How to Use the Pro-Electric Bead Reamer

Uploaded by Beadaholique on 22.06.2012

Hi this Julie with and today I want to show you how to use the
Pro-Electric Bead Reamer put out by EuroTool right here
I want to show you all the parts before I actually show you how to use it
so it is electric, so it does have a cord
what you're basically going to do is you just take this cord
and then you've got your
plug that goes to the outlet
you're just going to plug
the two pieces in together
and before you plug it into the outlet go ahead and put the tip
onto the actual tool
So what we've got here is we've got
three culets
and I'm going to show you that two are the same
these here are the same
and they're gonna fit all three
of your reamer tips
and then you got one other culet which is a little bit smaller. You see that it
doesn't fit
and that's because
four reamer tips, there are two different sizes, this one here is a three
millimeters, the larger size
and that's what comes of this kit
but if you ever want to use other tips with this tool
Eurotools actually provided you with the culets that's going to fit those
which are the two point three millimeter tips
so it's really handy, you won't have to buy another culet
and then it does come with three reamers tips and their all diamond coated
they're going to create really nice smooth edges and drill beautifully
you've got a small and a large reamer
and they've got this one here which is a forty five degree angle
which is going smooth out the any rough edges
and then these all have a little tube that they all come up for handy
storage and then not included with the kit but a really handy to have
is this pair of pearl tweezers and these are coated
it'll grip your bead better
it has this little cup indents
which is going to allow you to hold
a bead
more securely
not included with the bead reamer but a really thing to have
and what you're going to need
some water. You're going to need to do this in a bowl of water. It's going to cool
and lubricate
the drilling process and the actual bead itself. So before you ever plug
this in, first off put your safety goggles on
and we're going to loosen the chuck. The way we're going to do this, remember
this is not plugged in
we're going to press down on this button
and turn
the chuck
left counter-clockwise
we can release
we're going to put in
one of the culet that fits three millimeter reamer tips
I'm going to use the small tip right here
drop that in there as well
now you're going to press down on the button again
put the chuck on top
then turn to the right
You'll hear that it kind of clicked into place. That's going to help to secure this
and make sure that's good and tight and then you can release the button
and that tip is not going anywhere. Go ahead and plug this in
I'm going to show you this. Here's the on/off so it's a little dial
see that spins, you can hear that spinning, spins at variable speeds of a thousand to
twenty thousand rotations per minute
It's going to go very fast and the point of a bead reamer is to enlarge the hole
of the bead which is really important with certain beads like pearls
but you can also use it
on glass beads
or ceramic beads, wood beads. So I've taken a pearl with the hole up
towards the top
and it's grasps
between the two cups of the tweezers
grip the bead
now I'm actually going to go ahead and put the tip
of my reamer into the hole
so I don't have to fish for it
you put it down, make sure it's underwater
turn on my reamer
you can reamer
you can hear it's vibrating there
you can see some particles and dust come up
one quick note, make sure you don't submerge the actual electrical part of this bead reamer
you want to submerge the tip not the actual motor area

I'll show you a before and after with the pearl
You can see that hole right there
here's one that we haven't drilled
you can see it's quite a bit larger and you can keep expanding it as large as
you want
it really is quite easy to do, just make sure you do it underwater, that's
gonna help for safety matters, it's going to help with the cooling in the
drilling process
always wear safety goggles
make sure you that you turn this off whenever it's not in use, unplug it
whenever you're gonna change the tips. If you don't want to go all
the way to the outlets
you can just go ahead and put this piece so there's no
electricity going to it and then you know it'll be fine to
go ahead
can change the tip. And remember we're pressing down that button
let's say we want to put another tip in here
put it down in there
hold that button down
screw it on
and that's going to be secure
so that is all there is to use in the Pro-Electric Bead Reamer put out by
A very handy tool to have especially if you do a lot of work
with beads that have very fine holes