Clint Eastwood, Mitt Romney & the RNC in a Nutshell

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psyched about the republican national convention because this was on
let's let's have let's start from the beginning and work our way through
you know uh...
you know uh... because of
i really do think it's half time in america cliff
uh... the stop that
is that the whole
altered everywhere people are just talking to empty car seats hoping the
auto industry will come back i don't know if people paid attention to the
to the for the last night but we should just say
everything that we talk about the entire republican national convention
very well maybe
completely and totally mitigated or overshoot overshadowed
by a
i don't know was that uh... ten minute i can't tell it was like it was like a
dream like i don't have a sense of how long
the clint eastwood uh... presentation was so i couldn't believe it was really
happening well it happened it was kinda hard to get paid to keep tracking even
the very beginning he was bumbling over his words in a public health
including not teleprompter in retrospect i mean you can come
and i'll be very clear and had you know it but look what he's with movies but i
think he's brilliantly done the director whatever and
i don't even try to understand why he was there
being that if you look at anything he's said publicly over the last half dozen
to a dozen years he's a pretty libertarian guy could come out for gay
marriage who's pro-choice who actually believe in some gun control including
the consumer pulled from the stuff i do um... bhi delhi slash noticeable even
uh... woman's right to tell you that candidate who has a right to choose
i mean he believes in abortion rights so much deficit
sam thanks shoelace
it what he's saying is i think i'm going to force central oc into uh...
uh... having an abortion according to her ice itself eg but rut guy i mean he
checking email i don't really understand agreed-upon stating that you know
digital cable connecting
which were few and far between
or at least at the point he was making which also were rambled from one to
another work about how i'm going to iraq was wrong
so i can't do you know we're talking to watergate which can become the center of
the instead thing
i think he said we can both because i don't pagano if i ever
it was
stunning i mean i i sure look
i will put my
in my love of clint eastwood movies
prior to uh... nineteen
nadie one let's say
anywhere near a trash can and then be a gray area well have a weight yes exactly
and assignment depending on the ninety-four hills all-time favorite
at the top of media unforgiven is one of my all-time favorite heritage off
you know what happened
well either as a cheap knocked off of
that the word not not suck it right now
dot it has really had billy the kid
in all the data much better
urgent that unforgiven was ok irish and i still think
he hadn't intended to acting in that between him and gene hackman is and
morgan freeman timeline and of course searcher apartment that was for doctors
to me and broken that we can agree disagree and i will tell you like your
entire can hike and identify
any clint eastwood movie
and i mean include paint your wagon red
i mean include play misty for me
by hearing all inst
just the gunshots if they're westerns but i can tell you which of the three
spaghetti westerns it is
tone of the gunshots
that's how much uh... have watched these movements
and i don't want to talk to her
the mayor carmel i had no problem showing up at the convention if you want
to go there
uh... but
hi i A
actually angry at the republicans now for what they did to him in my mind
but you know i quite agree i think they should be talking to i'd like to be
exploited it was your responsible i mean
and on central but at the end of the deadlocked he knows what he's doing
he screwed up with the people that are a little bit of course is to protect them
in perspective you know i i don't think but they deserve to be black about to go
but a bunch of these republican indian there there there are few conservative
in the polls huge envoy said you know i was looking for
victoria jackson to come out and start yelling at the wall i thought it was an
excuse today that can happen the way i would hope a column
aboard the buses dalit
him speech i have been at a at a plant and you look at least peter being full
you look at what next
uh... the amount that you know mostly guys and his future marches to the
postman compound palak too
to clint eastwood
it clear that disconnected ally quite often in the libertarian to know the
mostly conservative hollywood types thompson here's another one click the
the libertarian part
they i think i think we care about the economic side of yeah i mean that the
other side alexis workers as i think you know it's
it's not even
and who cares about his wooden where he's coming out in this and i think the
real issue is
the real at the end of the day what this is about to meet it was a very stupid
move two separate um...
to put this guy in prime time on national television
it was a it was a wild card in it came out of a certain amount of desperation
in a very strange
you know quality it mean the same reason like i think why were on the picked ryan
we'll talk about this as opposed to ruby l
this was like
a eighteen aging guys i'm not talking about is what i'm talking about
the the republican psyche
like an eighty i
who is so desperate
he doesn't he can't even afford
ted to put uh... he can his even having some dust means that the confident even
to take a bad rap he's gotta get the pop
you don't say like he's getting a back do you have to get us a little when
that's done it's always can end up horribly awry
you know i called my dot i did it wrong and i have got to go to a hospital dot
the pomp off my off my number and they're really helped my wine ready i'm
in a good had that quality electives so desperate to show how muscular they are
even though they're sort of back together heels
uh... in you know we quickly so i like the groundwork being laid over the past
couple weeks like that kevin williams
piece in in uh...
in the national review and not how well you know i love 'em and because he had
boys in
bomb but there was something wrong with him 'cause he just had
and all of this sort of like you know legitimate raping in there's a sort of
this is very qualities is sort of like
is sort of
all inside who white guy are losing their country's yeah ended but he call
you put it in or let's be honest i like to know what you like to know why i
guess we're at this point com middle-aged white guys whereby
ought but he had no crawled waveguide from the who who leader of the people
who uh... delivers will be taken in alec you're talking about on that i don't
know if the material herself as well
uh... but but these guys grew up on that
messed up in a sixty million even when he put in the fifties in thailand and
freedom are committed to their america
movement in america that thinks all the ladies were asking for it to get it
and hear about religion it really coming exactly right it's flaky
of these people destined for the first time a majority of the baby or in this
country a minority routines even states like california there was a bedrock of
or multicultural plate that is completely changed email bedrock of
liberalism and and many think like that that dan and immediate action to cut it
in that direction florida georgia and florida on taxes but i do but these
places are changing
and cookies to remind him of the way use today
so if you would like to free per board completely got you to be pinpointed it
didn't have a different country than one restaurant with a it we are told by the
silo buddy old white conservative guy liberty which by the way in old white
high and conservative not guys but all white conservatives you know
organization say white
the eighty nine percent of republican party is going to get out
this is mrs
you know this is who they are in your right needed them
uh... that may life entirely broke the libertarian point earlier because i
always at a personal thing a modified fascinating
uh... what a lot of the sort of more celebrity libertarian but they seem to
always come down on the republican side that is that personal point of
foundation as to what they think libertarians whatever but i i i agree
with you that's not work
getting deeply interest more just
why would you be here and beyond the heaviest fighting in the rest of that
they could have moved their make him feel better about themselves personal
muscular inner core not be a sturdy speeding old what kind of the final
version to get up in the morning
we could have because i'm on a different primis me jewish demanded patting him on
a ten o'clock at night
you're going to be picture more i will be able to protect speech even though
you are the walk
and you know what everybody's a cheap only been there was a great speaker
since he got on the public speaking here so nachiket giving that speech leading
to the romney video leading in the romney that's what it should have been
it's because of the heart of confidence in their sights there's a quote
all the about this that it's like
like you know that that sort of yummy i know everybody had everybody i feel like
i've heard the story a hundred times somebody's bad
uh... is that you know uh...
uh... altered that is that a restaurant in inside conservative in nyc overly
aggressive with with the waitress
you know if they can go either way where it's like
yeah the guys like in his mid eighties
and he's winking at the waitress and it's a little bit embarrassing but then
when the second wise you giving her his number
you know all gosh now we gotta go get like an extra tip to the waitress
because this is just really uncomfortable and there was just a whole
quality of the surface of this day
beret shane
of of putting
eastwood they're like we're gonna prove
we got our module back and we're gonna prove to everybody who
who thought that
clint was saying you know give obama another chance darkness a coverup but
that was just so
mathematics and but i think they'd be like an old guy who came to the heart
are going to be any better description of it and you can cut a deal mcclellan
of of uh... of mit romney you know when region we created co-defendant about
all the things he kind of thought because look at his whole life he
thought he did she do everything on his own you know you don't have health
and he's powerful dr
we feel very powerless right now because even turn exposes the dorky winter that
nobody really like even people who own party stood up and would be imagining
few and far between
around and i'd really like it but i think became flaky of what happened here
and very foolish to think he overall their party
which is why you couldn't lashing out which is why they're so angry
in other countries being taken away from them
when they think it'll mean a logical way because the truth and we discussed of
duty manager unit nineteen fifty sixty families with spirit but then you ought
to come to the moon when we're all working together
and we're trying to improve race relations and when the government with
him this being a force of good in society
uh... you know edward patrick st ninety one percent three times and norton
seventy percent the entire time
and the rest did not really
that uh... you know if you really have to admit that they want to take country
back-to-back olympic national feeling of white guy who controlled the commander
fort worth the wait at the office to make sexual comments about their breath
in no one can come get your forwarding he could
unit you could be ticked off guard and walk around and an act that way and you
know you were you were in charge of your kingdom you're out old and the block
around you and they were on the other people speaking different languages and
claiming that they deserve the quality care and that's what it's all about me
and he got like the lincoln memorial good democratic leader of the wrong kind
of everything millissa melody is is that it is true they they are
the this is
this is sort of that there is a zero sum quality to this end as though women
move into the workforce
and uh... begin to her
uh... you know remitted uh... seventy seven percent uh... world what men do i
guess at this point
and uh... as uh...
uh... black people
move into the workforce in and start to
you know at least incrementally uh... or at least had incrementally i have uh...
same opportunities
that means that white guys who always had this advantage because they're
playing field was narrowed
are to some of the moon
that matches the reality that and uh... um...
you know it's uh...
there is a quality of like when they say would take america back
their well guess
you did lose part of it
you'd you did lose that they were you gotta do tremendous advantage because
competition was
was much less because certain uh... elements of society were completely shut
and uh... ah uh... that's just the reality they want magnetic and bath
you know everybody a lot of it like that show but i'm sure a lot of them the
pattern that those of the good old days now another uh... made a great
sectors are what i think for the most brilliant plates
earned all week about uh... the speeches
the wind and ronnie got up there
said i love women
she went on to sort of like list a bunch of things that connected
women together in everything she listed was actually not being a woman
it was actually being a mother
and uh... wisdom
may zing and it was amazing insight because
again eaten by a including single women really have no understanding low-level
marriages considerable their their notion of what women are therefore
but you know and i think back and that the other thing that's a legitimate
attention to the lied to me that's a great that we can integrate part which
he could have been distinctiveness
all but also because i think the reality
they can't win without women who worked remarkably against number down by what
fifteen eighty point to be more unreasonable again about forty points
right now in august but next
mean john mccain big terribly jewelry thirty four percent of the vote of my
time is running at twenty five point six percent but even most of the under two
hundred twenty twenty and within a reasonable it's going to put two
percentage points below mccain
a main you know we pick so they judith completely destroyed convention which
could pbc know better
denied the night before last night
when in mommy's beach on long been winning record with an increased risk
etc you know uh... uh... chris christie checks up on the captured probably
during a few t bones on the way
and and talked but i wouldn't be all men involved and have it all it's about
i had the right and government doesn't do anything for you of course custody
battle you know within the army which i thought remembers a government job and
diane got g_i_ bill but we can ignore the actors republicans always do
but but the point being that anything like that it is to really come together
to get a martinez a remarkable gilmore drawer blurb on the phone greg greg
would have written to be a competing interests fluent in spanish
you yell out but you know spanish latitude for the audience an economical
reply quote we get to that we just period before the week about now we're
going to be strong consistent opinions would crescendo chris chris pearson
whatever i mean the bobby hackett speakers like begging women to vote for
him birthday veto though the right at the time to complete it would be the
root of the contract of opinion still gives joining because i have to pander
two women and hispanics indeed and they don't really believe but then the other
half the time to make up for a dig at the time i coughed up daniel rohde
the i don't know that he be
year like this whole tadi kan thing
has really sort of uh...
um... got me a mindset uh...
there's just it's just that there's a stress two completely different
uh... in in in their minds and
uh... inclined well frankly
that from a concert from from a conservative
voters perspective
if so why
what christy sediment and ronnie said were actually contradictory
she's a woman
and that is what she should be talking about love and he's a man
and that is way should be talking about respect and that
the idea that will win a second no of course
of course there bday that's not a contradiction because he's a man
and she's one in l_a_ we look at this indo
we're not winnow winnow
sort of gender specified the idea
right there's like you know a good idea of what is important
is not necessarily one that is
uh... that has uh... that is
gender identified in others no
um... ear lobe is not necessarily a or female idea and respect they mail idea
the saudis and the people of people here like ann united build not me personally
and then i i personally in
i don't feel comfortable denny that but
let's talk a lot and i think the american automobile hamanaka uh...
but i hope that all i think i love you can make it that well that's very
uncomfortable for me and uh... we're gonna divine affect nobec but at the
point being that
i don't know that it was seen as contradictory but for
the rest of us
mood sort of
don't hold that sort of fundamentalist worldview that through qua site alabama
case uh... where who do uh... it seems like complete contradiction
in dash and i think that agreed point to make you know still i still feel like
recognition bet my computer i i i do also feel like uh...
in only one guitar with katherine mcmorris happy mcmorris rodgers ten
and uh... tell me i a load and i mean
based solely a way to work and just her speech it was just so constantly they
were pandering to the throne speech he mentioned women so many times
and you know how great they are and how what they do is more important and what
men do and
they don't take any crap and you know they don't think any of that stuff to
keep the matter and total tickets i hurts them buchanan tied with airmail
to the gotta go back to take later did take it you're in control of the income
tax cuts
uh... and then come back to you may be right about that it may be in miami
speech captain i still think element of our speech that were sort of
uh... that we're still pandering to women and men johnny but but i
understand your sanity may be for the left
serb a clear when it comes from her but most of the men who stood up including
paul ryan mitt romney had discussed pay homage calgary women were how superior
women were you and i don't think it's that crap
quickly don't you know but they've got to do it and he did dedicated they have
to do it
paper that this can happen to be keen to catch a fish and they did they give you
all to contact you know i mean who he uh... ivanhoe f under very intersting
uh... salt gave him a very disjointed ended and again that you combine that
with the cleveland thing
and a lot of people into believing you next a pocket nothing that you want to
talk about it it's a huge opportunity lost for them
doesn't mean that that that didn't get any bop indicate mit romney credit he
had a very low is feeling good he's not a particularly good speaker and he gave
i think i have a speech in yoga from mit romney
beginning with paul dried and did not if i don't think you know uh... lightning
you know that it likable room but he is not become a fan of all shocked by
skyrocket without a hitch in the back of the hatchet you know unlike most of the
earliest sixty-eight medicare and social security he cannot and should at least
somewhat like a fortnight prismatic and repeatedly truly ok phenomenal speeches
from a charisma point-of-view if not from an honesty point-of-view so you
have all that but it but the a comedic didn't join kidnapped the combined with
the clint eastwood inc compiled people not talking about that robert altman
often they are
so that we can have this tonight's primaries you know uh... in four years
um... between all the people actually one of the president's somali colluded i
do think that i heard a lot of it i don't understand what ron these people
were doing what you would think they paid the in this important event they
would get stopping that these were the result of that other peoples
self-serving speeches but that mention brought me up to a statement
notify yes it was very
that i think it was there was a there was a lack of competence
and i have to say that you know and i'm just you know
i haven't really dug into the ratings that much but apparently like on the
second night
they lost seventeen million viewers compared to night to two thousand eight
uh... and then the big story i guess yesterday was that um...
you know uh...
yesterday that the big story was that boo-boo
pretty boo-boo
was ratings stopped the
the republican national convention
uh... self not only the novel honey boo boo is but uh... i'd
the uh... tickets to ultimately what what
honey bobo i totally doable i think she is that
pageant she was a kid who are not ours tunic and toddlers and tiaras and her
mom is so crazy that they give them their own show her family of asha yeah
that's that's ameen
antonella what is going on
you know it is worse so i could you know it's just
horrible nist verses horrible mess and uh... we're all going to hell and god i
don't know but lock out there which i think a lot of pick the clint eastwood
tank which usually only requirement
a really only if the hook
nine hero of the nineteen eighty lipika think about that perspective
you read the newspaper sports hero is a guy be russia a tree they keep their and
showed how strong america log when did you do it his thirty two years ago
hedonistic state
i think if not all that
analogize follow this typically used by the city
what may be attribute to you by the time you will be carried out at every point
of the city but guilt
you know it's a great speeches tells you were in the month that had been thinking
about what happened woodlands talking about where we expect it to the
breastfeeding nineteen eighty i mean emitted into the pit the famed clinging
to a demographic
and i'd like you know i think
uh... reagan was just coming in at that point it
uh... amit so that i do you really do love you
that was part of the police don't hear of oregon him for the republican party l
nineteen eighty
and company up
and and and
you know i mean i personally thought
well there's two things i had in terms of like uh... you know
in terms of
uh... ryan
i think ryan this convention was in net lost for ron and frankly
there's not that many people watching the convention who do
don't already have an opinion about ryan right
the republican base loves them
the democratic base hates them
those are the people who really keying into the uh... the conventions i think
for the most part
politically you know sort of
p people who are deeply uh... if fifty percent a country who paul ryan was
politically just lost the
we're gonna get
but high we lost it
so idon't know what happened but of my plate the point i was making his if
fifty percent uh...
the public new paul ryan was
before the convention
i think it was that fifty percent that with pride paying attention to the
convention anyways
and so the thing that i think our ryan is
reason why i think it's a net loss for him is because
he hurt himself for the stopped at the establishment beltway media
i mean i think they that he got so hamburg
for lying so much in there that i think he's made himself a little bit more
with uh... the uh... you know do with the establishment media thought he was
sort of this
darling want guy
right here right now that you had to battle of the main reason he was pet in
the end
uh... was a day because the bill crystals of the world to other geniuses
behind therapy land to the death of a guy and he looked thinker and whatever
you know you know we could go over with a lot of work room instead of being a
fraud he's not
he draw things on on pieces of paper that don't add up but
but yes and i think you're right i think among
and on tour of conservative ideological beltway media people or more willing you
know this interesting media
paley the real flickr whatever i agree with you i think the must-win shocking
because implied stuff and he didn't like you know exaggerating or or or lied by
omission he flat-out lied trying things appeared in the whole before are wrong
and are clearly and factually wrong like december twenty third two thousand and
being the last day of the g_m_ plant
in uh... in gainesville of the one that we're united in human the prominent
attorney told a lie like that because i don't like it was all bahama he reminds
you of a couple things one in your mind you would have to create he has because
he's supported the auto bailout mister small government doesn't believe in
at number two cooley today stimulus money in the last one person lobbied for
funding to reopen that plant
uh... and number three he remind you about how after the guy at the top of
the takeover not that that could lead to try to opening corrupt which board of
not only a literally destroyed the economy in michigan but wanted a job
here in ohio reliant upon the auto industry and a good deal job completed
like mu wisconsin minister uh... until we get all the people who won by lying
you opened this can of worms and ice in a number of pieces written in sort of
the usual strip establishment outlets the cold about all this time in karate i
think it's inevitable that it's going to hurt them and it was a it was a real
real miscalculation because you know he
the best he could have done was either rile up the base
and just kind of like a red meat speech without having to go into sort of like
the the fake facts
uh... or he could have tried to
sellecca softer version of himself he could have just
route that establishment media there was no other audience out there that was you
know like if you don't that during the debate it would've been very risky of
course because it's possible uh... biden would be ready to controversy in mind
uh... on all those things
but if he hadn't done that stuff and just done in the debate in biden was
already that one of the perfect place to do it right because then you could put
those lies out they really should have an audience that you could convince of
this stuff
eddie he does it in
in if you do it during a debate that would've been owned by the to fact check
'em instead of uh... the media
but he does this to an audience where there's nobody who can
he cannot win in that situation it was a
miscalculation i think on his part more limited unnecessary dialysis antibiotic
if he could have pointed to jordan lost it let me tell you had to point to
include plant ingenious or only point to plant some other part of wisconsin close
well i'm sure there are others do you know we had a we had a very rough
economy there for awhile instilled in most of the clothes actual by most of
the very much at but of the car industry before before the bail out before the
cards from the state
their plant closing left right center why could you point to one in ohio a
state actually kinda need to win like anybody want to win this war in another
part of what content but now we had the point to the one in her hometown uh...
unit which is completely bogus until i could be there what i would call enforce
terrorist and they just keep making them they predicted today that you just like
the fact that they picked him to begin with
you know when if you receive twenty-fifth portman valenti people like
that and the risky choices and if you're going to take a risky choice in my view
uh... at gilmore t proving in late-night marco rubio was your choice right he
would he would he would bring a larger share of the hispanic vote along with
him he would be would probably concerned how close forty early maybe because
first of all swing states right now eclipse was killed by appointed that
maybe the race in florida and maybe brings you florida you know he missed
anybody that so much of a better speaker in the hall right even mention the fame
actually liked what's going on benders at the florida republican party credit
you know for a for a hundred and all you need to talk with the bond because of
the really accurately and if they wait on the right about ac but you don't like
pauline depending upon the baggage from his bank healing begging for stainless
fund illegally so that we need to do list all the bush stuff he supported
although the budget-busting stuff in the right of that we've talked about with
with whipped up trying to curb going to go that route
it seemed to me the rubio situated in the poll rider and horse hair and that
the and now this now that campaign event
detention is one to all they've got left
and terms of team two years of the debate that's all they've got left
you know obviously short of any kind of a natural or manmade disaster or
something coming out of the closet somewhere some short of that they stay
in washington pliable we'd edgar linton there are things that can change
dynamics cousin it shows up on stage
with bill pulled into this world or
um... and these are definitely not had the lawyers come one st there
you know i think again
those type of one four stars comes from a a sense of desperation and adair sense
of loss now
with that said
i actually think the romney's um... speech
it was pretty good
flies and i think it but i think you could have given that kind of
by a lot of the time you know what you do in germany
decadent plea that was what i predicted he usually did give credit where credit
do regard george w_ bush is another one who was not very good speaker but they
stepped up a big moment in you get a lot of live performance alive don't apply
the adrenaline flowing for u means that once you get past you have any initial
nerves to stop often you will do a good job did a pretty big moment and you're
pretty quiet about it i i don't give him credit
he did that he could have done it
but let u let me let you know i mean i i think that's right and i think you know
remember this time last year
you and i were like we were worried about mit romney
we were worried about mit romney is a hard to remember but we worried about
mit romney because he had that dad out about president obama saying that um...
unemployed were a bump in the road or like you know if he does this route
this populace route and uh... just talks about jobs in that said he could he
could be onto something and um...
he did some of that last night and then
the known trevor had a great piece into you know are saying like
well you know he shared his personal stuff but it it really show
he basically laid it out like this qualifies me to be present rather serve
explaining how these experiences will instruct his presidency but but leave
that aside for a moment heeded what alex cast the on those who have as a an
adequate job
leading companies that is our youth
using fidelity will probably ought to even go pat i i would take part through
what appeared to be patient with a hard for him which were in the dumpster and
at least humility he had a naturally uh...
you know which date which is much and he still even during a speech even when he
had been good line heated up all shops puppy dog look and i think most people
like my god that that just annoying inouye after you can't have been meaning
in sort of a family water say but i had to
uh... i you know which is just this isn't a complete sort of annoying thing
i don't think connects with people bike
uh... you know in the end of the again we're talking about mit romney
eating problems cell right
uh... he didn't reveal where secret uh... bank accounts are uh... you know
there's a number of things we could have happened yeah you know and and they
didn't sela ward in the end i think he did a really good speak that doesn't
matter you know i wanted to do in this morning uh... you realtors will really
be generic at my haircut or anything
uh... and what the first thing you know the guys i've cut my hair brings up to
bursting into you know they work in politics is with physical yemenese last
night's and i think on that day like i am not somebody who would rather
watercooler work from home so i can't claim to know what's going on the water
coolers all over the country what i can claim to know it
in my one interaction today
with a human being that doesn't follow closely politics but powerful enough the
one thing it was mentioned to me at all my god if you look what you put it
behind the