Black Widow Drink Recipe -

Uploaded by theFNDCdotcom on 24.10.2012

Today on drinks with Diablo
We're doing not one but TWO recipes
for the black widow cocktail.
Alright, welcome back to drinks with diablo
This is your host: Johnny Diablo.
And we're gonna lead off today with
the Trader Vics Black widow
This one goes back to the tiki drink craze days.
And all you're gonna need for this one is gold rum
Lime juice, a little simple syrup, and southern comfort.
And we're gonna garnish it up with lime and shake it down right here
So lets get started with one ounce of gold rum
½ an ounce of southern comfort
We're gonna toss in one ounce of simple syrup
And simple syrup, for those who don't know
It's just two parts ultra-fine sugar, one part water, just mix it up.
Or you can boil it down and let it cool off.
Alright, to finish, two ounces of fresh squeezed lime juice
There you go.
Basically one ounce is a lime
Alright, lets shake it up, throw it down.
Alright what do we have?
It's a nice kind of pale yellow color
Smells really delicious
Little lime wheel
Let's taste it and give it our verdict
Damn good
Tangy, the rum a little bit I can taste, the So Co
That's perfect, just rum, So Co, lime
This is like perfect, nice and tangy really tart, almost like a island whipped sour.
But this is a bad-ass drink
This is a black widow number one: the Trader Vics version
On to Black Widow Number two
So I scoured the Interwebs and I found an amalgamation
Of the best of the alternative black widow recipes
Because that last one didn't look very black.
So here you go,
What you're gonna need for this one: Black Sambuca,
Creme de cassis, Malibu, Chambord, and a little bit of heavy cream
We're gonna shake it up, throw it down.
We're gonna start with one ounce of chambord.
One ounce of Malibu coconut rum.
Come get you some.
An ounce of Black Sambuca
Which is like liquorice.
It's another one of those.. it's like aniset or absinthe.
Tastes like liquorice
Okay, a splash of creme de cassis
And that'll give it a nice dark flavor
And then a ounce of creme or half and half, we're gonna use cream right now.
So, shake it up throw it down
You can garnish this with a blackberry too if you want.
Alright, black widow number two and as you can see, it's kind of a rich purple color.
It's got a lot of purple
And this is gonna be an intriguing taste, I just already tried this off screen.
Kind of fruity, I like that better with cream than with the half and half
So yeah, just keep it with the cream.
I don't know if the Malibu does it, just mellows it out
It's got a lot of fruity flavors going on
The sambucas actually hidden by the Chambord and creme de cassis.
Which I think is good because normally this is a really potent kind of flavor.
This is pretty good, it's fruity, little hint of liquorice,
there is a hint of Aniset
But yeah, the Black widow this ones creamy, fruity, all at once
I do recommend that one as well
So there you go, two Black widow recipes you can use for halloween
And if you want to find more of the most BAD ASS recipes on the Interwebs, you know what to do and that is subscribe to our YouTube channel.
And you know the mantra, Happy Drinking!