrease when the emails took over
but we're back in the environment today for smartphones
at this show smartphone pda mobile phone particular that computers some phone
calls on the rise again with a high level
and of we catholics that
just stay there
uh... as we all know consumers now or do a lot of shoppers shopping on the phone
and a lot of them will actually to quit the call
and even today i'm calling the compromise will multiply much more prone
to and i'm assuming a lot of the deal was out there today if they're not on
their smartphones call
if i could be clicked them down at a ticket and tab-stops leading mail
implement texture to it
so the first when we look at it we all know phone call drum increased and we
expect that the stay there
what happened when the phone calls are coming into the school
severe century interactive
um... move we've been in business for twenty years heavily in the automotive
states for the last
uh... in some of the data that we're gonna look at today
is thompson do you approach that we we do business with right now we've ripley
epsom interpret tops our platform
we have five at the top nine dealership dealer groups
uh... do business with the to the data we're gonna look at today it can be
uh... live data updates from some of the dealers that
they're currently on our platform so what we did over the last couple months
as we put three hundred and forty-two dealers and we think we can to keep
deep dot org what's happened with their data
we uh... looked at two million them down calls and then we also took a look at
that over six mobile phone calls
uh... in essence what will find them
glue as we know a lot to do it right now it's really challenge them into a simple
all their call
and out of those two million calls that we looked at
only twenty four percent of those calls were popsicles
inet equals true basically on four hundred and eighty thousand
so we know one of the challenges than spaces that uh... patrolmen managers get
so many calls roughly about sixty percent of those calls it with the serbs
warning that
uh... twenty five to thirty percent generally speaker within the service and
the rest of the nonprofit
so one of the major challenges in the states ritemail it is actually popping
the pills popsicle so the managers have happy filling the prime ticket straight
what what support them
mhm in another thing that we've noticed
uh... eliana which was pretty
i'm pretty eye opening right now only thirty nine percent of the
calls up till three
appalled by the board
right now if this is the average score only sixty one percent of all real
prospect actually get involved
uh... actually defect liability help answer the questions with rather
and yast
eighteen passes
feedsnag talked about it a little bit too acting out by recent have car buying
experience for our find exactly what i want it
s to ads online
had the car i want it
and and see if
extra colors i want
and dragonair
ileana didn't declare no added the added a four hundred and eighty thousand prop
carpet amen habitat millions
uh... what's called the audience for a quick look find out on average
harmonies of the inbound call
what's up all the article
when in doubt one
it's you guys
scoffs gives you access
that's when the fire
infrequently supported
cid over forty percent
normally now
just find out what black honest yes
tanneries on this fall
well that last saturday
uh... there'd be into a word that or that they could be divert the
uh... it pretty interesting that computer that you work in the person
that have been appointment at the request of inbound calls
because what our that shorten it may be a little surprising some people
um... ad of the
two million calls that we market on the envelop the from line over four hundred
and eighty thousand words were actually feel prospect all
but other whoever intel all
that will that's what the outcome
who only twenty percent of the time the employees actually requested more
asking asking us yourself fees
over forty percent of the time to ask them to get
could provoke this
audience and i'm sure again
nice anis
senate spent said it's about forty percent i didn't find out
one of our attendees friday he said
just over forty percent
but it was a month ago
it was probably more like twenty percent
is fixable so i think it's a fact comment announcer
seven area
pay a therapist would be a key i know that that is
you if you can pick out her cruising that
that i would think that a lot
mississippi tactic beautiful thing about it what they get there
i went from twenty percent forty percent edit fixable
in throughout the question that they were really gonna talk about
how to change behavior
entirely out of the twenty two percent fairly normal
intimate seemed like a lot of the feedback came in on that ranges well we
really feel that
that that number
uh... this is a reality but that's number thirteen significantly over time
um... a magic said earlier today company called the dealership
you know all the information you want to look the vehicle of their if they have
the color because if they did
you want to get in there in the purchase
work with
yet you know historically why the numbers solo
in your book a look forward to getting phone number so they would
they they would just at a habit if they let me give your name and phone number
and call you back so they would potentially pickups the car
one reason why they think that the main reason so they could captured name and
phone number and keep that in their database
but we have to do keep in mind and environment debate the consumers says
sateen so educated
they are doing that they've already they know the price
eighteen eighteenth voted with the car the video
uh... of a number can potentially
a carfax
so connect consumer can get information with the click of a mouse
when it picked up that phone call
they work with information back and what they're looking for
they're not really looking for a lot of questions right now
their act they want to be invited them
so we think that the twenty three percent
we could meet your over time it significantly gonna change
pubic how the consumers are shopping albert gathering information for capital
with the click the mouse
will make all your store
they wanted permission back quickly is level one benefit though
eliana at templeton packing the car call number
if it's much easier for dealers be prepared into a much better job on the
outbound call
who what where encouraging dot newton beyond he be prepared for the inbound
and really start monitoring
managing in engaging your guys worse
the appointment on the first call
act that set
test five siphon consignee
out one person asked me for the appointment
now i'm assuming they probably got your name and number and uh... woop woop were
expect them to call you back
sometimes even ever try to contact
less available y
the information that car
anti-incumbency etc etc
uh... it would be about the bearing and all that you work on all will probably
agree through
steelers note everything that happened arm on the walk-up traffic on the when
somebody walks into the store dealers can recite end quote very quickly
coming up so you had for the day family demo contaminate write-ups
in one of our goals
is detective to allow the dealership noticing metrics and all information all
that the other interesting thing since only
twenty two percent of people out for an appointment
thirty percent
when they ask for the appointment the caller trapped
uh... another great that there's only twelve o'clock
so it tells us think we are on something here
that now the consumer have all that information at their fingertips adequate
by the time they make that call
they will rarely decline that appointment
include normally corner declined at this point
percent look soft support forgiven all lose time of when they may come into the
store or lucy
more to talk about how to me with that as we go through this presentation
another interesting that
with eighty six percent of the six million outbound calls never reached
intended party
and what they were to talk about state we talked about the the evolution of the
phone call for the email
and now we're back with a
because king
uh... one thing that we feel delivering to keep in mind
is as
as in the mid nineties when replying to the emails with a very time-sensitive
keep in mind that informants entrapped emailed me to apply the phone calls
consumers into dates market when they call you have given you permission
and telling you how they want to communicate with you
who were highly encouraging yours but when
those consumers get the thumbs up and they call you in a party of tablets how
they want to communicate
at the out they'll keep that would be more important
and much more effective leveling with them
uh... move into the future
so that was pretty interesting so what we're looking at right here dad
it's weaker elected we broke it down into a reporting pa
what this reporting product it's just that
duplicate of the numbers we spoke at a little bit earlier but a little bit more
student sixty one percent teller that
only fifty one percent of the called ultimately connected to a qualified
uh... you're on the neck whitewater to talk about what happened at the thirty
nine percent
which is good for benchmarking office where you can see
seems like this number right here
is relatively low
you get a lot of people at when we go out to the marketplace we start
presenting though sixty one percent of the prospect actually connected with the
fall apart but the key here as you can see
either all of you worked with in the platform right now
in a really performance
a little below average but not significantly
to more than likely that the average dealership either the number of right
that uh...
at your prospects are connected with warner sales agent
and that you can see down below that with the mean time for the caller to
connect with a qualified agent
so this was when the car company store the receptionist picks up we start
taking that time right there in the norm on a trip how long before that building
picked up the call
and as you can see thirty eight seconds
well normally rather touched by the average right now we're seeing
the real good
dealerships are or or under contract that's right now
and that you can see it's part of the average on all dealerships
there within a reasonable time frame
groups give me the party nine percent of what the heck is that
and i know that the hard number completely what we're talking about
writedelta illicit thirty nine percent that did not get connected to a
qualified agent so what happened all those calls
as you can see that thirty nine percent broken down in detail right here so
twenty three reached a point qmail did not meet the math
um... however that that what happened to you that that you fall into the twenty
one person
lisa voice now what's the matter
i can at this point is that the conversations but one of the methodist
up to three weeks to return your call is that correct
hot and sticky
yet that because we were able to print this in the pol pot the and how helped
build it and how that all the work were worker or in the email coupon manner
and i do remember um... they became book uh... last week with me
highly incorrectly you a defect in is is the time etc that dealers should reply
to it you know the pretty interesting also i think david had a couple other
interesting that's that the average consumers to know that that out thirteen
to keep in mind the key here the average consumers always been a bit at one point
three dealerships before purchase
and that's how it looks like a lot of information
remember what we talked about earlier they're gonna do the research there then
that much
add that silver answering the call
and vitamins
particularly securely determine one point three dealership simply
environment their decision are normally being made
via the phone
in their research
for the other thirty nine percent of broken-down of hung up on hold during
thirty th affecting suffering time
some eighteen percent guys we can conduct through out the window because
they were polly while numbers nobody there perked up call
and one thing i do want to point out which is pretty impressive i think
if we'd looked at the bottom right here
what this outlooks
nineteen percent of the miss consumers
received the return phone card
so only nineteen percent think about that guy
think about your emails coming to your email box during the heyday when emails
in will return nineteen percent of the steam
i think we know what the lord i happened to that consumer
and probably know what would happen to the long-term adapters
and the other key featured here is that actually thirty eight percent of those
of a catholic data
they had a pretty dire needs
thirty eight percent of those actually
called the dealer back
and try the enquirer can't get their questions
system particularly in telling information
and the question of the paddy secretary
how do you know it and have you fix it because i think that we try and forward
part of the goal here is
as i mentioned earlier you got to knows much about your photo traffic inmagic as
you do your walk up to a new everybody on this call that the fantastic job
empty words
site their staffs
uh... rather quickly back to you
banks that leave all from
uh... phone calls the traditional newspaper style billboards
um... car magazine we all know the consumer literally translates into up to
the digital side so it's your budget
by pursuing the automotive business
uh... in the early nineties call tracking was pretty much the coolest
uh... in uh... in the face
and keep in mind
contracting still cool unquiet local because
the value in a lot to do with i've had the menace that the overall value
your business
have actually increased due to the fact that the call volumes increase
antonella contracting business have any paltry mythical over the past couple of
um... but now we have some new technology that we really think help you
amid a couple gotten the call tracking states doing this right now we have a
product out and also another great company at the park mongoose lecture
have a much product outskirts historically what we've heard in
enough to know how many
i know how many questions i'm getting
i know coming up click trumpeting
in most you if you look at their conversion rate
from those clips to web portal
so peter that bridge of mister
right soak
what we will look at it
how many impressions
tammany click
tammy webform prop
uh... having webform conversions dept tell me what will build my getting
and also
write the column came
how many of these keywords or actually converting into phone calls
so we've recently lost for the people around for a good number of years were
century interactive
and what we call it the more web analyzer
uh... so what we have the ability to do here with its web analyzer t
is we have a dynamic number on the website that replaces with each unique
something we can actually track keywords to conversions
so that we see right here
fear some of the key word just as an example of the customer of ours who
given a permission slip that showed some of the state which is showcasehonda
so that you can see right here guys click
either the keywords that the dealer
if you think
is buying its projections keywords for pay-per-click
emit they work on that you can see you at your it created
eleven hundred unique sessions
acute infections they've created seven hundred forty-eight unique session and
that's the word showcase honda
actually converted
eighty two phone calls
through now with the with this web tracking peace
keyword tracking level you have the ability to look at your keywords and
now within a few words chaps like conversion
or check conversions
but now you also have the ability to determine
effect keyword
also had call conversion
and then the great thing about that uh... that you can get the pool keyword
conversion were taken by mccall the chat
in fact conversion
for every key work for you
and then we can also get a little bit broader with this information
and this is a really cool men to remember call tracking
it's cool
it brings a lot about you
in in and we're evolving next week
so that the recurring websites wars
as you can see right here so what the truth element
until questions we get about that
statement this can expect my google rank
um... the answer is no
you will have to correct phone numbers
uh... placed on your website by unique
dot gov reality google regular fee one anchor number in that equal number will
not change
sitting at the end of the day
this will have no thought that whatsoever
on your google m_f_n_ yahoo rankings
through the great thing about it here gets much deeper guy
proper follows just look at autotrader dot com
onto autotrader dot com
you know phone calls are declining
impressions or decline in the bed but they're still bring tremendous value
now you have the ability to look at the conversion rate not only how many people
arbitrator center website
how many of those people that autotrader secure website having converted into a
phone call
who predict particular
uh... you are right here about a traitor dot com pretty impressive
prop sixteen
uh... twelve hundred unique
in out of those twelve hundred unique people
started their search on autotrader dot
dot com
battling on the link but he was website in the workshop in on the steelers
uh... created forty three phone calls
fight conversions
of the total conversion up four point nine percent
so this is the really be crop that's all we do it
at a cab driver flip your site
and uh... week tag each page then we also tags each
what's more details
we have the ability to look at the all-inclusive
conversion of site
in the keywords
all three of you can see if your guide you have the ability to ski with google
c_-one poor you
in your direct main site with somebody
the director mainly sort of the browser and actually typing your website
for google for an example to think that it happened where they could've went to
and out either type in your dealership
or with the cool
impact in the keyword inman clicked on that particular keyword
you get to your site
so if you have any questions on this please
bring them out and we hope to culture
earth another part of the bapat integration keep in mind although there
are couple documents in place right now to a very good job at it
one of the interim here we also have the ability
to integrate the convergence into google adwords
to simply knowing that you're managing their at in the nasty old mainly
european for this particular
uh... google adwords you can go to cool adwords
and you can optimize your conversion
five phone calls
uh... on cool at work so it's a real simple process very easy to do and dont
let us know if you have any questions or if we can expect anybody
with this product
okay so i think that that's pretty cool man so i do i think a lot of money
on generating opportunities
um... the first thing that we want to do with really really
haim kurds everybody integrate these prospects look if you're around
uh... as as we travel across a country
right now only about thirty percent dealers actually integrate all their
call tracking data into their ceo
and there are some significant
advancers that
of one of the engine that it's it's expression on your call data
and all the guys in the call tracking states have the ability to do that right
now i think we all know the players who's who's calling
you know colebreath
all sorts
and of course a tree interactive
please work with your if you're if you're caught trekking rafting next year
and of course all the state and if you're in a few shortly with a look at
but that's been a man looked like
uh... another thing that we see in that
in the business right now in the state
you've got a lot of dealers have pragmatic contracting platform soco
autotrader dot com maybe this rma number
uh... cars dot com a deep tissue a number and so on and so forth
weed control that kato because what you control that data allow you the ability
to manage shifting to ensure
all that's going to be put directly to the
ciara mint white person that
curing that's so important
is because a lot of the times when we are cross referencing prospect calls to
the p_r_i_ them
is normally a belt of about thirty percent for that kills a kitten just has
made a conscious decision
not internet phone up into the key
and think about uh...
if i feel i have a plot lead if i'm working with the dealership why am i
why would i want to go internet because he ran for the billy dale i know that's
gonna happen
department of justice hold me accountable to work that way
so effective integrated approach to your serum
you take that question mark out of the rats kentucky should in order not
in its law thickening will excuse me if log
uh... by a_t_f_ loki
yet they control your data
make sure the vendors not
um... know your customer all this
the smoothest e_r_m_ a lot of the call tracking company immature and
built they will push that
that information
if the reporting at this person has already purchased apart from you
that we will be group at that particular person so you have a
story efforts have been a repeat or you can determine if the the new customer
a lot of help a lot of people in the state right now are heavily tracking
himself fluency all this of course in your city armitage usability to
it record work there
oecologia director traffic hot or not
will be permitted to follow up with up for that one before that week
and when you push that p_c_r_ and this is the screen shot of basically put it
looks like the communal what
up with you and your knees and go to the screenshot reviewer socket
we have a great partnership with dealer socket
and what that uh... throughout the start of the your this is where the
the prospect that took the phone number
as you can see this particular consumer he started it cracked lips
and then he went from craigslist
to showcase conduct so the referring sorcery here is going to be critical if
he started his shopping on craigslist
and then click on a hike on those tend to showcase kanda dot com
as you can see it was a poll out down here
and the cool thing about it at all if you need to do it simply click on the
work that fear infinite populate a little bit more robust data
again it's gonna confirm
source will showcase honda the recurring short
worked with krikalev
and also
and a little bit deeper diet
of how we can combine all of that left tracking data
about that customer
this is the full story of the chopper in this entire story
absolutely be pushed into any your
you know keep in mind that as i mentioned a couple of times already
all the contracting company have the ability to push that
outdated and that the fear of the fab four a_t_f_ maximo the
quickly to reach out to them
uh... expert at the great practice abstract but i'll do it should be
should be falling
elvis curtis rappe quickly right here this is actually put your going to be
empathy arround
and this gives the pool story at what that consumer did as you can see that
consumer was carlos
we can determine that carlos went to google
carlos in google p
fight to end
honda accord scottsdale
over here it is it's a story that it was a paid added you can see with the cool
the great thing about this guy dynamic web tracking qty
will also attract
update correct but also will determine how your site in optimize we'll also
talk followed the organic look well all the way through
applicant people call us call
the cool thing about it carola picked up the call
take check this out
the store answered the call
in nine second
while pretty impressive right
good operator with geriatrician methods
on the part time with nine minute and one thing up here that pretty
interesting is that up here you have the ability of course you can look for the
call but the key here is what we're finding
with a lot of the meat and potatoes of the called actually happen in the last
ninety except for that call
now you have the ability to go up here if you look at if you wanna listen to
the entire call that's great
but more importantly you control the borrower excuse me
and i just looked into
as much a rule that called you would like
so that we talked about the ability to look at the full story right near as we
can tell
carlos receipt throughout mt phone calls
into the first call up that roughly a minute technical acted roughly ten
minutes of great follow-up tricare want to call back
and also
now that would it be viable what consumer did prior to making a phone
call we probably have a little bit earlier about about patrick burns wars
and about the keyword tracking
we do know again
what to do
the i think honda accord scottsdale
he actually clicked on the keyword and this is what he did what we talked on
the plane
as we can see carlos went at the home page for eleven seconds
he looked at used car inventory for only seven seconds
it was obviously pretty dialed into that wonderful port because that also matches
if he were
and then the cool thing here as you can tell becky word actually triggered a
phone call and that phone call that
a little bit over two men
so what that uh... guide and it really gives you the pool story put that
consumer dead
prior to making a phone call
now show your follow-up calls really allow you to be a little bit more
engaged determines what he thought he looked at
if you look at multiple vehicles on your site
that story would also tell it would look every vehicle he looked at now you have
the ability to make that outbound phone call
with some with me
meeting for questions
stuff fuck
contact packed
team from engine hispanics nell gwyn
slide disinterested side where is that transaction
entry interactive's coral or saturn dealers
yes that who that we're going to be difficult week and whoever's europe
through did this this is the information that we gather that we're gonna push to
the tiara this example that we're looking at right now with the with the
dealer socket example
but this p
if like you're looking at right here
nomadic what d_r_ endure usin
uh... likha
like entry interactive but like most contracting company have the ability to
push the day-to-day anything at repealed
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx that's just a quick
you know any kind
um... were about to get alfalfa that's fairly new to the business
nxp were tracking stuff in relatively new its wealth with anybody has any
technical questions or defining questions oakley please anytime thank
and and and then check it out at the
allowance equipment and that the public when you're looking at consumers the
prospect white it made by
what happened
it we call them back
so when requested to the fear and we're also going to add some additional notes
any additional notes are very fruitful life conversation yes whether the event
to recall it was
we talked about earlier that
that out of those two million calls that we refuse
only twenty four percent or four hundred and eighty album of those were prospect
a matching each figure beth
weeding through two million cost applying twenty four percent of
one thing that we're going to help the dealers do if we're going to categorize
sales calls
so now it's real quick as you can see
we've had this to a team in average
pete that we've developed
we can't help
the pope the consumer called and pay after the other inventory p
hey wow look at this
the dealership request an appointment big here
might job
look look what happened
the consumed customer loosely agreed to come in
with no specific stay in power
i know what's going to happen there
indian ocean
it cannot be america if that's what we call it what
roughly right now and will get a little bit more than ada that were finding
roughly about fifty percent of the appointments are going to be firm in
about forty percent of the apartment divinity
equipment happy
very likely that the show
up up hard appointments optically increased significantly
if the rapid and or the manager contempor e
birthday in the past
and and he's got something didn't catch he said
andrea c_n_n_ example taxes talked since nine minutes in sixty seconds got chale
sense that
just you know
a day
that's a good batsman
a map to get back to you on that
g_a_t_t_ west a few years
dot red
at you
exactly fifty one seconds until they've reached the person who gets the ceo
acting note
they got to my background at that
trader a long-time rainy autotrader businesses on the west coast
with the call who works for three-and-a-half years helped build that
up in a country interactive produced over three months
so i a m until you know i'm in the process of that
of learning with data
as well so there at the following answer that question a day
and i'm sure you right after this award hello creek lyric for that
thank you so x
you simply we worked really hard to create right for the third that with the
purchase follow stopping for
so we know what consumers to all online looking at things level up here at
what's going on that they have because i like
the fact that he died
the engagement filter
because we do know one thing for sure
fifteen ph mid filter
if you do a great job here
by-product of that
particular filter
so as we talk about here
initial response
right how with the quality of that response in transparency of the
and what i'm talking about that
are moving forward
the response for follow up with that cost them
so that being said
eliana i'd like to do another poll
disgrace california now
um... colony
and doing
he now answer
camps here
events we're gonna close to call
peaceful questions always
transit like
seperti music and cut that you can provide that
out here
and sell out fast
supersedes decided says
actual terrible crackdown thunder alley
urged eight kids cement
sleazy dot at
and you know i i think um... i think that pop into the industry average that
that would look right now
forty two percent nationally call the customer back
antique eclipse
eighteen fifty four percent of the mess really
uh... or call back as well
patients that
the that equal pretty much what the customer
with the feedback was from the dealer yet we encourage you to to step up the
up lp
and i i i would just
monitor and evaluate the outbound keep some of the house used to manage
replying to emails we probably should
holding your internet guy pretty accountable for your kindly reply
i would take that same mindset and transitions
response time back on outbound equal to your gain
after the interesting thing here about that with don't we try it for this is an
example of the store
the you their main website number actually
um... generated four hundred an eighty six phone calls
in the outbound caller i_d_ tag generated retired sixty-six normally
what will see that outbound i_d_ number your always been the number one number
what generating the most phone call
you put him down dealer
for dealerships on the inbound side
so definitely that outbound your power user
it will generate
tremendous called back to the dealership
uh... you know on caller i_d_
so the person just called me
probably most of the group
so that would be interesting poll question right there
every time i missed a call if you look like don't know the number of my
without attempting to call back
than most people do
we've got the opt-out equally
your opportunities patrol cars
oh deftly create opportunities on the imbalance dot as well
looked at some later that states right there so that that's what
without doubt people so i can keep in mind the outbound it's fairly simple
if you go directly from a p_r_ m
it can be done from the employees' death clone
and we also have the ability to do that from a telephone no
so it's real sample right here what we've done
uh... we've added component advocate
to the peace
uh... historically must do it right now or clicking
meaning cameo now call could you make today and
so that we noticed that what we did
and we did a lot of monitoring of the outbound calls actually coming a bit
about down called apropos for moneyline
as we know right now
the majority of altho called people a voice mail
right now it's advert in roughly
of what we noticed that about five
to meet about five to ten percent of all outbound call actually reached alive
so what we did is we added a new metric now warm
actually monitoring in managing family the abell called absolute salah
and what we've noticed since we've just been mentioned that into the new metric
now that we can have in the store
it would have a rich from ken
now weapon thirty percent
the employee understands that it's not all about just making outbound call it's
about making me doubt they'll call it that are going to be effective actually
talking to my props etc
they have found ways to actually make the cultural times for people to come up
super interesting guy if we can break this down by the department or she
conceived by employees right here's a quick example one of our partners which
is that he lied
because directly from the p_r_ m alternative highlight the number that
they chose to call
and the person that is joe code two oh two
and out what happened and it happened at the box
immediate populated
uh... and then they just need to determine right here
how they want to make that call they wanna populate that call from your cell
or do they will populate that call from their deaths they make the option
they click the button
and all the work is going to be done would actually connect that call
that particular
consumer that's fine
they look at me quite a while now
and we will all wrapped up a few were running a little bit behind
uh... couple call tracking best practices your guys optimizing manager
uh... optimized keyword conversion
in a great prospects and the
sierra ticket ap machines
of your wraps and put it we can put technology
and also that we just booked on
three your outbound calling people
as he did
fallout on male partners
really important and will generate some good opportunity
but now we're gonna move on to originally lost he's we talked a lot
about right
pizza pogo i mean he's a liberal that c_n_n_ the paddling improve upon it had
a wee bit market how do we know where we are
the c_e_o_ of our company
read wakefield who's been accompanied for ten years now
very smart
understand a lot about feedback loop
in the game depicts the horrible here kind data to standards that will change
eliana quite
type of
application the check on a regular basis tell you what baseball kirk tell me will
tell me that you are you cops only on europe's marvel ultimate ap's
pistols on
style of fish
yet but i mean and among us
networks hunt
you know that face that is the one
that unified germany rest right
not trying to make sure i could set back but on the quality of big somewhat or
uh... and
another and and whatever with question
food into the appalachian i really just put my face book on the icon from
out-of-state quicker
sixty-six books are always
and it is a big hit looking at
herb off across the country market alma linkedin guide unloved linkedin upon
myself to be addicted to it from time to time i'm a strong repair multiple times
a day through my
do much more both
i'm also another apx alarm all the time of valley to rip off might run parts of
the peak offered the thirteenth
i can turn up just about every weekend so i'm always doing family braun valley
junior golf he mahit increase in the payment or decrease
in twenty increased that the olympic that good positive green arrow between
good job we haven't done so well unfortunately
he's going to get a rare
so margolick or worse guided to keep it real thoughtful easy to use the nothing
to me
instant interesting meaningful
impedes mediation church that what's going on
so as we know
all dealers have a lot of compete with a lot of them really
challenging people to really complicated
or bold caller words just to keep it dvds interesting meaningful
i'm assuming all everybody on the call of duty about seventeen years old
but think about this is about to be fewer planes sport
enduring middle school
than they were picking team in middle actual bday
that i think you're right if people don't like being they're still in the
social leading comes into play
people like reform in like a complete
one thing that we see the sixteen rounds is it's feedback loops
in feedback loops are tremendously important everybody on the carpet the
feedback which
if not everyday close to that i know what happened to the dealership on the
deliver villain
i kept on a number of a hundred cars
by the fifteenth
uh... it eighty
at what they do implicated though i need to make money to cut budget
bunny that increased political intrigue unit what do i need to do on twenty
units behind so they're constantly thinking about
how delighted formats that i did not
so the feedback loop detectors self control system that allows people itself
and that adjusted operations according to the differences between actual input
in desired output
a real quick story here so we disregard i thought about four months ago
portal with the type adult everytime you open up the door
because from the shoot out the front door across the road
with the tape
scheduled for about louis fifteen minutes
oklahoma coverage of the last thing i want
so my wife
one-day when we talked about getting the end of the welfare she brought home
shock collar
the link below it looks like blood
causes aids
yet we put the are on the bill
when the dog ran out of the health weepy look quick little dot
and political if he turned around and think uh... with the pressure
practically one we keep it weeks ago
so it comes with a couple of days that we would block seven train with all that
he would step out of the art we'll get a quick shot
in the cargo judgment week later
we could literally take the car off the dog and the dog would hang out with this
in the front yard
pretty cool right
so ekta feedback loop for adults
before but i think that group that we can all relate to
open-minded g_p_s_ i'm on the road possibly traveled from city to city
if i don't have a key yet there's no way i would ever make it around
so think about the g_p_s_ she put in your desired location right food
press start
indicates you know if you get off the wrong road it immediately redirect me to
get back home
the road you need to inducted destination that
one of the year
so this is a good example of the feedback loop that we can all relate to
you know another one is real simple right we've been working out
i put on the felix up on that scale ago ally workout workout
their workout lost a couple held over the last few days
so it custody that's it
that it's quick
entry quit
so we have commented that
effecting the the automotive
as i mentioned earlier
very every g_m_ sales manager can recite felony ups
and the write up some of the democrats
there if you can do it with some trapped
and it had nothing to do with your bill
at all to do with
there's so many moving parts in there so much going on
that your arms literally are big enough
i know if you could
manager business with the saying
on the phone as you do in the crime and the good work
things will change
the green eros
this is going to give you a craps out of exactly what you manage
on all your heart every day for sure
so definitely better
what we're looking at a rate your guide to screen eros positive they're doing a
good job
this car were going to be like stringing data
at a time of the
up to date
in a lifetime
solicits popular real quick here
so that you can think of this particular example
failed opportunity this particular store had it
a hundred and twenty three
bone prospect calls for the time period
as you can see the receipt of green area which means
their behavior is good
they're moving in the right direction
in a creative spirit you only have fifteen feel welcome
so they've got a better job that haven't called absent in a better job of
marketing their inventory
agent tried to set an appointment that fifty percent of the time
so as you can see
they have decreased by one percent
which is a red arrow we also have the ability which i'm sure you do your work
to break this down by the employees level
and other great thing here guys you have the ability to benchmark how you're
in the entire marketplace tickets everybody else so that stores actually
better impact job even though the decrease people we have to appointment
on fifty percent of the obstacles
that you can see all you're such a thing
with on the platform only requested an appointment
forty six percent of the time
so what this tell that uh... they are performing
fourteen percent better
and paul dealerships on this platform
this car worth looking at the
truly change behavior
i know a lot you got to spend a lot of money on training next week they attach
a trailer there
that absolutely do
register knockout job and there's no doubt about that
but at the end the day what we have seen is what that really relieved
you walk slowly transition back
we are very focused on being very aggressive without helping these guys
create the standards on the phone that you've worked so far
cream standards
within the children
tech itself
this is great stuff right here we talked about
often part of twelve months
so appointment with said it thirty nine percent of the time you see the red
with the but to the heart of point thirty nine percent of these people out
of the fifty
set apart appointment which of down four percent
so as we know when the manager called back and confirms that appointment
picture rate increases by about twenty percent twenty five percent
walk load in campbell river
heart appointments to the dealer so that you are now has the ability
to call the consumer back and confirm the appointment
at d_c_ down below
the dealer set up
soft appointment with no specific day and time at fifty two percent
american if your individual who is our man gene
they're different on a daily basis with green and red arrows
the engaged it create social setting
and again nobody wants to depict laps
the kickball game
another will snapshot of part of that
reinforcing behavior
as we know
they connected
to a qualified agent of sixty one percent of the time
they've actually decreased on the by eight percent
so that the previous night cream when we're mention that they were connecting
uh... qualified agency prospects at sixty nine percent of the time
and that you can see double if your guys this is just the aperture
of how long it took them to connect to a qualified
but look at this
what was going on right even if it as a tape that earlier
he went from roughly
twenty percent absent for the appointment to forty percent
the only way
to change data inferno within the manage it
now we put mean though that paper
thirteen second-floor ticket our prospects in touch with the qualified
how do we fix it
how do we monitor you can determine on a daily basis if you're making
whipped cream
that areas
couple think that we're also going to do with the teacher who would have been
missed opportunity alerts
we have three with the famous opportunity alert either one
via telephone
via email
or we have the ability to send richard data
into the key arround the car were stated that we person this year and nixon
and appointment was requested we're also tonight at ten oh five if you plan that
was accepted
what we've noticed on your work how it works are gonna come
uh... with callers naman information
we're gonna transcribed the last
ninety seconds of that call to the fact that we found
that's where the meat and potatoes or
if you want to hear more of that call
he will have the ability
click on the icon in with him to give her a call and take either sparse and
then you worked all right now
whether that there's
a couple of guys who were really good job of that in space right now but i'm
sure you're familiar with which is going to be called who works with their deal
paper ki
and also call review these two are excellent job
swimming alert so and part of the return of the the works out at the men a quick
u_s_-japan into a room to to to create great performance which is
if somebody can walk in the server and they always at the miniature come over
the trailer
that lost opportunity into a prospect
and obviously it works because majority view if you can do it from
for many many years
we wanted to be the same opportunity
tablecloth prospects
on the phone as well
this was one last report we'll look at them about him to fight back over to you
uh... as we talked about the follow-up
on inbound calls from the more important that we look forward
which is just a quick snapshots
up what happened to this particular store this isn't the daily or weekly
report that you can monitor
if we give you all of your absolutely
you can determine how many sales prospect copycats which which produce
how many times the appointment what's
was requested
how many times that appointment was firm having concert with soft in the next at
the new metric
that that we cruise all you've got to manage to
did they call a lot somebody much who were actually fall undoubtedly or not
and that you can see the stores
uh... doing a relatively uh... much trouble follow-up
require work extra special attention or peter required all the poking tagging
identifying scoring takes place on our side i think that that way too much to
check kar work dot com formal after realtime resolved in school board
one of the guest speakers next week which is jerry people we've also our
partner material mint
awful on the car with the architects in the p
professionally coach called towards for these in a marker five paul
and professionally courtroom you mentioned that back to the dealership so
all the associate the dealership
looking at those call
and try to learn
weekly results and performance a decade emailed automatically and at the end of
the day cracked the truth can it be
the scoreboard
as you can speak to dealers or compete right here
but the key tears it's all about the people right that's all about creating
interpreting your king
they know that there's a spots
strike at
that books it will be right near regarded came up to
district that report with field expect that that one of the candidate with the
that you can't be that year
the market's request an appointment right
good behavior we want people to request an appointment
separate question that appointment he received eight point
as you can see carolyn connected on a cowbell call
but he made a outbound call she actually
are somebody wide if he got rewarded a point
that's just one more thing i want to cut short years which were all about
encouraging positive behavior
at anytime napoleon eating we'll also have their own gaming p
uh... it anytime markets mcgee at the ability click here catch up
and we're going to produce
we're gonna listings that markets can do that would have its business its
in most of the contents which are going to be reaching out missed opportunities
and making outbound calls
are important
through were really focused on
help in the dealer
world stick their arms around me and i'll call concrete emerge with
the phone traffic that a fed-up fantastic job book review all planned
cars but all of that information from the data
call status that was really really impresses me and i think you first
really about that at present scout
so everyone now is
before we can see
what's your standing next
some supermarkets dyin i wanted
did you have to pack tax day i've told everyone that century interacted is
giving way
adri trash
to y
lucky attendees
just one of you will
case a cargo experts
absent dollar found
casting it
that includes off asap in backup contacting westtech contractors
state seeee
virus last for about it's it's amazing it's just stopped uh... a small step
elected to do for your guest so
a simple
tax-free hard question
traffic us about cracks
a cigarette
questions first under bright
austin prize
as eight feet
two-track their use trees
out his feet
feeling that he and
yeah examples you gave apt it's ups
you know meted out how to come out
and that
can't c
thirty etc others
still looking
i don't have the exact answer but uh...
copycats as i have
concern that the exact incident c_d_-eight me but
eliana abilities that the calypso
catholic it
there's susceptible and that i was to excel high
tests before we get
at meeting verbally
anacostia forty thousand dollars
except your card worst service would not be able to see you tonight
to increase the
safe in order to me
skywest giving
d it's great to see i A
you know what you do not
you do not need the phone system integrated with the fear of the please
keep in mind
there's no hardware with anything we do
no matter what phone system you were youth and weekend lady
on top everything we talked about
it's a pizza cake and about what your phone system as
we can do the web analyzer that and down the outbound
input all that business your
since you have a winner
mystifies indeed here
and helps the salesperson to go
in better direction seventeen
you see so much laughed and said being
do happy camp detained uh... alumax obvious what is your
chicago arts demanding that you know
i think everyone should people getting campsites thank you so much for the
laugh extract
all of your missus locally
company globally matters so
email from madeline loveseat
people america have really loved car or a cease and say
stereoscopic what's the seat
unlike from dealers experiencing proceeding and car parts
engraving what we've been surprised at it at the field level the engagement
of course to make the managers have to think that this is really cute little
star a structure to management monitor their field guide
but the great thing about it and how engaged how active the feels
organization the panel
and we know when the philippines get activin gauge
we know the byproduct of that
so extent it's been it's been excellent and
used and very happy with the result or
time make it a little
i love it
contentious discussing no other
everyone to stick around texas
supremely important and wanna make sure that we get a chance at sea ray
i'm ready
xxxxxxx answer he says
any that a number of seats
com for example
appear differently
every user or just find our website x
explain if you're around
your earlier
student leaders
all the people are coming from
yet to uh...
the number well dynamically change on the website
to he
he he you will be signed unique all number
appointment all
it's i'm on the flight the same time you are
uh... both the but will have
different unique toll-free numbers
unique high p_ address will be a find unique toll free number
safe here
call solaris sr
left a sock itself
yeah i mean it
then it may look a little different
surveillance also works in called right have the ability
to push that audiophile
income under into the p_r_
says just now
simply psyche
right now
i'm not exactly sure who put that question means that he could give a
little bit
uh... deeper more detail that we can get an answer
arthur call sly
on it
precipice it
in calls like this
satire a building
leader really
uh... three hundred monitor
uh... weevil we we actually have a unique piece
uh... we attack and called the thing that it p
so if the filter through
human that they actually
uses far refused to identify all this information
duit depicted
computer and
seem inadequate working together
to to populate all that
did not say that i had that we had a little bit more time i did have applied
in there that we really
bilbao how all that you've done
so maybe at a later time we cannot do a deep dive on that
on how that but that looks like and how it works
all of these cancer uh...
piece where i'm and mrs
it with a three dash extract
ways that
yesterday it right there
that could be for manager sparky
um keep in mind each individual sales rep will have their own unique page as
so this was just that's what
all the data that would force permaplans or
uh... ill person has the ability for custody own that contato with green and
red arrows as well
and do keep in mind detail the thirtieth will be
uh... bilby week bill up
debating everything they will know exactly how many points quickly
generated for the day
you know also understand
why the missed opportunities program
value so that he had an opportunity
to data and output attribute with minimal on don phillips called and they
did not
so what will happen in that situation
is at the field trip at the opportunity to ask for the appointment he did not
we're gonna tender the word out the dealership can determine if you want
that alert going directly to that sales rep
if he does in that field rep will be awarded will have the opportunity to
make an alto all inquiry execute with that
to try to convert them into a point
strategies follow-up questions please tests x_-rated
requested he says
how much i relying aunty
indian fat
you know that uh... s a last area
captains because today
they don't want to open my eyes
yelled back not gonna happen in the immediately
there's only one keep the data that we would like to fill a threat to enter and
that's going to be his employees i_d_ code
one example so we can identify who put that call
it that still directed not to enter that employees i_d_ card
and we're gonna actually looking for that call
we're gonna end up like what killed rafiq took it
and we're gonna
we're gonna get that sales rep
credit for taking my call
so it's hard to all of that other kate it goes
filter half ever
we would like for them to enter their employees i_d_ though
which will source that call back to that employees but at the employed is not
enter the
employees i decode organic enter that code for him
other than that there's nothing else at the employees
or the dealership
needs to do
that the uh... the bomber anot creating clearly clearly would be the answers
reported which is uh... deep dive at the desk all week and film composing
flow right there
and six feet
it's follies
imprecise and
wants to say thank you everyone for being here today antenna
so much for great hesitation as well
what did they keep you up in the pope your own twister opening everybody route
copy it
recording sausage emails native safety records anticipation friends and
colleagues state
austin because online within twenty four hours life's history yuron dot com slash
webinars tequila upcoming webinars schedule
access any of our past and i say
stays at nags shorts and a please fill it out always looking for quality
feedback on our audience save randomly select snacks mother completed surveys
also considerable prices now
arafat next webinars
skills guarantee
games you money with depressed
experimentation itself is going to see air instead and found still antiques
it's all over the country anne scrutiny assist dramatic difference in their
sales yes
assigned steps if u
c_-span asking since sales slow
tests in the next question this is another campus simpson back your fancy
dealers he don't forget to ask the thing that has helped every facet at twelve
noon eastern nine a_m_ pacific amazingly awesome have an accent
expand for this year anti questions comments
since according these remarks topics please
me directly i'm all over the place to find the anywhere
estimate i think i mean it's eliana rajeev live hearing from your and you
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